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  1. yesterday was the grand opening of VAULT-69 a project that been in the works for a while now, tons of hard work, thought, planning , and a crazy adventure that lead up to the opening, it all started with a vision to have this hang out spot i can open to friends, and we wanted to make it diff and add a bit of extra special to it, something diff and something that can grow into a community type thing, a story to tell, a newly RP world that gives exciting feelings, tons to explore on and new friends to make i say we because i did not just do this alone, vault-69 is a group project, i may have
  2. A.I.-3DX Presents Grand Opening The Depths Monday Tomorrow (4/19/21) - 7 PM EST As Matrix Monday is Rebooting For Season 2~ We Bring You This New & Smooth Themed Club, The Depths, A Place Hidden Under Our Homeworld, Where You Can Relax Back Away From The After Effect oF The Matrix Blast, The Soothing Sounds Of Jaz, R&B, Blues & Soul Genre 3 Special DJ Line Up DJ REP DJ DemiTx DJ CandyMan 3DXs Most Creative, Desirable, Sensual Co-ed Dance Team! FLAUNT The Change of Pace For A While, This Hang Out Spot Beautifully Golden Interior & Its Peculiarity Will Bring You T
  3. The Wait Is Almost Over VAULT-69 The Grand Opening Of A New Story Driven, Fallout Themed Hang Out Spot, Where You Ether Embrace The New Normal Or You Break The Cycle Sunday 4.18.21 ~ 3PM EST DJ MommaBear Jammin'Jamie DemiTx CrashDown Kylan The Sexy & Glowing FLAUNT Dancers Discover The Mysteries That Lays, Over Time Spent Advances Your Story By Lvling Up, Building Up To Roles & Starting Your Adventure To Whats Next It All Starts Tomorrow !
  4. Work Of The Hearts / Bunny Studio Welcomes you To The Grand Opening VAULT-69 April 18TH - 3PM EST The Wait Is Over, As The Year Struck ``ERROR`` The Overseer Sending A Preset Announcement To All The Vault Dweller's For The Anniversary Of Years or More(?) Underground Since The Bombs Dropped, A Grand Party To Celebrate The Finalized Story Driven, Fun & RP Filled World Of VAULT 69 Radioactive Slaying DJ's DJ MOMMA BEAR DJ Jammin'Jamie DJ DemiTx DJ CrashDown DJ Kylan The Energy Draining, Stimpack Needing, Adrenalin Filling FLAUNT DANCERS The Start Of The Story, T
  5. New Bunny Studio Video Easter ~ BE - IN A Video Wishing All Who Supported & Helped WITH The 1ST Years Annual Easter BE-IN Music & Dance Festival ! The 3 Days Filled With Amazing Moments, Thrilling Tunes, Sexy Dancing & Constantly Flow Of Friendship!🀝🏻 This Event Was The Creative Idea & Planning Minded Of LinnyLoveHeart !🐻 Wanting To Host A Yearly HUGE Event 🀩 & In Many Ways Succeed To Do SO!⭐ ~ Event Happened 4/3/21 - 4/5/21- Editor - AmyyLoveHeart - Planning - LinnyLoveHeart πŸ—Builder - DemiTx {More Thanks In The Video} A.I.-3DX- https://twitter.com/I
  6. A.I.-3DX Club nyx (Friday (4/9/21) ~ 3pm EST - 9PM CET) Giving Live Voice Over To The Sexy FLAUNT Strippers DJ CandyMan DJ Crashdown DJ Nafeera 3DXs Most Creative, Desirable, Co-ed Dance Team!~ Live STRIP NIGHT! FLAUNT onyx1.mp4
  7. A.I.-3DX - UI EASTER 𝔹𝔼-𝕀ℕ The Final 3RD DAY 10AM EDT 7 Exciting Flowing Styled DJ's Hosted AT Our Own WACKEN OPEN AIR The Most Desirable Sexy FLAUNT Dancers The Heated Fiery White Breeze Devil Dancers Last Chance To Experienced It BE-IN OR MISS OUT!!
  8. A.I.-3DX - UI EASTER 𝔹𝔼-𝕀ℕ HAPPY EASTER 2ND DAY 10AM EDT 7 Incredible Flowing Styled DJ's Hosted AT Our Own WACKEN OPEN AIR The Most Desirable Sexy FLAUNT Dancers All Aboard To See The Thrilling & Fantastic SIRENS & SAILORS BE-IN OR MISS OUT!!
  9. A.I.-3DX - UI EASTER 𝔹𝔼-𝕀ℕ FIRST DAY 10AM EDT 8 Incredible Flowing Styled DJ's Hosted AT Our Own WACKEN OPEN AIR The Sexy Exciting FLAUNT Dancers BE-IN OR MISS OUT!!
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