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    Hello, i am Stacii i was diagnosed with bipolar,schizophrenia,depression recently which I'm on pills for now.
    Update....PTSD now too
    It's Like That,And That's The Way It Is!!

    i like anime, video games, rock ,metal, hip-hop,rap, drawing, demons, futanari, being creative, cars , racing , adult video game production , creativity , MMORPGs , and more
    Actually Started 1-13-2015.

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  1. Who's next Eminem?

  2. Damn Rapper DMX died. Damn im getting old all the movie stars singers etc i know from 18-24 are dying

  3. BUT HEY let's piss off pick on and degrade the crazy person that hears voices and has extreme fucking anger issues what could go wrong lol


  4. You know it's always mind blowing how brutally honest you can be with how you are to other people.... And they laugh and act like I'm joking... Till they push me and iΒ snap and they find out I'm every bit as crazy as i say i am if not more... Why can't people pull their head from their ass and not provoke me? Are people really that fucking stupid? Do they have a death wish? Let's not forget i am legally certifiable now in a court of law... "USA"

  5. Β 

    1. Stacii


      P.S: Stopped taking my medication got tired of puking my guts out

  6. I find it very amusing my family is finally seeing me for the monster i really am.. When i was living with my mom - brother - and her boyfriend in North Carolina i snaped and chased after my mom and her boyfriend with a machete. And I'll be perfectly honest I'd have no problem taking her the fuck out mother or not doesn't mean a fucking thing to me. Some have told me in game I'm like a ravenous animal with my claws out ready to rip people apart at the drop of a hat.... Can't say they are wrong..Β  What's more amusing some select family members death threatening ME hahaha.... Given I'm suicidal what power does trying to scare me with death have? FUCKING RETARDS!! LOL

  7. TheRealAK - Like I Got It
  8. Highrise - The Red Room feat. Hopsin Note: This song pounds on 12 inch sub woofers lol.
  9. Logic - Homicide feat. Eminem
  10. Hopsin - kumbaya "youtube fan made remix feat. NF & Eminem"
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