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  1. This looks like a wonderful place and a great setting for some RP. I've always wondered what all those dragon hunters and sorcerers are doing when the dragon hunt or magical things they're doing are done for the day. Looks like a great place to learn more about it ... I don't do orcs, though 😉
  2. This sounds pretty much spot on from what I have seen in the 2+ years I have been around. The good news is that there's plenty of people around that are willing and capable of breaking the rules and limitations imposed by the devs 😉
  3. uncle

    Ask An Escort

    Good point, Monday. It might relate to the fact that it is just a weird mix of people in here - just like everywhere else. And a lot of people are judging everybody else all the time. Pay no attention to those hypocrites that mistake 3DX for Parship or whatever. I am not sure if these folks are enjoying their time, actually I do have some doubts ... 😉
  4. Anong, just to let you know - I believe your boobs are just perfect. To my taste, that is. I might be with the minority on men that prefer the natural type, but I am very happy to see that quite a few girls don't go with the porn star type of boobs either
  5. It seems that this will be fixed with the next update, if I understand Gizmo's message right ? ✅ Offline Messages between friends All excited to see this working again soon
  6. As somebody already indicated ... for those of us that do have a RL offline messaging is important to foster our in-game relationships. So, just to nudge you Gizmo - any idea when this will be back ? Not being able to message my loved one is a huge drawback. Just to be clear - I am talking about getting a PM somebody sent me when I was offline. Don't care much about email notifications.
  7. Sounds a bit harsh - but yeah, I'd love to see that
  8. Mommy told me I'd turn gay the instant another guy's penis touches mine. Are you saying she was wrong ?
  9. Welcome Burton - appreciate your comment I really like the idea of adding something to our profiles pointing out that we're interested in MFM or gangbang RPs. As every other guy already mentions MFF and MMF - any idea what would make these profiles of ours stick out a bit ? I guess I'll add MMF RP for the time being and see where it might lead
  10. Here's my wishlist: cigarettes and cigarsshots (small glass) and booze (larger glasses) we could actually drink - coming to think of it, body shots would be nice, too wine glasses, too, if you ever find yourself at a romantic dinner under the moonlight ...adjustable penis size for us guysI just realized that most of the list makes me look like a proponent of an unhealthy lifestyle ... oh well
  11. I don't think I have anything substantial to add to this thread - other than that I am really looking forward to meeting two (or more ) of anybody who contributed to the discussion online
  12. Having watched out for gang bang rooms recently, I found it weird to notice that most of the fun going on were still one-on-ones. A lot of pose clicking going on, and that felt really boring pretty quickly ... Some of the people were able to maintain a conversation, and that was just great - on top of it all it was happening in my native tongue So, I might stand corrected when it comes to the question which is more fun - a one-on-one or a threesomes. Oh, and if you happen to bump into me - my in game name is JoeyN
  13. That's an interesting topic, and I'd like to add something from a guy's perspective... I believe Dairea's comment is pretty much to the point, it is all about the connection between everybody participating in a threesome (or more-than-threesome) - and most of us guys are doing a pretty bad job here. Guys competing against each other rather than sharing the fun might be an important part of it. Add the usual amount of people that are unable to describe what they're doing and things get dull pretty quickly. For me, the hottet encounters have been one-on-ones, particularly with people I've been able to meet more than once. I guess it is the same with threesomes, knowing your partners just a little bit might take things to a different level. Maybe I should look at those Gang Bang rooms more often
  14. uncle


    Seems to be back up and running ...
  15. uncle


    Come on Gizmo, you gotta be kidding. No more disconnects ? Oh, I get it - you weren't talking about off-peak hours ...
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