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  1. VAULT-69~ Dice'd Tournament 2 7/8/22 ~ 8PM EDT welcome to the 2nd annual DICE'd Tournament! the overseer has brought back the game that test your S.P.E.C.I.A.L.S only the strongest of dwellers will survive the excitement fear filled game! With A Roll-Off Competition, That Sets Up A Bracket Leading To 1st Place You Got What It Takes? You Feeling Lucky? Come Test Your LUCK! & Experience Vault-Life ~ FLAUNT Radio {The Sounds Of The Vault} DJ Vault Radio Host MommaBear GUEST DJ - DJ Tene Join The Growing New Experience ON 3DX, A Game With INA Game Stay In Line Or Break The Cycle
  2. AFTERNOON we are moving VAULT-69 ! To Fridays @ 8PM EDT the vault is made to be moved around, the room does run event like features, like awesome tunes from wonderful DJS and such: perfectly themed! ran by the amazing linnylove heart but its not a normal room its one of its first to provide game like features as a RPG, what we are creating is magical, and its all driven to tell a story, by building together along the way we wont stop doing the vault and moving it will make it easier for us to open! me and linny look forward to more adventures and more fun in 3dx's Game Inside A Game
  3. Insatiable Presents {PRIDE MONTH} @ The Depths Sunday (6/26/22) - 8PM EDT being proud of who you are in every possible way, being able to shine bright to who you wana be, welcomed and accepted as you are, we invite everyone to our pride month event to throw a party for you! DJ MommaBear Red SquatchTeneLinuX 3DXs Most Creative, Desirable, Sensual Co-ed Dance Team! FLAUNT never shy away from who you are, when you love yourself, you see life brighter
  4. Insatiable Presents EXOTIC FATHER'S DAY Strip NIGHT Club nyx TONIGHT (6/19/22) - 8 PM EDT A Nightclub, Strip Bar, & Gentlemen's CLUB All In One, To All The Fathers Out There Needing To Celebrate! Go Out On The Town to Feed A Desire, Today Is About You! So Why Not Enjoy It! DJ Line Up DJ MommaBear DJ Tene DJ Squatch 3DXs Most Creative, Desirable, Co-ed Dance Team! FLAUNT LIVE Strip NIGHT! Cum Fill Your Excitement & Enter Our Hot Spot
  5. yet im not here complaining you are, if i thought it was a bad idea i wouldnt make a presentation about it, i mean use your mind its not that hards they added snow i think during Christmas time there for logical reasons its a game not that deep if they can add weather effects, other effects like fireworks, this wont be much of a "killer" but similar to what they have added
  6. hey! i dont know if this has been suggested but i think adding in more weather effects like the snow in world editor would be very useful in creating more atmosphere in maps my first thought was rain, as i think it would fit in with many map styles including horror/Halloween ones ive created a example of what it may add to _rain_view.mp4 ive also had an idea for a material to go along with the rain rain _2.mp4 this could be added as a moving texture as we already have seen ingame as the ice melt 3f4de9bf2f18d138098a22cf87e5e57f.mp4 im hoping to see more of these kinda things added to the world editor so it gives that vibe a builder would want in there world! some other good ones would be falling leaves!
  7. Space Broadcast Announcement Insatiable DARK SIDE 3dx's Celestial Sin City. Saturdays @ 7PM EDT DJ MommaBear + Our House DJS, Even Some Guest ones! Flaunt In Space were inviting you to take on a different experience explore a sci-fi cyberpunked, rock driven!, sexual toned, exciting city street! hang or meet new friends!, get into some trouble, go outside the limits to what an event can be we welcome ALL to have fun!
  8. VAULT-69~ Wednesdays Today ~ 3PM EDT (6.8.22) R-P~ Repopulation Project with Story Based RP Word, A Fun & Exciting Environment Filled With Mystery, Quest Lines, A Economy, jobs & ranks, A Level System , & Added Perks/Rewards This Week Starts The Build Up To Our Next Big Story Line! ~ "Repopulation Project" ~ FLAUNT Radio {The Sounds Of The Vault} DJ Vault Radio Host MommaBear
  9. Insatiable Presents DARK SIDE 3dx's Celestial Sin City. Saturdays June 18TH (6/25/22) - 8 PM EDT DJ MommaBear DJ Tene TeoMan The Flaunt Dancers take on the adventure to a sci-fi feel with a sexual tone, giving you that feeling of excitement that meets no other only on the darkside of the moon
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