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  1. - What would a change of the Engine do for the game, you don't switch a engine on a running game, and Unity isn't a potato engine or something, what would be the alternative to Unity? - Why change the software of your workflow, as far as we know 3D Max is used which is a good software for 3D work and it is established at the dev team, what is the benefit to use blender instead? You can already use blender if you want to contribute. - Time consuming and not easy to implement I guess - Cause in the end no one uses it, we had a beach volleyball minigame which was not used - Who asks fo
  2. The Den of Pleasures is going to open its door again, after some time of shutting down because of other business. We will enjoy to see you folks around
  3. Depends on how the pose swap system works I dont know the code for this part so it is speculation: Lazy variant: "Pose change is requested, it is accepted then change the pose" this is the most easy and lazy way to do it ... it is one request one accept no checks involved Torax variant: accept = 0 send Request wait for answer; accept = answer if accept == 1 then change pose Still lazy coding as it does not scale better variant: accept = 0 playersInvolved = count(Partners) acceptsNeeded = playersInvolved-1 send Request * acceptsNeeded (send the requests t
  4. the world files are nothing else then json files with coordinates You cant do that much with it in blender sadly
  5. @Gizmo What I would like to know ... are we still running on a test server? Because it was said as long as the game is in this condition we will not be charged with any costs. The server may be more stable then before but seriously this is still no acceptable state we are in, thanks to the status page from @ColinDude we can see how often the game is down. I quote the status page here "There has been 12 outages the past 7 days, with a total downtime of 2 hours." Some of those are just seconds but it is enough to get a dc from the game and then facing multiple bugs like the infamous offli
  6. Everyone who comes up with that's how much money 3dx makes is only speculating, no one knows the real number of accounts that pay or how much they pay, it differs from 1 month to 1 year. We don't know how many people really work on the game, we know about two people and maybe some support people. We don't know any numbes. Stuff did not change in the past 7 years so what should really happen, one more RLC clone or a SL2, projects like those did exist, the RLC developer was doing this and the project looked still like RLC, no improvements at all the same old bs. Linden Lab wa
  7. This game is now in business for around 7+ years and so far there is no other platform that offers the same experience as 3dxchat to be honest, not RLC, achat or Second Life, RLC looks like crap and is more expensive, achat looks like crap and doesn't offer any of the features that 3dx has and is more expansive, Second Life is expansive as f*** if you want to have a decent looking avi and the game runs like in slow mo even on a good PC and after so many years yes SL looks like crap too, there is no real competition in this genre. At the moment 3dx is the most user friendly game in its pri
  8. To be honest, the moans are already in the game since it was released, it would be great to have some new voices, there are a lot of voice actors out there for this kind. Every 3d animation artists gets some great voice acting in their animations already, so maybe someone should hire a voice actor to get something new already. No need to look for free stuff as this game should make enough money that can be invested
  9. This site is made by a community member so this isn't even a service from the Dev's It's nice to have it still
  10. I know I repeat myself but that feature was in a long time ago and was removed because it caused issues with the shemale variant if I remember correctly.
  11. Cyberpunk rp room aye that sounds interesting. Did a rp tavern a while ago in a fantasy setting and yeah if you want to do it in a group that can take away some stress for sure.
  12. And there are hundreds of rude woman or man in the game too and now what? And that they are played by insecure guys is something you assume without any proof. Why is the sex/gender (for me it is the same, language is a bitch) of the person who is controlling the avatar even important? Does it change anything?
  13. Please everyone, bear in mind: In other nations, cultures and languages there may be no such difference between sex and gender as it may be in the english language and if you are not familiar with the gender studies or never followed this topic in any way it is something very unusual to hear about. This whole topic is highly debatable with different opinions on this topic, and there is no right or wrong opinion/view. For example in the German language there is no such difference with sex and gender. I have seen the term social sex now but this whole topic is not really a big thing h
  14. Futanari (ちたγͺγ‚Š, seldom: 二归, 双归, literally: dual form; 二成, 双成, literally: [to be of] two kinds) is the Japanese word for hermaphroditism, which is also used in a broader sense for androgyny. That is the first sentence from the wiki page you posted which says just that.
  15. Did you ever think about those woman here who like to have the option to pop up a virtual penis on their female avatar because they role play a character that, for what ever reason, can have either a penis or vagina. Or for those woman who say this is a strap less dildo? What is with the persons that play a hermaphrodite/futa who has both genitals? With a change like this one "problem" would be solved but new issues would be opened up instantly.
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