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Building an interview with a "Hot" Kitty!



Hello everyone!

Today I bring you the first interview of many. This one is with HotKitty, a seasoned builder in the 3DXChat universe. She has given us a fantastic insight into 3DXChat and what she has seen over the ten years she has been a member of this flourishing community! Without further ado, please enjoy, read to your heart's content, and comment at the end with your thoughts! And if you're also interested in being considered for an interview, please send me a Private Message here or on Discord.


General Questions

Q. Who is HotKitty?

Hot Kitty is a builder who loves teaching others the arts of building in the 3DXChat world. She likes to switch on a movie or listen to some music and then jump into the world editor for hours to see what her creativity will drive forward next! Outside of this,
HotKitty hangs out a lot within The Builder's Corner community discord server, a discord server built around the World Editor and the builders within 3DXChat. We'll get more into that a little later.

HotKitty is a long-time player, playing now for going on ten years. So has been within the community for a long time! Almost as long as the game has been around. When the World Editor came out, she and some friends made a club, one of the first to be made, and then this is where her building journey began. At the start, HotKitty was interested in name recognition and is known for something in 3DXChat. It was essential to her that her clubs did well. She was also a co-owner of the second dance team created in 3DXChat.
Quote: "HotKitty: While I was running my first club, well, co-running, we all decided that I should get behind the bar and roleplay being a bartender.
No one had ever done this before; in the first generation of clubs, every club had a bar, but they were all empty."

Throughout the years, however, after running all of these different projects within the game, it took its toll on her as it was a lot of work!
So she decided to retire from it all as it caused unnecessary stress. So she decided to take a long break from being an "Owner of" in 3DXChat as she wasn't finding happiness in it anymore and then when the World Editor came, as mentioned, she turned her sights to it, and it has provided her calm with no stress, just true creativity.
Then after uploading a lot of her creations for all to use, she gained a fan base, with people being very appreciative of her work, and she "loves them to death for it." And with that, she has become one of the top uploaders in 3DXChat, with over 1,000 individual uploads, all free.

Despite trying to get away from the hustle and bustle, doing what she has, has driven an even larger fan base for her works, where people confide
in her for her expertise as the World Editor. All of HotKitty's free builds can be found here: https://www.3dxchatsharing.com/product-category/contributors/h/hotkitty/
To wrap up her journey in 3DXChat to today, when HotKitty created around 500 creations that were released for free to the public, she gained a sort of 3DXChat fame around her builds, where strangers who she doesn't know would come up to her and thank her for the work she has done and how it has helped with their builds in their worlds and just being so supportive of her, had brought her to happy tears many of times, and it has been keeping Kitty going. After a while, people would ask her to teach them how to utilize the World Editor best.

She would use a lot of text and in-game screenshots to show how to do things in-game, but she found this to be cumbersome, so she created The Builder's Corner Discord for an all-in-one place for all things World Editor. This includes but is not limited to; Voiced Tutorials, Screenshots etc.

And even show people how to build live in a voice channel, which is how The Builder's Corner was born.
Outside of that, her favourite colour is red (As you can see by her shirt in the screenshots), her favourite number is 8, and she adores tacos! (I mean, who doesn't, right!!)
But overall, she's just a crazy cat that loves to build within the game and teach others.
Hot Kitty also shared about some of the more not-so-great times. When she was 8, she was diagnosed with Brain Cancer and was in the hospital for seven months whilst she got treatment.

This resulted in her requiring to learn to walk again due to being bedridden for so long. She had been battling it for ten years but was cured when she was 18. This strained her mental health, resulting in a case of PTSD. But after years of therapy, she is mentally and physically healthy.

Since then HotKitty has found comfort in the community of 3DXChat during the strife she had faced from what she had gone through. It was therapeutic to escape the stresses and worries of real life and hang out with people worldwide.

This is where places like 3DXChat are super important, as it gives people the outlet and place to get away from the hustle and bustle of life, have fun, and enjoy themselves with like-minded individuals. 3DXChat has gotten Kitty through many difficult times in life, and just being able to put her mind to something such as club ownership, building, and more has done wonders for her mental health and well-being.


Q. What music genre/s do you like most?

Kitty's favourite genres are diverse. She loves a bit of Rock, Jazz and Blues. But also a slice of Rap as well on the side. She is recently been listening to Childish Gambino but loves
the band "The Gorillaz". But she doesn't just love the original songs, but also some covers of them and finds some artists that cover these songs are truly unique.


Q. What hobbies do you enjoy in your time outside of 3DXChat?

Hot Kitty enjoys psychology and philosophy. She also grew up in a family with a Kung Fu lineage. Kitty was trained in Bagua and Tai Chi before she could remember and attained above a black belt. It has been a part of her since she was very young.


Game Questions
Q. How did you find 3DXChat? (If you don't mind talking about it)

HotKitty found 3DXChat on the internet while browsing adult websites during her playtime. She was googling Sex MMOs, and 3DXChat was one of the first entries.


Q. How do you compare the game now? Back to when you first started playing? As you have been playing for ten years, you must have seen a lot of changes.

Firstly Kitty likes to split 3DXChat into two different eras, before and after the release of the World Editor. Before the World Editor, 3DXChat was a much simpler place.

Players had their apartments, and default rooms, such as the Sin Club, which she grew up in (In 3DX years), were very popular. There weren't any "Posters" for rooms, dance teams, or even DJs. Even to the point, there weren't any "Owners".
After the World Editor, however, everything changed. The first generation of builders made their clubs, there were around 7 of them, and each had their days that the rooms went live, with nobody fighting overexposure on certain days. Then when the second generation of builders came around with clubs, it got more competitive, and the timeslots became more saturated.

Each club owner fought for the top spot and the highest player attendance count. The world became more extensive and complex as people learned new things in the Editor, new tech, and new build techniques. But it's a night and day difference comparing 3DXChat to when she began today. The gameplay is much more expanded upon with more interactive features than previously.

She remembers when 3DXChat was 32Bit. Overall the game runs much better today than before, give or take a few bugs that pop up occasionally. But also, the 3DXChat Official Discord Server was a great project and place to create.

We have much more clothing options now than previously, and the clothing texture feature was a game change for more unique-looking avatars. Kitty is happy to see the devs listening and talking to the community more than before, and she is very proud of them and loves them all. She would go on to say that 3DXChat is at an all-time high.


Q. What's your favourite location/player-made world?

HotKitty's favorite location in-game so far is the Sin Club. She spent most of her time in 3DXChat in public areas. In terms of player-made worlds, her favourite is Havasu Falls.

Q. What was the deciding factor in joining 3DXChat for you?

"I decided to get a subscription because I am a girl that loves sex." So when Kitty was browsing the net and stumbled upon 3DXChat, her deciding factor was the sex quality; where she came into 3DXChat ready to mingle but then ended up making great friends, and her focus shifted more to the socializing aspect of the game.

Q. If you could choose anything to be implemented into 3DXChat, what would it/they be? (Limit to a maximum of 3)

#1: World Editor needs scalable textures as the clothing system has. When you build small things, finding a suitable surface is a nightmare since the texture of the small object is significant. The same goes for Large objects; when you put a texture on an enormous thing, the surface looks too small.

#2: A better chat system. One like in an MMORPG, where you can have a guild chat. We only have Group chat, which works like a party chat in an MMORPG. It would be fantastic if you could choose when to leave a group chat and not get thrown out of it when you log off. This would help players want to stay in the game and not so much on Discord, and It could help Clubs/dance teams.

For instance, multiple group chats occur every time a club goes up. One for dancers, one for DJs, or just for the room staff, and the room owner must constantly hop between these chats, leaving one for another, then having to be invited back.

#3: I'm still determining. My biggest issue that I face is being able to find all of the builders of 3dx so that they can come to join the family that they don't know that they have yet at The Builder's Corner. So maybe some Official Directory where people can choose what roles they want to be part of in the directory. This would also help the small Club/Dance team owners find resources. A link to an official role directory on the login page could be possible.



Q. Is there anything specific that makes 3DXChat special and worth recommending to others?

"Yes, for me, it is Friendships, Sexy times and general fun". Kitty's love for the World Editor is her number one particular recommendation. It just allows her mind to relax and flow,
then realize many hours have passed in a blink of an eye. She shares that many players also feel the same way regarding the Editor.


Q. How would you envision the future of 3DXChat, and what positive changes would you like to witness regarding gameplay or community engagement?

"In terms of gameplay. I want the devs to continue updating and fixing bugs. More props in the Editor would be excellent—some mini-games. The Sin Club has the spin-the-bottle game. The Beach has Volley Ball. You guys could bring in a casino since gold is more relevant in beta, being able to buy more things, room owners getting 90% of the gold,
and being able to transfer gold. I've heard a lot of people saying mini-games would be great."

"Now, in terms of community engagement, everybody wants to see and meet the devs. You could add a new default room for this; Devs could hop into the special dev room
so people could go; WOAH, ITS A DEV! That may also reduce the need for Discord and make more people want to hop onto 3DX."

"Also, as for the community. Make mazes or fun game rooms with prizes. Stuff like that is engaging."

Q. Can you share any ideas or features you want added to the Character editor to personalize your avatar further?

"Well, weight and height. Some people in the suggestions channel of the #3DXChat Official Discord have said it isn't possible. You can add three sizes instead of a slider.

That way, you guys can fit the hand placements of each height to the poses. So, if you had three sizes right now, the shortest would have their hands clipping through the bar table, the medium height would be flat on the table, and the tall would have their hand above the table. Those are my thoughts on height/weight. Besides that, the clothing editor needs
ALL the clothes to have the new texture setup. Also, let us have a full range of colour options for the clothes. For instance, you can't currently make an all-black hat.

I know you guys are already working on adding the texture system to all the clothes, I am a patient cat, but others aren't sometimes. You guys should take your time and do it right. So I am in no hurry; these are stuff for the future. A perfect example. The shoes I have on right now, I cannot change the white parts."



Q. The Builder's Corner. Tell me more about it. What is it For? And where can people find it?

"The Builder's Corner is a home for ALL builders. It is a neutral place where builders of any skill level can come to learn, grow, and teach as builders. If any builder wants a channel to teach, I make them one. I created it, and it has 641 members atm, but in no way do I claim ownership of it. I am no one's boss. The Builder's Corner is a community. People do their part by learning and teaching. There are no special roles or honorifics; the only role is "Builder". I don't even have a special role for myself at the top, saying "Founder" or something like that; it isn't about me. We are all The Builder's Corner, and we do many things as well.
We have a screenshot-sharing channel for build sharing, media on how to use tools, and a unique channel called The Builders Collab. 

This channel is where we, as builders, all take one file and pass it around in a randomized order of who entered. We all add what we want, the file gets passed back to me or whoever is leading the collab, and I pass it on to the next builder. Our first collab build has the work of 17 builders in it, a record for co-building projects. Currently, we are on our 3rd collab project. Which has 24 builders entered into it to build, and 12 have finished their turn so far.

Besides that, we have tons of tutorials, literally every question that is asked in the general chat finds an answer from one of our many members, and we are one big family/community
that all supports each other. My most challenging hurdle regarding The Builder's Corner has always been finding the builders and letting them know they have a home they don't know about.

A lot of the time, I find members in the game. People I never met but know me from all of my work. They message me, "Are you the HotKitty with all the builds on the site?" and I go ", Yup \o/" Then I ask them if they are a builder and want to join the Discord.

But it is limiting. My biggest wish has been that 3DXChat would step in and help in some way, our link on the login page or something like that. It is the most extensive wellspring of building information anywhere. A way to find the new builders would be fantastic. After all, the new builders/players have the most challenging time building and have the fewest "connections" in 3DXChat. They need guidance, and I am always here to provide that, and so is the rest of The Builder's Corner; the new builders need a way to find us. Oh! Random Fact. I launched The Builder's Corner on Oct 1, 2022.

I say this often in Discord, but I want to say it here too. This goes out to all the builders in The Builder's Corner. I love you all, and I am so proud of you all.
All of you took my idea, ran with it, and made it what it is. This is why I say that I may have founded it, but it is all of you that made it into what it is, and that made this kitty's hopes for what it should have been into precisely that, what I always wanted it to be from the very start."


Q. If you had the opportunity to design a new public location within 3DXChat, what kind of environment or theme would you choose, and how would it make players feel?

#1: A dev room where the devs can occasionally login and meet the players.
#2: A casino room with casino games using xgold. It's a great idea with the new gold system update in beta. People can go there and play games of chance or something.
#3: A Theme Park with prizes. Xgold maybe. Or time-limited special effects or clothing. Or toy bears or something, lol.

"Since in beta you can buy stuff, new stuff, like drinks and food, and hosts get 90%, and you can transfer golds now, it seems fun to do with your golds.
I currently have 108k gold. It sits there. A casino and a mini-game room would see a lot of traffic, especially since room owners can now give gold to people that are their staff. It would provide the incentive to get out there and join a team club as staff or learn to DJ. Oh! A theme park with mini-games would be incredible.

I've been around for a long time; I'm old in 3DX; watch, listen, and know that you guys are all working your hardest. Many things I mentioned, like mini-games, are something that I have heard many players want, and I am talking for them and me. My motto for The Builder's Corner has always been, "If you are a builder, then this is your home. If you have any friends that build, please invite them! If you are a builder, The Builder's Corner is your home!"

You can find a link to The Builder's Corner discord server here: https://discord.gg/pbCBfuR99t if you wish to join and learn more about the World Editor and what you can do within it! It has many builders across all skill levels, so whether you're a beginner or a level design pro, you should consider joining, hanging out, and talking to like-minded individuals.


And that wraps up the interview, folks! I hope you all had a great read. We spoke a lot about building in 3DXChat and what resources are available in the community to help those of you looking to dip your creativity into the building side of the world. There is a lot of text, but I hope the images breaking up the text on the interview stage helped make it slightly less text-looking. Until the next time, folks! I have many more interviews with players throughout the community, which I cannot wait to share with you all. Have a great evening!




Recommended Comments

Nice interview, thanks so much!

I want to make two comments:

I'm not sure if the casino with xgold is a good idea. From a legal standpoint and from a money perspective. Gambling can be addictive, and you have to spend real money to buy xgold.

The second comment: Kittie's and many more builder's life would be easier if we could invite people into our world editor and teach them there directly. Even if they could just watch.

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Dear HotKitty,

I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to participate in the interview and for generously sharing your thoughts with our wonderful community. Your insights were truly inspiring and your candor was deeply appreciated. Reading your interview was not only enjoyable, but also touching, and I'm sure many others felt the same way.

Your courage to open up about your experiences is commendable, and we are truly happy to know that 3DXChat and the World Editor have become a source of relaxation and stress relief in your life. It's stories like yours that remind us why we are so passionate about this project and its impact on our community.

Special thanks to Varz for orchestrating this enlightening interview and for championing the fantastic initiative behind it. This effort allows us all to peel back the layers and discover the real people behind the avatars. For us as developers, it's invaluable to understand the emotions and aspirations of our players so that we can create an even better experience. This initiative is also a wonderful opportunity for players to connect on a deeper level and learn more about each other.

Once again, HotKitty, thank you for being an integral part of our community and for enriching it with your presence. Your words and experiences resonate deeply, and we look forward to continuing to provide you and everyone else with a platform that brings joy, relaxation, and meaningful connections.

Warm regards,
Gizmo & 3DXChat team ❤️

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