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An Interview with a Greek inspired goddess



Hello everyone!

I'm Varz, and I'm back today to bring you all another interview for Community Corner! This time with the beautiful Afroditaa. Many of you may know Afroditaa; she likes to hang out at parties but also shares many excellent photos in the 3DXChat discord. It's with great pleasure that I introduce you to Afroditaa, and I and many others are looking forward to getting to know you and how 3DXChat affects you.

So, without further ado, let's jump straight into it!


Q. What music genre/s do you like most?

A. I am actually very diverse in music; I love many different genres that are entirely different from each other. But still, pop and rock music is closest to me. I even sing karaoke sometimes)) there are recordings of songs performed by me.

That's awesome, Afroditaa! I would be very interested to hear some of those recordings sometime, as I am sure many others will as well!

Q. What hobbies do you enjoy in your time outside of 3DXChat?

A. In real life, my most important hobby is probably being a mother))

I appreciate that a lot. It is tricky sometimes to balance all the hobbies with being a mother, so it is truly remarkable to be a mother and the rewards it brings daily.

Q. How did you find 3DXChat? (If you don't mind talking about it)

A. I played GTA 5 online and got tired of it)) After all, this is more a game for men)) then I decided to write in the online search "games for girls", but then I found games for children)) Well, I added games for girls 18+, and so I found a 3dx chat))

That's interesting. I find it amusing how it showed children's games when you searched for games for girls. It probably thought you meant young girls. Interestingly, 3DXChat comes up when you search for games for girls 18+. I guess Gizmo and the team have been busy optimizing their website SEO.

Q. How do you compare the game now? Back to when you first started playing? You must have seen a lot of changes.

A. I joined 3DXChat in March 2020, and I noticed every year the game is getting better and brighter)) I regret that I found out about it late)) What's better for 3dx chat is that I haven’t seen a game of this genre yet, which is what interested me in the game.

Yeah, I can imagine! Even though I've only been here a short time, I feel that a lot has changed within that time! And that 3DXChat is constantly changing. So, I wonder what other players who have been here for many more years think and have seen how the game has progressed. 


Q. What's your favourite location/player-made world?

A. I have a lot of places that I really like and that I find very beautiful! I like the locations created by the players Manyasha and Redji a lot))

I haven't had the pleasure of seeing locations created by those two just yet! But I'd love to do so sometime! So, Manyasha and Redji, if either of you read this, I'd love to come and talk to you about building and see some of the fantastic locations you have created in 3DXChat.

Q. What was the deciding factor in joining 3DXChat for you?

A. I really liked the game because, first of all, there is communication with real people, as well as the opportunity to create a game character to your taste and, of course, sex))

Yeah, I have heard this a lot! A lot of people are drawn to the game for the sex part of the game but then stay around because of all the communication and relationships that they have built with other players that keep them playing longer. I think this is where the emotional aspect comes into place. Although it is a digital world, people are living out their fantasies through their digital avatars, exploring someone else, and experimenting with things they may not have the opportunity to do in real life. I find this side of the game the most fascinating, and I'd love to dive deeper into this to see how this has affected people here in 3DXChat. So if any of you are reading and would like to talk about this topic, I may create an interview topic format just for more general topics. So please do send me a message!




Q. If you could choose anything to be implemented into 3DXChat, what would it/they be? (Limit to a maximum of 3)

A. I would like to add a sub-command menu to the game so that you can take poses without confirmation from your partner; this is the first thing. I would also like to see more selection of hairstyles. And ready-made eye makeup would be incredible, too, where you can choose makeup for every day or perhaps for a wedding evening.

I see; that's something I'd like to see as well. A sub-command menu would be incredible and bring many more interactive elements to the game. For example, when you're doing a pose, such as the one above in the screenshot, I'd like to see that a sub-command menu is available that will allow you to kiss but also have some breast play action. This would bring more interaction and unique pose experiences to the game. Gizmo, Lisa. If you read this, you know what to do for 3DXChat 3.5 or 4.0 ;)

Q. Is there anything specific that makes 3DXChat special and worth recommending to others?

A. The game is unique for everyone in its own way; for me, first of all, to distract myself from real life and enjoy pleasant communication in 3DXChat.

That makes a lot of sense; I think I can speak for myself and some others, but I also like the idea of coming to 3DXChat to distract ourselves from real life and its dull moments. To integrate more with people from around the world to excite the senses and to learn more from the many players that log in to 3DXChat and indulge in its many lust-filled moments.

Q. How would you envision the future of 3DXChat, and what positive changes would you like to witness regarding gameplay or community engagement?

A. I'm happy with everything in 3dx chat)) I think that the game has great prospects and the developers themselves know what is best to add)) that's why I enjoy the game and spending time here with my friends

I agree; I feel the developers have some great ideas for the game, and it's also great to receive feedback from the community as well on what they would like to see get added to the game. So, players, please keep on sending those suggestions in! We do read them. We may not be able to do all of them, but we read them all! Some of the stuff you all suggest is genuinely awesome!


Q. Can you share any ideas or features you want added to the Character editor to personalize your avatar further?

A. It wouldn’t be bad to make it possible to make your character yourself, not ready-made, preset faces, namely to personally create an avatar that would be very difficult to replicate for someone else.

Interesting; I see where you are coming from with your answer. It would be great if we had more features for facial designs and morphs, perhaps more slider options for facial features such as the nose, eyes, cheekbones, jawline, ear height, width, etc. I think this will bring even more uniqueness to your character/s in the game and expand the creativity of creating a character to design it to your vision better. And even more so, if we bring additional slider options to the body to create a unique virtual persona of yourself or something you are designing your character off of. Because we all know we want to bed Shadowheart or Karlach from Baldurs Gate III. ;)


So, Afroditaa, I'd like to know more about your friends in 3DXChat and the emotional connection you have built with them.

Q. Have you formed meaningful friendships or connections with other players in 3DXChat? If so, could you tell us about one?
A. Yes, I had relationships in the game and romantic ones. even seen in real life))


Wow, that's awesome! I love to hear players who have met someone in-game and then proceeded to meet them in real life. I think that is magical and shows the power of digital connections with players, which can become meaningful connections that could extend into your real life. Not everyone is interested in real life for many reasons, and they are all valid. Some may not be able to as they could be married and use 3DXChat as an escape from their routines for a bit and to re-excite their nights. Others may feel safer keeping it strictly online, which is valid and brings me to the point of security and safety in the online world.

Players who play 3DXChat, please ensure you do not share any personally identifiable information with people you don't know! You never know who is behind the screen. Stay safe and be aware.

Q. What aspect of 3DXChat brings you the most joy or happiness during your gameplay sessions?

A. I love communicating with friends, parties, and games, and the most crucial aspect for me is that you can communicate in real-time in the game with other characters

Agreed, Afroditaa, real-time communication is unique; it reminds me of the days of AOL messenger or MSN messenger, where although it is semi-real time, it's not 100%. Whereas 3DXChat is truly that case where you are there with another person, talking to them back and forth as if you're text messaging. Some even go to the next level and add each other on voice platforms such as Discord, Skype, etc. Which I think is fantastic and brings that additional layer of closeness to players.


And for the flip side:

Q. What don't you like about 3DXChat that you hope to see changed or improved?
A. I love 3dx chat; for me, there are no real shortcomings in the game (but this is just my own opinion). What I would like to see in the game, however, as mentioned before, is a sub-command for automatically agreeing to poses when partnered with someone to keep that flow of RP during the fun times.

Q. What do you like most about 3DXChat? You can say several things.

A. What I like most about 3dx chat is the game quality (the graphics and the animations are very well done, very realistic, and the quality of clothes prints and textures). At the moment, I have not yet seen a game better than 3DX Chat visually that is of the same quality. 3DX Chat has a very good team of developers and support services behind it, and I made many friends in the game during my time here; we have a lot of fun!


Q. Have you attended any player-hosted parties within 3DXChat? If so, could you share a memorable experience from one of those parties?

A. Yes, when I have time, I go to parties with friends)) but most of all, I am delighted with those done by the 3dx chat team themselves)) they are the brightest)) for the 10th anniversary of the chat, there was also a very chic party for the new year))

Q. Would you like to see more parties organized by the game's administrators? Why or why not?

Of course I would)) Their parties are always the coolest.

Q. What sets 3DXChat apart from competitors, in your opinion?

Well, I don’t see any competitors for 3DX Chat at the moment))) Since their graphics are much worse, and the quality of the game itself is also not very good)) I madly love 3DX Chat in general))


And that wraps up the interview this time! But don't worry, we have another interview coming very soon! I aim to release two monthly—one at the start and one at the middle to end. So, I want to thank you, Afroditaa, for being here and talking with me today; it's been an absolute pleasure to know more about you and what 3DXChat means to you. You are very passionate about the game, which brings you joy. And I can imagine many others, too, which makes me smile! 

If you read this and are interested in interviewing with me, please message me here on the forum or in a direct message on Discord. You can find me online most of the time through the 3DXChat Discord server. Also, if you see me in-game, please do not be shy and say hello! It'd be wonderful to meet you.


My contacts are:

Email: 3dxvarz@gmail.com

Discord: 3dxvarz

Forum: https://3dxforum.com/index.php?/profile/28296-varz/

In-Game: Varz


Recommended Comments

Dear Afroditaa,

We extend our sincere gratitude to you for your participation in the interview. Your warmth and enthusiasm brought a smile to our faces. As developers, we are delighted to have a dedicated player like you in our community.

It is incredibly gratifying to hear that our 3DXChat project is significant in your life, enhancing your experiences and enriching your leisure time. Your passion and commitment serve as a constant source of motivation for us to improve the game for the entire 3DXChat community continually.

Dear Varz, we appreciate your valuable insights during this interview and eagerly anticipate future conversations.

Once again, Afroditaa, thank you for your time and dedication. I am sending warm regards and virtual hugs your way.

Gizmo & the 3DXChat team ❤️

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