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    Hello, i am Stacii i was diagnosed with bipolar,schizophrenia,depression recently which I'm on pills for now.
    Update....PTSD now too
    It's Like That,And That's The Way It Is!!

    i like anime, video games, rock ,metal, hip-hop,rap, drawing, demons, futanari, being creative, cars , racing , adult video game production , creativity , MMORPGs , and more
    Actually Started 1-13-2015.

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  1. Rammstein / Puhdys - wut will nicht sterben "Our rage will never die" Tell me how far you want to go do you want to see him on the ground do you want for him to kneel do you want for him to beg for penance Thoughts of vengeance whipped from humility you see and hear no more your sick feelings give him no chance your rage will not die so you will only live You cannot, will not and don't want to forgive and you condemn his life you are driven into insanity through anger, destruction and hate - as you were born to hate My rage will not die My rage will not die My rage will never die Your hat
  2. Slipknot -Spit it out live at download 2009 "jump the fuck up"
  3. Hopsin Kumbaya feat. NF & Eminem
  4. Not sure when I'll be able to play the game again life has been kicking me down pretty good as of late. I got a 12 month sub for when ever i can play again. Have a good day everyone.

    1. OLESYA


      My dear Stacii Everything will be fine!hugs and kissss you!

  5. Just got out of the mental hospital because i was going to kill my self. I told my shrink and doctor that i had plans to do it and they called the police on me and i got put in the mental ward and put on new drugs for depression. I learned very quickly i do not wanna be in a mental ward and issues will land me there if i do not keep them check. That's all

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