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  1. Since the bug has existed for years and has not been fixed to this day, a reaction from the developers would be nice. I don't see any reason why the game pulls down my pants/skirt/string when I suck. We get handbags and other content, but this bug just isn't fixed despite multiple requests even after years.
  2. Condoms are a great idea. It's a game, sure, but seriously, our avatars should be full of STDs after the years.
  3. This is my first forum post after several years of playing. There are two things that I think are missing in the game: 1. the ability to wear individual dresses, such as the trench coat, over tops and pants. 2. the possibility of being able to determine which clothes are taken off during sex. Why are the pants and panties removed immediately during a blowjob for the active (sucking) partner? This feels like a bug to me. I know you guys are certainly busy, but it would be great if at least the second point could be added in the upcoming update. In any case, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a few relaxing days!
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