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  1. Hey people, I think you saw the survey in the log in screen. Here's the direct link: https://3dxchatsurvey.com/survey-about-bugs-and-features-for-next-quality-survey/ Please give the devs a feedback about this annoying autoremove bug and demand to fix it finally. I'm sure, it could be fix a lot of the desync bugs too.
  2. Dear developers, the demand for clothed sex has been appearing in the forum again and again for years and is consistently ignored by you. The fact that our avatars have their clothes torn off in sexposes is a BUG and not a FEATURE. And this bug has existed for YEARS now. I ask that you fix this please. It has already been mentioned in this thread that there used to be a third party program in the past that prevented the autoremove. So it is technically possible to disable this bug. Please remove the autoremove for clothing during sexposes
  3. Or use them as accessoirs. It's understandable that a whole new layer is a bit too much, but I think the belt stuff could be simply marked as accessoir.
  4. Yes, please. I'm happy about the new content, but the double-click feature is a bit annoying. A option to turn it off would be awesome.
  5. This topic has come up here again and again for years and is consequently ignored by the developers. To deactivate the autoremove of the clothes is feasible or at least the possibility to put the clothes back on during the sexpose. That such simple wishes are simply ignored and that for years already drives me crazy.
  6. It would be nice if @Gizmo could comment on this. The subject has been raised from time to time in recent years, but has been ignored so far. It shouldn't be a big step technically to turn off the clothing autoremove. If you ask around in the game, you will quickly notice that many players are annoyed by the autoremove.
  7. After the update and the new clothes, this is actually already necessary. It was always strange that the game rips off my skirt or pants in every sex pose, but with the new belts it seems really weird. Please abolish the auto-removal of the clothes. We can manage to remove the clothes for the poses ourselves.
  8. @Gizmo, just open the layers, at least for the bra section. That would solve many problems. I think it's legitimate for players to use old .avatar files, but it makes features that should be part of the game a bit too exclusive.
  9. Exactly. I posted here a while back asking to stop getting my pants ripped off by the game every time I do a blowjob pose. The new update is great, but more freedom would be appreciated. Currently, some players are using bugged avatars to get the layers anyway. However, it should not be a permanent solution to exploit bugs to be able to wear a bra under the jacket.
  10. Since the bug has existed for years and has not been fixed to this day, a reaction from the developers would be nice. I don't see any reason why the game pulls down my pants/skirt/string when I suck. We get handbags and other content, but this bug just isn't fixed despite multiple requests even after years.
  11. Condoms are a great idea. It's a game, sure, but seriously, our avatars should be full of STDs after the years.
  12. This is my first forum post after several years of playing. There are two things that I think are missing in the game: 1. the ability to wear individual dresses, such as the trench coat, over tops and pants. 2. the possibility of being able to determine which clothes are taken off during sex. Why are the pants and panties removed immediately during a blowjob for the active (sucking) partner? This feels like a bug to me. I know you guys are certainly busy, but it would be great if at least the second point could be added in the upcoming update. In any case, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a few relaxing days!
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