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  1. Hopsin Kumbaya feat. NF & Eminem
  2. Not sure when I'll be able to play the game again life has been kicking me down pretty good as of late. I got a 12 month sub for when ever i can play again. Have a good day everyone.

    1. OLESYA


      My dear Stacii Everything will be fine!hugs and kissss you!

  3. Just got out of the mental hospital because i was going to kill my self. I told my shrink and doctor that i had plans to do it and they called the police on me and i got put in the mental ward and put on new drugs for depression. I learned very quickly i do not wanna be in a mental ward and issues will land me there if i do not keep them check. That's all

  4. Tech N9ne - Demons feat. Three 6 Mafia
  5. Beastie boys - Girls
  6. Youngbloodz - Lean Low feat. Backbone
  7. Youngbloodz - Presidential
  8. Liquid Assassin - Creature feat. Twiztid and Rittz
  9. Hopsin - Leave Me Alone
  10. It was years before my drinking. Besides i can't drink anymore Anti-psychotic meds and all that.
  11. People tried to cyber bully me before in game that didn't end well for them. I can be down right evil when i wanna be. It happens bullies. lose their shit when you beat them at their own game. It's all a mind game. It's shity there is people like that but "it's like that, and that's the way it is" it's the internet.
  12. How the hell did you get suspended I'm said super crazy shit more than once in world chat never been suspended. That's not even counting cheat engine back in the day which broke Tos
  13. I never break my own rules just everyone else's its more fun that way... Lol Never been good at rules even in real life i live by my own code.
  14. Get it suck seed lol. Love that song
  15. 3DX Chat needs a real hip-hop / Rap room. Which I'd DJ if i could use my pc it works fine just no privacy where I live at the moment. Haven't played since August 2019
  16. For example Tech N9ne has alot of good lyrics
  17. https://open.spotify.com/user/wm92btsze1vv4mvld47c6qxve?si=ilJlEVTjQVWhxNGWcMditg. Both of mine. Still working on it
  18. Tech N9ne - Suckseed feat. Krizz Kaliko
  19. Turn It Up - Chamillionaire
  20. Stevie Stone - My Remedy
  21. Slick Rick - La Di La Di
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