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  1. VAULT-69~ Wednesdays Today ~ 3PM EDT (1.12.22) R-P~ Repopulation Project with Story Based RP Word, A Fun & Exciting Environment Filled With Mystery, Quest Lines, A Economy, jobs & ranks, A Level System , & Added Perks/Rewards This Week Starts The Build Up To Our Next Big Story Line! ~ "Repopulation Project" ~ FLAUNT Radio {The Sounds Of The Vault} DJ Vault Radio Host MommaBear Special GUEST DJ - DJ Tene
  2. Insatiable Clubs Proudly Presents A Frozen New Years Day The Ice Castle Saturday (1/1/22) - 6PM EDT Starting The New Year With A Chilling Thrilling Explosion Of An Event ! The Door Are Open!, The Snow Is Falling!, The Fire Works Are Ready!, Our First Event Of The Year! With Soo Much Anticipation For All We Will Do In 2022! But First A Celebration! Frozen Style LIVE DJ Line Up DJ MommaBear DJ Linux DJ REP DJ Crashdown DJ Tene DJ DemiTx 3DXs Most Creative, Desirable, Co-ed Dance Team! FLAUNT frozen_newyears.mp4
  3. Insatiable Clubs Presents Insatiable's Gala Christmas Masquerade Ball @ Our Home World) Sunday (12/26/21) - 7 PM EST to aid the W.H.O.'s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund $1 CDN for each guest that attends will be donated to this worldwide fund to help the World Health Organization vaccinate the world The maximum number of guests will dictate the amount of the donation. DJ Line Up DJ Crashdown DJ MommaBear DJ REP DJ Linux DJ Tene 3DXs Most Creative, Desirable, Sensual Co-ed Dance Team! FLAUNT
  4. VAULT-69~ VAULT-Mas (12.21.21) TODAY 3PM EDT Twas The Night Before Vault-Mas, & All Thru The Vault, Not One Dweller or Mutated Feller Awaken Or Seen By The Machine fiends Or Not Even Caffeine Flaunta-Cola Addict Dean, But The Jingles that rings, musta been foreseen that the figurine is Santa on His routine ~ {Themed Fallout & Xmas Tunes By} DJ Vault Radio Host MommaBear The Day Is Finally Here! Its Vault-mas! With The Vault Main Decorated Hub To Come Meet Santa Clause!... But Wait, Thats Vault-boy!, Solve The Xmas Mystery ! & Figure Out Where Santa Clause Is! Before The Event Ends To Save Today From The Vaultmas Monster!|
  5. 𝐖𝐎𝐑𝐊𝐒 𝐨𝐟 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐇𝐄𝐀𝐑𝐓𝐒 Present A HEART-felt Christmas December 25TH ~ 7PM EDT Bringing You The Real Reason Of Christmas, As Its Not What's Under The Tree, But The People You Spend It With For The First Time Ever DJ MommaBear & LilHops DJing Co-Opt Bringing You Into The Sprit Of This Wonderful Time! an Outdoors Christmas Celebration at Heart Lake Resort , Being Turned Into A Winter-Wonderland , See Santa's Last Stop Until Next Year With His Trusty Reindeer , The Magical In-Large Gingerbread House Village , The Stunning Glow Of Ornaments & Lights All Around, A Soft Cold Breeze Thru The Shining Tree Giving That Instant Smell Of Pine , The Small Elf Workshop! Already Starting On Next Years Line Of Toys, & All The Snow & More To Hope For!
  6. VAULT-69~ Tuesday Opening ~ 3PM EDT (12.7.21) with Vaults-giving coming and going, the dwellers are left with more excitement as its one step closer to vault-Mas, which comes 12.21.21~, with this anticipation and joy filling the vault ( lets hope thats not the radiation spilling in) ~ FLAUNT Radio {The Sounds Of The Vault} DJ Vault Radio Host MommaBear Special GUEST DJ - DJ Jamin'Jamie Special GUEST DJ - DJ Tene
  7. VAULT-69~ VaultsGiving Tuesday Opening ~ 3PM EDT (11.30.21) missed thanksgiving?, well dont worry! Vaultsgiving is today!, thats right the overseer is trying to win back some of the dwellers, by having a feats for the ages!, finally the taste of mutrkey, but whats the catch?, this is the overseer,... roll death match, oh ya... there it is, dwellers will roll off and see whos the last standing for the golden turkey leg!, come join the fun! ~ FLAUNT Radio {The Sounds Of The Vault} DJ Vault Radio Host MommaBear GUEST DJ - DJ Jamin Jamie
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