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  1. Shaggy - It Wasn't Me. -seen me banging on the counter, WASN'T ME!! Hahaha
  2. Old Dirty Bastard "ODB" - I Got Your Money If i remember right ODB Died
  3. Method Man & Redman - Da Rockwilder
  4. Fabolous - Male Me Better feat. Ne-Yo Not sure if it's R&B / Rap but i like the song
  5. Stacii


    Feuerschwanz - Warrior's Of The World United My friend Mal linked me that one
  6. Stacii


    Justify Rebellion - Devil's Bride
  7. Bring Me The Horizon - King Slayer feat. Baby Metal
  8. Stacii


    Parkway Drive - The Sound Of Violence \m/
  9. Parkway Drive - The Sound Of Violence Love it beat is hardcore.
  10. Attack on titan final season coming in 2022 i read
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