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  1. Come on Liza and Gizmo, this is sooo ridiculous ! You should send Noir flowers every day as she's doing part of your jobs ... SMH
  2. Am I the only one thinking that it is getting worse by the day ?
  3. For once I had Sin Club and Beach beach all for myself. Other than that it is a complete mess ..
  4. It is going to be kind of easy to predict the outcome of your second poll, Göttin
  5. I really love the effort you've put into this, Göttin It most certainly is a meaningful topic to all players out there. We all know that there's as many priorities about what should come to 3DX next as there are players, perhaps even more ... So for a change I won't elaborate on my personal wishlist ... However, the greatest new hairstyle/clothes/poses/<your preference here> is totally pointless if buggy servers and software make 3DX a very unpleasing experience. We all know that DDoS attacks happen, then again to not being able to log in for several days is totally unacceptable. The competition is out there, and all I can say is that as long as my friends and my lover are going to stay I will stay, too. It'll be up to the dev team to make it easy for the competition to lure us away or make 3DX the great experience it has been so far for the most part. Just my 2 cents ...
  6. Good thing me and my partner were finished before the server crashed ... but it is still a mess :
  7. Same here, though this occured with v413, too. My workaround - save as jpg, 3DX seems to be less picky about jpg then about png.
  8. uncle

    Build 413

    This is really spot on ... I had a hard time finding the 'right' pose quickly before, and it just got worse. Even without sub-categories, just a sorted list would help a lot already. Right now similar or related poses seem to be spread all over the list.
  9. Nice teaser, Ushabti. Can't wait to see the full edition
  10. This looks like a wonderful place and a great setting for some RP. I've always wondered what all those dragon hunters and sorcerers are doing when the dragon hunt or magical things they're doing are done for the day. Looks like a great place to learn more about it ... I don't do orcs, though
  11. This sounds pretty much spot on from what I have seen in the 2+ years I have been around. The good news is that there's plenty of people around that are willing and capable of breaking the rules and limitations imposed by the devs
  12. Good point, Monday. It might relate to the fact that it is just a weird mix of people in here - just like everywhere else. And a lot of people are judging everybody else all the time. Pay no attention to those hypocrites that mistake 3DX for Parship or whatever. I am not sure if these folks are enjoying their time, actually I do have some doubts ...
  13. Anong, just to let you know - I believe your boobs are just perfect. To my taste, that is. I might be with the minority on men that prefer the natural type, but I am very happy to see that quite a few girls don't go with the porn star type of boobs either
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