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  1. As I mentioned in my post I had to go to work, so wouldn't have a clue
  2. I work hard most of the time to pay for luxuries like Netfix and 3DXchat, it's so disappointing to have that free time and not be able to visit my friends and role play as I had dreamt about while doing my teadious day job and then to find i can play in the early morning for the first time in 24hours and needing to leave for work, thank God netflix worked cause sure as is sure 3DXchat is broken in someway most of the time, I'm sure now I will have issues over the weekend, I hope I will be pleasantly surprised, could you at least fix my account to show my correct subscription time remaining cause you say you add time but I can't see it!
  3. God i hope you are wrong, but wouldnt it be nice if 3D only lagged a little behind the rapid development of the unity games engine with flowing hair, physics that are like life it's self
  4. I can't even see my time balance in my profile to know if you have added lost time and when it occurs, all I know is I paid till 2022 and sometimes wonder why I did
  5. My time is so limited to play, when I do want to play I believe it should work! over subscribing the platforms capacity for the benefit of simply making money will only come and bite you in the bum when customers start leaving for other platforms
  6. Photos that uploaded previously using v413 now don't upload under v414, just shows rotating spiral that never stops, is it a bug or am I doing something wrong?
  7. I can only agree with you, but will add photos that won't upload with v414 uploaded fine using v413
  8. I was brought here by my friends from another Chat starting with the letter A, we all keep going back cause there is no interaction in the sex scenes here, for instance I like to massage my man in desirable ways that I want to decide to do as the feelings grow, yes you can adjust speed and make little repeated moans but its simply not the same. This is just my thought thats all
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