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  1. https://biteable.com/watch/playbunny-returns-2495930
  2. Black Friday Promo picture of Issue 7 It's a WIP and will be the biggest issue so far http://bit.ly/2BuwlJm
  3. Issue 5 is finaly, after some RL issues, out for view... http://bit.ly/2Qjz8gA
  4. http://bit.ly/2Tl9yqp The PlayBunny Production site is now up and running with most issues shown on it
  5. PlayBunny is a magazine created and produced with 3dx material. It's like 3dx own PlayBoy, even if not officially accepted by Gizmo just yet Basically anyone can contact me to become a model, or partake in a movie or make an interview about a club or room. And if space is free, it will be listed and shown in the magazine. Does that expain?
  6. Updates! All issues are now saved in pdf. Sadly it's quite boring to scroll through pages, so atm I'm looking into something to make things more..FUN to read. Flipbook software costs shitload of cash
  7. Work in progress... PlayBunny will be with you again shortly
  8. http://bit.ly/2Thlcmb Without further wait, here is the Special Edition while you wait for Issue 6. PlayBunny presents issue 5.5 Bare Bunny Special
  9. http://bit.ly/2OHOy9C A Special Edition is made since people await Issue 6
  10. http://bit.ly/2DBRXFO The PlayBunny production team brings you this message.
  11. Issue 5 is in the prints, and issue 6 needs input from you dear reader. We are looking for minor things such as letters to Bunnies where they can reply. We are ranking the sexiest pick up lines in different languages, so PM me your choice of pickup lines.
  12. PlayBunny branches out into Movies. Here are the test runs the franchise has done so far: http://bit.ly/2yAK9Ae - Kit meets Rabbit on the Beach http://bit.ly/2ONGR6N- Two Bunnies warm up prior to Gig http://bit.ly/2yDjId1- The love of two women
  13. IF people wish to place ads in the Magazine, feel free to send me the ideas either here as a pm or on Discord. With each contribution the Magazine grows, naturally I can't promise to take everything but sooner or later it will show up in an issue. What we need is: Letters from Readers - Just plain gossip about the magazine. Questions to our new In House Sexo/Bunnyologist Ads
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