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  1. the white one could be a Koenigsegg Regera or One:1
  2. Really? Just another dj-post... 3djxchat... hallelujah
  3. Ah OK thanks for the hint so copiing music and films in the internet isn't stealing...because I don't remove it... I just get a copy... Wohoo some really new rules for all the lawyers out there... Heden for president... So we make the rules the way they fit us most... You're taking something you didn't make... You opened it up to others and showed it as yours... That's stealing... But hey Robin "heden" hood only makes the world better... *roll eyes*
  4. Cool music... Cool location... Some very insane "old" people... Many tears... very entertaining Saturday evening party "thumb up"
  5. @heden "Sarcasm on" Sorry Heden, I just hacked your banking account and took all your money... But don't be mad... I just make your banking account better... It's now up to your bank to make your account safer... I just work for a better world... "Sarcasm off" Sorry girl... Stealing is stealing... Even if it is possible because of security lacks it is stealing...
  6. Wünsche Euch alles Gute und das dieses Verbindung laaaange laaaaaaaaaaaange besteht. Kann leider nicht teilnehmen. Viel Spaß und nicht vergessen... Ja Yes Oui Si Da Hai uswusw Kiss S.
  7. sure, nobody is at work^^ oh damn we are at home and want to go online!!
  8. press and hold set, than turn the wheel right until the hours are correct, press set again, turn the wheel again until the minutes are correct, press set once more
  9. i have just one big request for the "epic" update to gizmo, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE make an "epic" quality control and test before you launch your epic update... thx
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