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  1. And there are hundreds of rude woman or man in the game too and now what? And that they are played by insecure guys is something you assume without any proof. Why is the sex/gender (for me it is the same, language is a bitch) of the person who is controlling the avatar even important? Does it change anything?
  2. Please everyone, bear in mind: In other nations, cultures and languages there may be no such difference between sex and gender as it may be in the english language and if you are not familiar with the gender studies or never followed this topic in any way it is something very unusual to hear about. This whole topic is highly debatable with different opinions on this topic, and there is no right or wrong opinion/view. For example in the German language there is no such difference with sex and gender. I have seen the term social sex now but this whole topic is not really a big thing here, we now use three sexes male/female/diverse that's all. If you say I identify as x the reaction will most likely be someone shrugging telling you that this is your personal thing like what religion you are believing in. There is no big discussion about the idea of gender as something to describe as what you identify as going on either. To topic, a fully customizable avatar without a hard choice between male/female would be quite interesting for sure... this would give a lot of options into our hand, from a technical standpoint this is something you would put in as a concept from the first moment of the development. This is nothing you would put into a established system. You would need to change the whole system, from character creation, clothing, poses and so on and that is only the frontend of the game, the backend of the game would need to change too. As much as I like the idea behind this, this is nothing you will see in this game.
  3. Futanari (ちたγͺγ‚Š, seldom: 二归, 双归, literally: dual form; 二成, 双成, literally: [to be of] two kinds) is the Japanese word for hermaphroditism, which is also used in a broader sense for androgyny. That is the first sentence from the wiki page you posted which says just that.
  4. Did you ever think about those woman here who like to have the option to pop up a virtual penis on their female avatar because they role play a character that, for what ever reason, can have either a penis or vagina. Or for those woman who say this is a strap less dildo? What is with the persons that play a hermaphrodite/futa who has both genitals? With a change like this one "problem" would be solved but new issues would be opened up instantly.
  5. Because men don't wear those things, depending on who you ask.
  6. And that is what I said, you are taking what I said out of context. My text was in response to the falsely picked pose which cause a virtual dick to show up. With no word did I say that your interaction here with other humans has nothing to do with real life. Do you really think that the interaction in a game is the same as texting, emailing, talking with someone you do know in real life? Yes, every avatar is controlled by a real human. Is my interaction with them different, yes indeed it is. When I play a game I do interact with people differently. If I play for example a game like street fighter I try to beat a human in a melee combat, do I disrespect that person now or do I want to punch the person behind that avatar, no I don't. So the game has nothing to do with real life. When I play a FPS where I need to shoot a avatar does that mean I want to shoot someone in real life too, no it does not. Interacting with a human is real life, that's not the question, does the game represent real life no it does not. Does my interaction with someone in a game represent how I would interact with someone outside of the game, no it does not. You are mixing a virtual reality with the real world.
  7. You take my sentence and put it out of context, that is lack of treating others like they matter. I did respond to CTEPBA who mentioned how much of a tragedy it is when you pick a wrong pose by accident and suddenly the avatar has a virtual penis. Your interaction with other humans is real life, I never denied that, but everything you see in this game is not. So if you pick by accident a pose you didn't wanted, then say it pick another one and then its done. Oh yeah sorry we tend to hang out in all kinds of rooms XD
  8. Amazing idea, yes please I am right for that, lets give people the option to make such avatars, I would love it and many others too, please do yourself a favor and go into a Futa room and take a look at those people there. You will find Orcs, Draenei, Demons, Quanari, Centaurs, Elf's, Asari and sure people that are just normal humans. Then move to a RP room which are kind of rare but they are there, especially fantasy rp rooms. And you will find even more races or creatures that have nothing to do with the real life. You can meet people who play characters that have magic skills, vampires, zombies and so on. Its a game, nothing more nothing less ... where people can enjoy their fantasies and try things they are not able to do in real life, you want "standard" stuff ... that is you decision.
  9. Seriously, is someone forcing you to put on a strap on or virtual cock? What does offend you the fact that there are well known poses that have a strap on or cock or that someone may ask you if you play as a futa/shemale. I don't know if its just bad wording but you say men shouldn't have a opinion on woman? What do you mean? That men shouldn't have a opinion about woman in general or their body or how they are shown in a video game, which we all play here. We can all have a opinion on anything and no one can stop me to express my opinion. It is a game, this has nothing to do with real life, if you pick the wrong pose change it, click on the no more penis please button and it is gone. What kind of mind breaking surprise does someone experience here when they see a virtual dick. People taking all this a bit to serious ... this is a social fantasy sex game not the real world. Nothing that is shown here is real, it is a virtual world. Maybe we ask some Transgender if they think that it is discriminating or not as far as I know the TG people which were around as this was asked liked the idea to have a option for it. What does offend? That you have a option in a game?
  10. The community was asked about this by Lisa back in 2014 because the community asked for the option to have woman avatars with a penis
  11. Nah I did understand it quite well, you don't want to see men with g-strings or thongs and because of that they should create a female avatar instead. But once again who are you to tell men what they are allowed to wear and what not? Why should they create a female avatar to wear some sort of clothing they do like to wear?
  12. You know that there are those type of underwear for men that aren't feminine. This has nothing to do with crossdressing. And if a men wants to wear such underwear who are you to say they aren't allowed to or should not wear them because you don't like it?
  13. That's something many people here wait for like 6 years now. Myself included. There is nothing bad with buy assets or use of user content which was requested for 6 years too.
  14. More underwear for male and female needed those we have are basic.
  15. As soon as you see someone running against a wall for minutes or so its out of sync this isn't unusual and can happen all the time. There are no mods anymore for this game to my knowledge
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