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Found 5 results

  1. Hello everyone, Today, we are interviewing Diana Prince, a gamer and movie buff from Germany! She has been surrounded by popular culture surrounding movies, games and more. It ranges from the old-school VHS format to the Commodore 64 console. And you'll see a lot of the influences of this popular culture as you read through the interview. She loves to build many things she grew up with, and you'll see many of her creations throughout the interview. I want to say thank you, Diana, for the excellent interview! It's cool to see how much popular culture influenced the person that you are today. So, without further ado, let's jump right into it! Q. Who is Diana Prince? I'm an (almost) 43-year-old geek and gamer girl from Germany. I was raised with PCs and game consoles (thanks, Dad ) and am still young at heart. Always trying out new tech stuff, so you could call me an early adopter On the other hand, still owning a VHS recorder and my dad's old C64 and Pong console. The name Diana Prince is, of course, the alter ego of Wonder Woman, my role model. Q. What music genre/s do you like most? I love the 80s / 90s rock and pop; Billy Joel and Meat Loaf are my favourite musicians. With their songs and texts, they tell better stories than most modern movies. But I like soundtracks, too. John Williams is the grand master of them! Q. What hobbies do you enjoy in your time outside of 3DXChat? As I mentioned, I love PC / console games (Uncharted anyone?) and Flight Sims (with VR, it's an incredible experience!). And you would find me in the Alps skiing or hiking, not so much lying at a beach. I love travelling and exploring nature and cities. My favourite place away from home might be Sedona in Arizona. Any sport with a ball is made for me. Tennis, Badminton, Squash, Golf, you name it. I'm like a fish in the water there, lol. Of course, I like to read anything from my favourite, Stephen King, to Bill Bryson (travelling author), to popular science with Brian Greene, Michio Kaku, etc. I have been a biiiigg movie geek since childhood. I can't count the number of times I watched Dances with Wolves, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, back to the Future, The Godfather, Superman, ... I could have complete conversations just using movie quotes It reminds me I need another cupboard for my Blu-rays... Q. How did you find 3DXChat? (If you don't mind talking about it) Almost five years ago, I stumbled upon an online article with a test and comparison of several sex MMOs (including Second Live, Sexvilla 3D 2, Sex Roulette, etc.). And 3DXC was the highest-rated one. So, I made a subscription for a month to test it but extended it for a year shortly after. They say the rest is history, and I didn't regret it. Q. How do you compare the game now? Back to when you first started playing? I started after the world editor was released, so that might have been the most significant change that 3DXC have seen. There were also some significant changes when they switched from the 32 to the 64-bit client. We lost the ghost poses back then, but since I started, there have been a lot of new poses, clothes, hairstyles, dances, objects, and stuff for the world editor. It's steady progress, and the update to the more recent Unity version will hopefully open the door for improvements in the near future. It's in the nature of us players that we always want more, more, more... Q. What's your favourite location/player-made world? There are many. In my opinion, the most unique room in 3DXC is the Springfield room. It's like being IN the TV series, technically a masterpiece, and if you have not seen it yet, you should visit it when it is open. Sadly, the creator, Paulita, passed away, but Olesya opens it occasionally and keeps her legacy alive. Shoutout to Olesya, and thanks! The Lake was one of our first favourite rooms, with many fond memories. Furthermore, every room by Shiraz is a must-see. I like rooms created after real-life locations, art galleries, or something like Arsinoe's classical concert rooms. There are a lot of real artists in 3DXC, and the time and passion they put into those rooms are unbelievable. Varz: I'm sorry to hear about the player "Paulita". I never got to meet them, but they sound lovely! Q. What was the deciding factor in joining 3DXChat for you? Like many of us, the virtual sex was what lured me in. But the friendships let us stay in 3DXC. Once you see that 3DXC has to offer so much more than just virtual sex, this world can become part of your life. Q. If you could choose anything to be implemented into 3DXChat, what would it/they be? (Limit to a maximum of 3) As a builder, I would love to be able to import PNG files and use them as a (sizable) texture. Instead of working on a logo or text for days, having a nice-looking logo in your club would take just minutes. And how about having moving objects (along a given path), not just static ones? Combine that with a dynamic skybox (like in the game Wild Life), and you could build a room with a party yacht slowly making its way around Manhattan. As time passes by, the sun sets, the stars come out, the lights of the city appear... I wish that this would be possible one day. Q. Is there anything specific that makes 3DXChat special and worth recommending to others? 3DXC can be almost anything you want it to be. You can have all sorts of kinky sex; you can be a DJ, part of a dancing group, a party organiser, a builder, and you can hang out with friends from all over the world. So, it's the variety that makes 3DXC unique. There are often discussions about 3DXC being a game or some social platform/life simulation. Hey, it can be what you want it to be. Varz: I have also considered this topic since I started working here. I can see its potential to become its own unique "Digital Universe" that is persistent and becomes a life simulator. Where you can be who you cannot be in real life, where you can live another life, or lives (If you're a superhero!) There hasn't been a studio out there yet that has mastered this concept. But many have tried. I can imagine it would be costly and tricky! Crowdfund anyone? (I joke!) Q. How would you envision the future of 3DXChat, and what positive changes would you like to witness regarding gameplay or community engagement? What will the status of 3DXC be in, say, five years? I want to mention the recent development around the Unity Engine. I'm not convinced that Unity is still there in 5 or more years. And to be honest, 3DXC graphics are still okay now, but in 5 or more years? The gap to modern AAA games gets bigger and bigger. My dream would be to switch to the Unreal 5 engine. I know it would mean building the game new from scratch, and that probably won't happen, but what will 3DXC do when the Unity Engine is not developed further anymore? Will we have a >5-year-old engine someday? Varz: It may not be as much work! I have seen some studios port their games from Unity -> Unreal when the recent news broke about the runtime fees. Some people have made applications and uploaded them to Github repositories that can "Import" around 60-70%~ of the project, but sadly, the other 30-40% has to be built up manually from scratch. Regarding gameplay, there can never be enough poses for gameplay! No matter if sex poses (nipple sucking anyone?) or social emotes like laughing, shaking hands, clinking glasses (we have Champagne now!), walking hand in hand, carrying your partner around... I'm sure many players would love to have more dance sync abilities with more than 3 people. I am thinking about all the dance teams. Or why not let the room host set one dance number for everybody? Must be impressive to see 50 or 100 players move to the same dance in sync. Add a headbanging dance and holding up a light for concerts... For community engagement, how about adding a user-created "room of the week/month" to the official rooms for that period? Furthermore, in an earlier interview, the interaction between the devs and players on Discord was already mentioned. And I can't stress enough how important communication with your player base is. It's gotten better recently, but there is always room to improve. Q. Have you attended any player-hosted parties within 3DXChat? If so, could you share a memorable experience from one of those parties? We have attended a lot of parties over the years. Most memorable are weddings (our own included, with an excellent room built for us by Tsela), the first party we hosted ourselves or events with "interaction". Like the movie quiz evenings in the Generator, to name a few. And, of course, the Comic Cons, with guest appearances of all our favourite Marvel or DC heroes The official parties with more than 300 people are always a good stress test for our PCs Q. What sets 3DXChat apart from competitors, in your opinion? There are some sex MMOs, but they all specialise in certain things. Or they are so feature-overloaded that you need to go to university to study them (looking at you, Second Life). 3DXC is the all-in-one package. It is accessible, and after a few days, you find your way around. And with the subscription fee, you get all clothes, hair, poses, dances, etc. Kind of like a flat rate. You don't need a NASA PC to run it; turn off a few settings if you have an older PC, and you can run it perfectly in 99% of all rooms. Q. What do you like the most about 3DXChat? You can say multiple things. Without a doubt, for me, the best thing is to hang out with my 3DXC wife and friends in the evenings. Talking bullshit and just having fun By now, you know that I love building; it's like creating art. 3DXC is the canvas, and we are the brush. Another thing I really enjoy is making friendships with people from all over the world. To learn about their culture, to tell them about life in Germany. Q. What do you not like much about 3DXChat and hope to see changed or improved? Did anybody mention the disconnects and sync probs yet? I'm sure most players would answer this. I really hope that the problems can be found and a solution is possible. Q. Have you formed any meaningful friendships or connections with other players in 3DXChat? If so, could you tell us about one? When I started with 3DXC, I found it "weird" that some people were married. In a game? What did they smoke? But after a few weeks, I wandered through the rooms, and a fellow German woman messaged me. She had seen me in another room, but I disappeared. She wanted to find me again and, by chance, went to the same room I had switched to. We immediately "clicked," about 6 weeks later, I asked her to marry me. By then, I knew why people married in the game April and I have been together since then; she is my muse and better half, and I would marry her again any day Q. What aspects of the Character editor in 3DXChat make you feel more connected to your virtual representation? It's the ability to get quite close to my real self-look with the character editor. I'm not a big role-player; I'm just "me" in 3DXC and happy to have my look in it. Hairs and facial features are essential. In real life, those are the things that change seldom or only over a long period of time. Contrary to clothes, that you can change every day. So, if we have a wide variety of hair and facial features, we can create an avatar that can come close to our real look. I'm sure the character editor can and will improve in this area, too. Q. Are there any improvements or updates you would like to see in 3DXChat that would enhance your overall enjoyment? The friends list could use some updates. Obviously, the sorting is something out of the X-Files, lol. And some sort of "friend groups" you could create and put friends in would be awesome. Something like "Dance Group Friends", "German kinky players", ... One friend can be of course in different groups. And a text field for notes I can make for each player in their bio. But just for me to see. Discord has this feature. For the room list, there could be some kind of "info popup", like the player's bios. You right-click on a room name and get a window with a description text and pics of that room. I'm sure we missed many awesome rooms because the name of the room is not enough to get our interest. And please, let our Avis smile Let us walk hand in hand; let us dance together. Varz: Agreed! I'd love to see more interactive elements, emotions/facial expressions on our avatars that we can click to permanently have on our faces and then alternate through them when we'd like. It'd add much more to the immersion and RP aspect 100%. Q. If you had the opportunity to design a new public location within 3DXChat, what kind of environment or theme would you choose, and how would it make players feel? That would have to be a room that suits most people. So I would go for something to relax, to spend the evening together with friends, like a bar or club with a nice spectacular view. Q. Your building items, are they available for public users to download? If so, where can they find your profile? Not really, though I build a lot of logos and texts for friends. If somebody is interested, send me a message on Discord. Maybe in the future, I will put my creations on one of the websites to download for free. Q. Can you share any ideas or features you want added to the Character editor to personalize your avatar further? Of course, I would love to have some superhero costumes available Or other things like cowgirl/cowboy clothes, nun costumes, and roleplay stuff. And what about more detailed and realistic skin textures? Hairstyles, of course, too. Freely placeable tattoos would be nice. Q. Any closing comments? Thanks for giving me this opportunity to share my thoughts. I'm really looking forward to 3DXC evolving and improving. And who knows, someday, most of our wishes may have found their way into 3DXC. And we can enjoy it all together. Varz: Thank you, Diana, for this insightful interview! Seeing how you've added your "Part" to the 3DXChat world is excellent. Your creations are superb and bring back many memories of my growing up! Thank you for sitting down with me and exploring your inspirations and what 3DXC means to you!
  2. General Questions Q. Who is Khaniia? Hi ^^ My name is Khaniia! (Kha-nee-ah), and I hope to become your favorite little Vixen in 3DX! So, a few quick things about me... I’m from California and I’ve been playing 3DX for about three years now. I’m a natural redhead; I turned 28 earlier this summer, I’m a huge flirt in real life and I love being a naughty little tease~ One of the first places I gravitated towards when I first joined 3DX was Anna’s Strip Club. At the time, some of the sex / cold rooms felt a little overwhelming, so being able to dance and flirt with the men who sat by the stage definitely eased me into the game. It didn’t take long for me to develop a taste for stripping, especially after I had made a few regulars who’d come to watch me dance, undress me with their tips and ask to take me backstage for the VIP Experience. Well, it turns out I enjoy being a virtual sex worker and I’ve come a long way since my early days but I continue polishing my style as an Escort / Stripper. Exploring the kinks and desires of my clients and my own has been thrilling for me. I pride myself in the ability to create highly immersive and descriptive experiences for both the gentlemen who come watch me dance and those who come looking for something more.. intimate~ Q. What music genre/s do you like most? I always get stumped by this question because I listen to various genres. I guess you can say what I listen to depends on how I feel throughout the day. That being said, Ska, Techno Swing, and Jazz always do it for me! I also spend a lot of time listening to the instrumental scores of movies and video games and I feel like that’s an underrated music genre! Most of the music I listen to would generally fall under “Alternative Rock”; however, Techno, EDM, and a healthy dose of Metal always help to get me in the mood, if you catch my drift~ Q. What hobbies do you enjoy in your time outside of 3DXChat? Outside of 3DX, I dabble in a lot of different hobbies. Some of my favorites include going to the movies, gaming, thrift shopping or going to the beach to enjoy a book while trying not to get burned! I love a night out, drinking and dancing with my friends. I never really liked beer or dark liquors, so chances are you’ll find me sipping on a glass of Wine, but if it’s Tequila in my hand, I’m probably up to no good~ Lately, I’ve been getting more into outdoorsy activities like camping and backpacking. I love going on long road trips, and I have some friends who are showing me the ropes with bouldering and rock climbing. I have lots to learn still, but it’s been really fun to go out and spend some time under the stars. I also got bit by the Music-Festival Bug... Years ago, I went to EDC in Las Vegas, which I believe planted the rave seed, but getting the chance to attend Coachella and Stagecoach for the first time was a big highlight for me this year. Partying all weekend with my friends and dressing up in our sexiest little outfits was an experience we’ll never forget~ Game Questions Q. How did you find 3DXChat? (If you don't mind talking about it) I heard of 3DX while buying some new sex toys back in 2019. I spend a lot of time on the road or travelling for work in real life, so my boyfriend at the time suggested we should try out Lovense so we could do some long-distance play. While I was browsing their toy selection, I saw they were compatible with 3DX and that piqued my curiosity. When the Pandemic hit, my relationship fizzled out, but I still wanted to put those toys to good use, so I signed up for 3DX, and I’ve been hooked ever since! Q. How do you compare the game now? Back to when you first started playing? I’ve only played the game for three years, so I’m relatively new to the 3DX Community. I didn’t have to wait very long before the first significant update that included extra poses and the new texture system. So when that happened, I was super thrilled. Since then, the wait for the next big update has felt a little long, but I do like its direction, and I’m eagerly awaiting the new poses to drop! Varz: No pressure team! I have to say, one of the updates I’ve been happiest about was the ability to favorite rooms and look up keywords when searching for rooms. An excellent quality of life improvement with that one! Q. What's your favourite location/player-made world? I must admit, it’s hard to pick a favorite one because I’m always room hopping between the different Sex Rooms and Strip Clubs. If the room’s vibe doesn’t catch my attention right away or no one slides into my DM’s within the first couple of minutes, I will probably bounce and check out another place until I circle back eventually. I have roughly around 15-20 Rooms favorited at the moment. I usually check those out first, but I also let my curiosity take me to some of the less populated rooms if the name is interesting enough. I like hanging out in places like Slut Street and Sex No Chat:: Fuck Dolls. They’re really fun rooms for both dancing and escorting. I’ll hit the dance floor and let my hair and my outfit do the talking until someone hits me up. We’ll flirt and chat, and if everything goes well, we seal the deal and end up back at my place~ There’s a room I’ve been enjoying lately called Glory Hole - Slut Hole. It has been packed almost every time I’ve seen it open, and even though rooms like that are often Cold Rooms, I like going there in search of new clients. Colds may be an excellent way to find a quick hook-up, but there’s always someone there who is looking for more than just a silent partner. If I’m feeling playful, you’ll probably find me being a tease and taking off my clothes at On the Rox Strip Club, Anna’s Strip Club, or The Beaver Lodge! Those are my regular stomping grounds, but there’s a handful of new strip clubs that I’ll swing by and dance at as well. If I’m feeling really horny, then I try to focus on just being an escort for the evening, so I’m more likely to be seen at some of the Sex | No Chat Rooms, Sluts Blowjob Service or even places like the Cum Toilet room when I want to be treated like a slut~ Q. What was the deciding factor in joining 3DXChat for you? I’d say the deciding factor that made me join 3DX was a combination of being recently single, really horny during the Pandemic. I have a pretty high sex drive, and being unable to go out or meet new people was killing me! And despite how much I enjoy reading spicy romance novels, they were only getting me so far.. so discovering 3DX was great because it combined many of my interests in a totally different way. 3DX gave me the opportunity to connect with an online community at a time when a lot of people were feeling isolated. I got the chance to explore and discover some of my own kinks and fantasies; I was able to enjoy virtual concerts and clubs during the shutdown, and most importantly.. it gave me a place where I could indulge in erotica with a variety of partners and virtually participate in my own wildest fantasies~ Q. If you could choose anything to be implemented into 3DXChat, what would it/they be? Oh, man! It’s hard to choose only three, but in no particular order, these are some of the ones I find myself wishing for the most. Okay, first... I would love to see more dance moves that flow into each other. Specifically, I’d like more Pole-Dancing Moves so dancers can make more unique dance routines because switching between the same 6 moves can get a little repetitive after a while on stage. I think doubling the number of moves on the Pole, Giving Male Avatars the ability to Pole Dance, and making new Lap Dance Moves for the Couch / Chair poses would be a massive improvement for the Strip Clubs in 3DX. Currently, VIP Lap Dances are limited to just a handful of regular dance moves. Don’t get me wrong, the girls get really creative to make it work, but I would personally love to have moves associated with the Couch that let me twerk, throw it back and grind up on the gentlemen who take me to VIP. Second.. I have a huge cum fetish. I love how it tastes and I love the feeling of it all over my body... So I’m desperately craving the addition of more Cumshot Poses. If I could have my way, I would love to see at least 2 or 3 different Cumshot Poses for each of the places you can have sex, as well as adding places where cum can cover my avatar’s body, like my back or my ass! We only have 4 Cumshot Poses, three of which you can only use on the Bed and one for the Couch. I find it a little silly that there isn’t one yet for the Glory Hole or the Wall Poses, you know? Besides... You never know how long your partner is going to last, so I would like to be able to switch to a Cumshot Pose on a moment's notice, regardless of where we are having sex. Nothing interrupts the flow of it as much as your partner telling you that they’re about to cum, and you have to Stop Sex just to pick one of the few Cumshot poses and teleport somewhere else in the room to do it. Third! Something I would love to see in 3DX is the addition of more fantasy elements on the Character Editor. Fun fact: I’m a bit of a fantasy geek, so anything like D&D, Renaissance Fairs, Medieval Fantasy Books or Movies. I’m there for it. So I would love to see things like Elf Ears, Fairy Wings, Hoofed Heels, Halos, a wider variety of Horns, Fantasy Jewelry, Face and body Piercings and clothes or textures to match the High Fantasy theme. Ever since I saw the addition of Paws on the shoe section, I knew that Hoofed Heels could be possible, too, so I hope some of these things are considered for future updates. People already role-play in this way, so having more options to help bring that fantasy to life would be special~ Varz: Well, your wish has been granted! We now have hoof shoes since the Halloween update in 2023. Q. Is there anything specific that makes 3DXChat special and worth recommending to others? I mean, truth be told, 3DX has been a dirty little secret of mine since I joined. I haven’t told anyone in real life that I play it... Primarily because I wouldn’t know how to bring it up! Varz: I can imagine. It would be an "Icebreaker", that's for sure. Readers! How would you tell someone about 3DXChat in real life if the opportunity arose? How would you approach it? If I were recommending this game to someone, I would tell them about the music scene, the variety of unique rooms to explore and, of course.. how much fun virtual sex can be. The fact that there are live DJs regularly makes it feel like you’re going to a rave, and the player-made rooms never cease to amaze me. But what keeps me coming back is the ability to indulge my wildest fantasies~ Q. How would you envision the future of 3DXChat, and what positive changes would you like to witness regarding gameplay or community engagement? I like the direction the developers are taking with 3DX. I am relatively new to the game, and I feel lucky to have seen some significant updates during my short time playing. I think opening Discord Channels for the community to discuss the game and make suggestions was an excellent move! Despite that, It seems like people are using the Suggestions Channel to voice their frustrations more frequently because it feels like there is a lack of communication between the developers and us. There have been many good ideas suggested in that channel, so getting some acknowledgement or seeing a roadmap of which of those seem more likely to be added to the game would help the community feel heard. Additionally, bringing some transparency on why such long gaps between the updates would be excellent and would likely quell some tension. I think a monthly report on the current status of upcoming updates would go a long way in keeping the community informed and help us recognize the tremendous amount of work that goes into each update. Zabi’s Animation Channel achieves that to an extent. Every time they post on it, I get excited because it gives me something to look forward to. I’d wager that seeing a progress breakdown on the 3DX Forum would help scratch that itch for many community members. Q. Can you share any ideas or features you want added to the Character editor to personalize your avatar further? Yes! I spend a lot of time on the Character Editor, and there are some particular things I would like to see added. Personally, I would love to see a lot more variety in the lingerie department. In the last updates, we’ve got some fun new clothes, but I feel like the panties have been neglected for too long. I am dying to see more lace and modern leather lingerie options. Specifically, I would like to see new styles of Thongs, Full Lingerie Sets, Updated Garter Belts, Stockings and new Corsets. Also, reworking the layering or category system so we can wear and accessorize multiple bottoms would be super cool. I was pleased about the new tattoos that were added to the game! But I think one of the following things that should be added is piercings and body modifications. Getting Face, Brow, Belly-Button, and Nipple Piercings would be incredible. I have seen that one requested multiple times on Discord, and I’m here for it. A set of nipple piercings for my avatar that could match my own would be another step towards feeling more like my avatar. Also, I think including a toggle system for Tails, Wings, and Horns would be great. Adding that same toggle system for the Purses would likely encourage more people to use them. Beyond just clothing, I would also like to see options for things like body freckles and beauty marks without using a tattoo slot. As well as some more make-up presets and maybe even some sexy clown-inspired face paint. And for everyone who just recoiled at that clown idea... You don’t know it’s a kink until you have a clown go down on you.. Trust Me~ Varz: This made me chuckle. I cannot imagine what that would be like having a clown go down on you and go to town... That would be a most "Interesting" experience, I must say! More power to you people with the clown kink! I love to see the true Inclusivity of people with all these different kinks, some more known ones, such as BDSM (And all that it brings), FinDom, etc. To the more unheard-of ones like the clown kink. Q. The stripping/escort scene in-game. Tell me more about it. Let our readers know about it and where can people find it? Ha! Okay, but you better buckle up because this one will be a long answer! If you’ve been playing 3DX, then you probably already know some of this, but if you’re a bit newer, you should know that both of those scenes are intertwined with each other. Strip Clubs will be easy to find because you’ll see it in the Room’s name. Once inside, you can take a seat by the stage right next to the dancers. The girls will flirt and chat with you, and you can help to get them naked by tipping them gifts. It’s pretty standard for girls to take off one article of clothing per gift. This means that it’ll take 4-5 tips before the dancer is fully nude on stage. When I’m Dancing, and someone tips me, I like to send the tipper a seductive message in purple text that describes exactly how I’m taking off my clothes. I’ll also send a variation of that message to Local Chat so other patrons can feel like there’s a public show happening at the club and lure them into sitting by my stage, and maybe it will encourage them to tip, too! If the night is a bit slow and there’s only a single tipper, by the time they get me naked, I will offer them the option to take me to VIP for a Lap Dance and Escort Service by counting their gifts towards my Rate, so they only have to pay the difference to have me. If the club is busy and multiple people are tipping me while I dance, I keep tabs on how much each patron is tipping, and once they all get me naked, I will dance for one more song before heading backstage to change my look. On nights like those, I can quickly go through 3 to 5 of my outfits before taking someone to VIP. At this point, we’re starting to dip into the Escort side of things! So… You’re looking to hire a working girl for the night but don’t know how to find one outside a Strip Club? Read the Bios!! Some rooms will advertise Escorts, and most Strip Clubs will have Escorts, but you can find them roaming in almost every room. By checking a girl's/guy's Bio, you will see whether or not they’re an Escort, and you can tell because they will have their rates listed on their Profile or in their Gallery. Rates and Services vary from Escort to Escort, so you want to make sure you read their rates carefully so you know exactly what services they offer. Perhaps more importantly, you should check their availability first or ask them if you have any further questions before you send them gifts or gold. Every Escort is different because they set their own rates and rules for their services. Because of that, most Escorts find ways to differentiate themselves, so chances are you’ll be able to find someone who specifically caters to your kinks. For example, I am able to take the lead and be a Top throughout the scene, but I wouldn’t necessarily be able to play the role of a proper Dominatrix. I personally get turned on by reading descriptive erotica, so as an Escort, I’ve specialized in creating that kind of immersive erotic experience for my partners. Most of the people who hire me are looking for that kind of encounter and enjoy getting descriptive with me in bed. That being said, if the purple text is not your forte, I will gladly lead the scene and keep the momentum going so you can let your hands prioritize other things instead of the keyboard; if you catch my drift… On that note, I have an advantage because my toys are always connected when I escort, so I can enjoy the slider-play while being able to type freely~ Something you’ll notice when checking out the different rates is that many Escorts put a time limit on their services. So the longer you want to play, the more expensive it will be. The same thing goes for the type of service you want from them; Getting the whole VIP Experience will cost you more than just getting a blowjob, for example. Varz: So it's like it is a proper Escort service like in real life. You have the GFE (Girlfriend Experience), which is more soft, romantic and less sexual but limits out at a blowjob potentially, but also the PSE (Pornstar experience), which is typically the entire "No holes barred" service to an extent. I love how the community have built this within 3DXChat; it indeed strikes me with how creative and far the community will go to create a truly authentic experience from within the virtual space. Not everyone is into lengthy descriptions or writing in purple text as much as I do, so if that’s not your thing, then I might not be the right Escort for you. Additionally, getting descriptive takes more time than just having silent sex, and because I like taking my time with foreplay, a session with me is usually longer. To avoid just running out the clock during a session emphasising role play, I opted for getting rid of the clock altogether. So when you hire time, I don’t have a timer running in the background. One of the reasons I decided to do this is because I wanted my clients to relax while they’re with me, and It’s a lot easier to create an immersive experience when you don’t have to worry about your time running out. That being said, having no Timer means my rates are slightly more expensive because once you hire me, you’ll have my undivided attention, and I’m yours until you’re... satisfied~ Depending on the service you book, my sessions typically last somewhere between 45 minutes and 2 Hours. Nowadays, I offer a few different kinds of services to my clients. The Facial Special: I really enjoy giving head; there’s something about it I find incredibly erotic. When booking this option, I show you precisely what my pretty little mouth was made for as I drop down to my knees to tease you and worship every inch of your manhood with my lips. This is the 1st tier of my services because I will use my mouth exclusively unless you decide to upgrade to VIP halfway through~ VIP Escort Service: This package lets you pick the outfit you’d like me to wear so I can model it for you and dance seductively before you as I slowly slip out of my clothes. With the VIP Package, you get to experience how good my mouth feels, as well as getting to enjoy the rest of my body. These sessions can have a specific RP Theme incorporated and will vary in intensity depending on your preferred taste. Some clients like it slow and romantic, while others prefer to rough me up when they take me~ The Girlfriend Experience: This is a new service that I recently started offering, so I’m curious to see how it will play out. This package was essentially designed for the romantics and those who are looking for more than just a hook-up. This means it will be a more extended session, so ideally, we both need at least 2+ Hours available when booking this service. Ultimately, we get to go on your dream date. We can go and do anything your heart desires as we get to know one another more intimately. We can have a Romantic Dinner, or I can be your Arm Candy at the club. I’ll be there to listen if you need to vent or distract you from your worries.. and at the end of the night, you get to have me any way you like as we explore your wildest fantasies together. Booking any of these services gets you added to my Friends List, so you may be able to contact me and book me again whenever you desire~ Q. If you had the opportunity to design a new public location within 3DXChat, what kind of environment or theme would you choose, and how would it make players feel? About a year ago, I actually tried to create a Succubus Themed Room. It was October, I had been really feeling my Succubus Look, and I had several clients book me specifically for a Succubus RP Session, so I got the idea in my head of building a Sex Room themed around that. The concept was simple: you’d walk into a den surrounded by rocky cliff sides, illuminated by torches and the moonlight. The center and main area would be an orgy room and places to mingle, but then you’d be able to follow tunnels and passageways for more private sections. The intent was to create a raw and primal environment where everyone would be encouraged to come dressed as Devils and Succubi. I got pretty far on the build, but my skills were not up to par to execute the ideas I had in my head. I still have the room and use it instead of my regular hotel room when I’m escorting as a Succubus~ Varz: Maybe our 1st interviewee, Hot Kitty, could help you with the builder's corner! I'd love to see this room come to fruition and open. I'd come and visit as a Devil. >:) Q. What aspects of the Character editor in 3DXChat make you feel more connected to your virtual representation? Oh! The Freckles Face Tattoo! I have many freckles in real life, which makes me feel more connected to my avatar. On my Foxy Outfit, I use the Leopard Body Tattoos with really low opacity to create a “freckled” look throughout my body. I mentioned it earlier, but I would love more freckle options on the body without it taking up the space for additional tattoos. Q. Are there any particular improvements or updates you would like to see in 3DXChat that would enhance your overall enjoyment? I don’t know if this one could be considered a bug, but it annoys me when it happens. If someone sits on the couch and then they Partner with you, you can’t select poses on the couch unless they stand up. I would love it if that could be fixed. It’s mainly a problem when I’m giving someone a lap dance, and I’m ready to take it to the next level; I’m unable to pick the pose I want, so my client has to pick it for me, or I have to ask them to stand. A bug I’ve seen more often since the last update is how sometimes Avatars won’t load fully, so they’ll show up as half-naked/discolored mannequins. Having both players exit the game and reload seems to fix it, but it’s pretty annoying when it happens. Also! I can’t believe I didn’t mention this sooner, but I would love to be able to keep my clothes on when picking sex positions! Especially when I’m giving head, I wouldn’t say I like how the game automatically takes off my skirt or my panties when I drop to my knees... Not only for gameplay but from a role-playing perspective, I would like to choose when I take off my clothes during sex or let my partner decide whether or not they want to rip off my panties while I go down on them~ Q. Have you attended any player-hosted parties within 3DXChat? If so, could you share a memorable experience from one of those parties? Of course! One of my favorite parties to date was organized by Roxyx and mnflady. They run and manage On The Rox Strip Club, and they hosted a house party with many of the dancers and some of the regulars from the club. I have very fond memories of this party because the hosts also used it as an opportunity to grant me the “Girl of the Month” Award for taking the highest number of clients to VIP at The Rox! So they added my name to the plaque below the Golden Cock Trophy they have at the club. We had a dance party that quickly turned lewd as soon as the drinks started flowing. I had the opportunity to chat more with the girls and regulars outside the club. We took some shots, and at the end of the night, I went home with a handsome bartender, so the party kept going for me~ Q. Would you like to see more parties organized by the game's administrators? Why or why not? I think that would be super rad! Seeing the administrators throw parties and get more involved with the gameplay itself would be a fantastic way to build connections with the members of the community. I would love to see what kind of parties the people behind the game could throw. If the administrators were to do that, I bet they would find things they’d like to fix or give them new ideas for things or activities to implement into the game! Q. What sets 3DXChat apart from competitors, in your opinion? 3DX was actually the first online sex game I’ve ever played, so I’m not very familiar with the competitors. That being said, I have seen the art and character design in other games, and 3DX is by far the best-looking one out there, in my opinion. Q. What do you like the most about 3DXChat? You can say multiple things. I love all the creativity from the 3DX community, and you can see it reflected in their outfits and all the fantastic rooms the players have built! Honestly, that’s probably why I spend so much time Room Hopping: because I love exploring the different rooms people make. I think it goes without saying that my favorite thing about 3DX is being able to be a naughty little slut and hook up with anyone I want. After all, I did join the game for that reason, but I never imagined how exhilarating it was actually going to be in the virtual world. Having my toys connected so I can type and getting lost in the heat of the moment with someone to the point that you lose track of time is one of the best things about 3DX~ Q. What do you not like much about 3DXChat and hope to see changed or improved? Honestly, my least favorite thing about 3DX is the World Chat... Pretty much every time I take a look at it, I see people arguing or saying some pretty horrible or toxic stuff, so I tend to ignore it and not add fuel to the fire. Unfortunately, I feel like that’s just the byproduct of giving people a platform where they’re able to say anything they want behind an anonymous avatar without really facing the consequences. I don’t think that’s really something you can genuinely moderate without devoting a tremendous amount of energy to it, so I would much prefer the developers focus their attention on more pressing matters to improve the game. Trolls are going to troll, and they are easy enough to ignore. That being said, I would like the World Chat Sound Notification to be automatically muted unless the WC tab is Open. I find myself reacting to the Sound, thinking it’s a DM when it’s just the WC. Q. Have you formed any meaningful friendships or connections with other players in 3DXChat? If so, could you tell us about one? Yes! Working as an Escort has led me to meet all sorts of different people in 3DX. I’m lucky to say that in my experience, most of my encounters have been positive. I’ve had to ignore just a couple of users, but I try not to use it if I can avoid it. There’s a handful of people who have grown on me and have become more than just regular clients. I would actually consider these special people to be my friends in 3DX. To avoid the embarrassment of accidentally forgetting to mention one of their names, I’m going to opt out of name-dropping any of them. For those of you reading this, though, you know who you are Q. What aspect of 3DXChat brings you the most joy or happiness during your gameplay sessions? It’s easy to lose track of time while playing 3DX because I enjoy being online. A typical session for me starts with picking out my outfit for the day. While I adjust my clothes, I usually have some of my regulars slip into DM’s to book me. If no one hits me up by the time I’m all dolled up, I’ll start Room Hopping in search of new potential customers. Personally, I love this process. Sometimes, it’s a little slow, but I love seeing the different pickup lines guys will try on me. On a busy day, I’ll probably end up flirting with 3-5 people simultaneously until one of them seals the deal. Varz: I like the competition of this. It brings that FOMO effect if you don't get your game on. My favorite thing, and the aspect that brings me the most joy, is finding a client who matches my energy in the bedroom. It’ll be pretty apparent from the start whether or not I’ll be leading the encounter or if my partner can keep up and bring out my wilder side... Building up that sexual tension with someone until you can't resist anymore is the high that I keep on chasing every time I log in and why I enjoy being such a naughty little slut in 3DX~ Varz: And there you have it, readers! That is the fiery vixen, Khaniia! I want to thank you, Khaniia, for being here and answering the questions in some serious depth! I love to see it. And everyone reading this: make sure you get your slot booked ASAP to taste and enjoy the experience with the fiery vixen. Thanks, everyone, for reading, and I look forward to the next interview!! For those reading, tell me, what has been your favorite moment in 3DXChat in your time here? Is it the people? The parties? The sex? I'd love to know why!
  3. Hello everyone! I'm Varz, and I'm back today to bring you all another interview for Community Corner! This time with the beautiful Afroditaa. Many of you may know Afroditaa; she likes to hang out at parties but also shares many excellent photos in the 3DXChat discord. It's with great pleasure that I introduce you to Afroditaa, and I and many others are looking forward to getting to know you and how 3DXChat affects you. So, without further ado, let's jump straight into it! Q. What music genre/s do you like most? A. I am actually very diverse in music; I love many different genres that are entirely different from each other. But still, pop and rock music is closest to me. I even sing karaoke sometimes)) there are recordings of songs performed by me. That's awesome, Afroditaa! I would be very interested to hear some of those recordings sometime, as I am sure many others will as well! Q. What hobbies do you enjoy in your time outside of 3DXChat? A. In real life, my most important hobby is probably being a mother)) I appreciate that a lot. It is tricky sometimes to balance all the hobbies with being a mother, so it is truly remarkable to be a mother and the rewards it brings daily. Q. How did you find 3DXChat? (If you don't mind talking about it) A. I played GTA 5 online and got tired of it)) After all, this is more a game for men)) then I decided to write in the online search "games for girls", but then I found games for children)) Well, I added games for girls 18+, and so I found a 3dx chat)) That's interesting. I find it amusing how it showed children's games when you searched for games for girls. It probably thought you meant young girls. Interestingly, 3DXChat comes up when you search for games for girls 18+. I guess Gizmo and the team have been busy optimizing their website SEO. Q. How do you compare the game now? Back to when you first started playing? You must have seen a lot of changes. A. I joined 3DXChat in March 2020, and I noticed every year the game is getting better and brighter)) I regret that I found out about it late)) What's better for 3dx chat is that I haven’t seen a game of this genre yet, which is what interested me in the game. Yeah, I can imagine! Even though I've only been here a short time, I feel that a lot has changed within that time! And that 3DXChat is constantly changing. So, I wonder what other players who have been here for many more years think and have seen how the game has progressed. Q. What's your favourite location/player-made world? A. I have a lot of places that I really like and that I find very beautiful! I like the locations created by the players Manyasha and Redji a lot)) I haven't had the pleasure of seeing locations created by those two just yet! But I'd love to do so sometime! So, Manyasha and Redji, if either of you read this, I'd love to come and talk to you about building and see some of the fantastic locations you have created in 3DXChat. Q. What was the deciding factor in joining 3DXChat for you? A. I really liked the game because, first of all, there is communication with real people, as well as the opportunity to create a game character to your taste and, of course, sex)) Yeah, I have heard this a lot! A lot of people are drawn to the game for the sex part of the game but then stay around because of all the communication and relationships that they have built with other players that keep them playing longer. I think this is where the emotional aspect comes into place. Although it is a digital world, people are living out their fantasies through their digital avatars, exploring someone else, and experimenting with things they may not have the opportunity to do in real life. I find this side of the game the most fascinating, and I'd love to dive deeper into this to see how this has affected people here in 3DXChat. So if any of you are reading and would like to talk about this topic, I may create an interview topic format just for more general topics. So please do send me a message! Q. If you could choose anything to be implemented into 3DXChat, what would it/they be? (Limit to a maximum of 3) A. I would like to add a sub-command menu to the game so that you can take poses without confirmation from your partner; this is the first thing. I would also like to see more selection of hairstyles. And ready-made eye makeup would be incredible, too, where you can choose makeup for every day or perhaps for a wedding evening. I see; that's something I'd like to see as well. A sub-command menu would be incredible and bring many more interactive elements to the game. For example, when you're doing a pose, such as the one above in the screenshot, I'd like to see that a sub-command menu is available that will allow you to kiss but also have some breast play action. This would bring more interaction and unique pose experiences to the game. Gizmo, Lisa. If you read this, you know what to do for 3DXChat 3.5 or 4.0 Q. Is there anything specific that makes 3DXChat special and worth recommending to others? A. The game is unique for everyone in its own way; for me, first of all, to distract myself from real life and enjoy pleasant communication in 3DXChat. That makes a lot of sense; I think I can speak for myself and some others, but I also like the idea of coming to 3DXChat to distract ourselves from real life and its dull moments. To integrate more with people from around the world to excite the senses and to learn more from the many players that log in to 3DXChat and indulge in its many lust-filled moments. Q. How would you envision the future of 3DXChat, and what positive changes would you like to witness regarding gameplay or community engagement? A. I'm happy with everything in 3dx chat)) I think that the game has great prospects and the developers themselves know what is best to add)) that's why I enjoy the game and spending time here with my friends I agree; I feel the developers have some great ideas for the game, and it's also great to receive feedback from the community as well on what they would like to see get added to the game. So, players, please keep on sending those suggestions in! We do read them. We may not be able to do all of them, but we read them all! Some of the stuff you all suggest is genuinely awesome! Q. Can you share any ideas or features you want added to the Character editor to personalize your avatar further? A. It wouldn’t be bad to make it possible to make your character yourself, not ready-made, preset faces, namely to personally create an avatar that would be very difficult to replicate for someone else. Interesting; I see where you are coming from with your answer. It would be great if we had more features for facial designs and morphs, perhaps more slider options for facial features such as the nose, eyes, cheekbones, jawline, ear height, width, etc. I think this will bring even more uniqueness to your character/s in the game and expand the creativity of creating a character to design it to your vision better. And even more so, if we bring additional slider options to the body to create a unique virtual persona of yourself or something you are designing your character off of. Because we all know we want to bed Shadowheart or Karlach from Baldurs Gate III. So, Afroditaa, I'd like to know more about your friends in 3DXChat and the emotional connection you have built with them. Q. Have you formed meaningful friendships or connections with other players in 3DXChat? If so, could you tell us about one? A. Yes, I had relationships in the game and romantic ones. even seen in real life)) Wow, that's awesome! I love to hear players who have met someone in-game and then proceeded to meet them in real life. I think that is magical and shows the power of digital connections with players, which can become meaningful connections that could extend into your real life. Not everyone is interested in real life for many reasons, and they are all valid. Some may not be able to as they could be married and use 3DXChat as an escape from their routines for a bit and to re-excite their nights. Others may feel safer keeping it strictly online, which is valid and brings me to the point of security and safety in the online world. Players who play 3DXChat, please ensure you do not share any personally identifiable information with people you don't know! You never know who is behind the screen. Stay safe and be aware. Q. What aspect of 3DXChat brings you the most joy or happiness during your gameplay sessions? A. I love communicating with friends, parties, and games, and the most crucial aspect for me is that you can communicate in real-time in the game with other characters Agreed, Afroditaa, real-time communication is unique; it reminds me of the days of AOL messenger or MSN messenger, where although it is semi-real time, it's not 100%. Whereas 3DXChat is truly that case where you are there with another person, talking to them back and forth as if you're text messaging. Some even go to the next level and add each other on voice platforms such as Discord, Skype, etc. Which I think is fantastic and brings that additional layer of closeness to players. And for the flip side: Q. What don't you like about 3DXChat that you hope to see changed or improved? A. I love 3dx chat; for me, there are no real shortcomings in the game (but this is just my own opinion). What I would like to see in the game, however, as mentioned before, is a sub-command for automatically agreeing to poses when partnered with someone to keep that flow of RP during the fun times. Q. What do you like most about 3DXChat? You can say several things. A. What I like most about 3dx chat is the game quality (the graphics and the animations are very well done, very realistic, and the quality of clothes prints and textures). At the moment, I have not yet seen a game better than 3DX Chat visually that is of the same quality. 3DX Chat has a very good team of developers and support services behind it, and I made many friends in the game during my time here; we have a lot of fun! Q. Have you attended any player-hosted parties within 3DXChat? If so, could you share a memorable experience from one of those parties? A. Yes, when I have time, I go to parties with friends)) but most of all, I am delighted with those done by the 3dx chat team themselves)) they are the brightest)) for the 10th anniversary of the chat, there was also a very chic party for the new year)) Q. Would you like to see more parties organized by the game's administrators? Why or why not? Of course I would)) Their parties are always the coolest. Q. What sets 3DXChat apart from competitors, in your opinion? Well, I don’t see any competitors for 3DX Chat at the moment))) Since their graphics are much worse, and the quality of the game itself is also not very good)) I madly love 3DX Chat in general)) And that wraps up the interview this time! But don't worry, we have another interview coming very soon! I aim to release two monthly—one at the start and one at the middle to end. So, I want to thank you, Afroditaa, for being here and talking with me today; it's been an absolute pleasure to know more about you and what 3DXChat means to you. You are very passionate about the game, which brings you joy. And I can imagine many others, too, which makes me smile! If you read this and are interested in interviewing with me, please message me here on the forum or in a direct message on Discord. You can find me online most of the time through the 3DXChat Discord server. Also, if you see me in-game, please do not be shy and say hello! It'd be wonderful to meet you. My contacts are: Email: 3dxvarz@gmail.com Discord: 3dxvarz Forum: https://3dxforum.com/index.php?/profile/28296-varz/ In-Game: Varz
  4. Hello everyone! Today I bring you the first interview of many. This one is with HotKitty, a seasoned builder in the 3DXChat universe. She has given us a fantastic insight into 3DXChat and what she has seen over the ten years she has been a member of this flourishing community! Without further ado, please enjoy, read to your heart's content, and comment at the end with your thoughts! And if you're also interested in being considered for an interview, please send me a Private Message here or on Discord. General Questions Q. Who is HotKitty? Hot Kitty is a builder who loves teaching others the arts of building in the 3DXChat world. She likes to switch on a movie or listen to some music and then jump into the world editor for hours to see what her creativity will drive forward next! Outside of this, HotKitty hangs out a lot within The Builder's Corner community discord server, a discord server built around the World Editor and the builders within 3DXChat. We'll get more into that a little later. HotKitty is a long-time player, playing now for going on ten years. So has been within the community for a long time! Almost as long as the game has been around. When the World Editor came out, she and some friends made a club, one of the first to be made, and then this is where her building journey began. At the start, HotKitty was interested in name recognition and is known for something in 3DXChat. It was essential to her that her clubs did well. She was also a co-owner of the second dance team created in 3DXChat. Quote: "HotKitty: While I was running my first club, well, co-running, we all decided that I should get behind the bar and roleplay being a bartender. No one had ever done this before; in the first generation of clubs, every club had a bar, but they were all empty." Throughout the years, however, after running all of these different projects within the game, it took its toll on her as it was a lot of work! So she decided to retire from it all as it caused unnecessary stress. So she decided to take a long break from being an "Owner of" in 3DXChat as she wasn't finding happiness in it anymore and then when the World Editor came, as mentioned, she turned her sights to it, and it has provided her calm with no stress, just true creativity. Then after uploading a lot of her creations for all to use, she gained a fan base, with people being very appreciative of her work, and she "loves them to death for it." And with that, she has become one of the top uploaders in 3DXChat, with over 1,000 individual uploads, all free. Despite trying to get away from the hustle and bustle, doing what she has, has driven an even larger fan base for her works, where people confide in her for her expertise as the World Editor. All of HotKitty's free builds can be found here: https://www.3dxchatsharing.com/product-category/contributors/h/hotkitty/ To wrap up her journey in 3DXChat to today, when HotKitty created around 500 creations that were released for free to the public, she gained a sort of 3DXChat fame around her builds, where strangers who she doesn't know would come up to her and thank her for the work she has done and how it has helped with their builds in their worlds and just being so supportive of her, had brought her to happy tears many of times, and it has been keeping Kitty going. After a while, people would ask her to teach them how to utilize the World Editor best. She would use a lot of text and in-game screenshots to show how to do things in-game, but she found this to be cumbersome, so she created The Builder's Corner Discord for an all-in-one place for all things World Editor. This includes but is not limited to; Voiced Tutorials, Screenshots etc. And even show people how to build live in a voice channel, which is how The Builder's Corner was born. Outside of that, her favourite colour is red (As you can see by her shirt in the screenshots), her favourite number is 8, and she adores tacos! (I mean, who doesn't, right!!) But overall, she's just a crazy cat that loves to build within the game and teach others. Hot Kitty also shared about some of the more not-so-great times. When she was 8, she was diagnosed with Brain Cancer and was in the hospital for seven months whilst she got treatment. This resulted in her requiring to learn to walk again due to being bedridden for so long. She had been battling it for ten years but was cured when she was 18. This strained her mental health, resulting in a case of PTSD. But after years of therapy, she is mentally and physically healthy. Since then HotKitty has found comfort in the community of 3DXChat during the strife she had faced from what she had gone through. It was therapeutic to escape the stresses and worries of real life and hang out with people worldwide. This is where places like 3DXChat are super important, as it gives people the outlet and place to get away from the hustle and bustle of life, have fun, and enjoy themselves with like-minded individuals. 3DXChat has gotten Kitty through many difficult times in life, and just being able to put her mind to something such as club ownership, building, and more has done wonders for her mental health and well-being. Q. What music genre/s do you like most? Kitty's favourite genres are diverse. She loves a bit of Rock, Jazz and Blues. But also a slice of Rap as well on the side. She is recently been listening to Childish Gambino but loves the band "The Gorillaz". But she doesn't just love the original songs, but also some covers of them and finds some artists that cover these songs are truly unique. Q. What hobbies do you enjoy in your time outside of 3DXChat? Hot Kitty enjoys psychology and philosophy. She also grew up in a family with a Kung Fu lineage. Kitty was trained in Bagua and Tai Chi before she could remember and attained above a black belt. It has been a part of her since she was very young. Game Questions Q. How did you find 3DXChat? (If you don't mind talking about it) HotKitty found 3DXChat on the internet while browsing adult websites during her playtime. She was googling Sex MMOs, and 3DXChat was one of the first entries. Q. How do you compare the game now? Back to when you first started playing? As you have been playing for ten years, you must have seen a lot of changes. Firstly Kitty likes to split 3DXChat into two different eras, before and after the release of the World Editor. Before the World Editor, 3DXChat was a much simpler place. Players had their apartments, and default rooms, such as the Sin Club, which she grew up in (In 3DX years), were very popular. There weren't any "Posters" for rooms, dance teams, or even DJs. Even to the point, there weren't any "Owners". After the World Editor, however, everything changed. The first generation of builders made their clubs, there were around 7 of them, and each had their days that the rooms went live, with nobody fighting overexposure on certain days. Then when the second generation of builders came around with clubs, it got more competitive, and the timeslots became more saturated. Each club owner fought for the top spot and the highest player attendance count. The world became more extensive and complex as people learned new things in the Editor, new tech, and new build techniques. But it's a night and day difference comparing 3DXChat to when she began today. The gameplay is much more expanded upon with more interactive features than previously. She remembers when 3DXChat was 32Bit. Overall the game runs much better today than before, give or take a few bugs that pop up occasionally. But also, the 3DXChat Official Discord Server was a great project and place to create. We have much more clothing options now than previously, and the clothing texture feature was a game change for more unique-looking avatars. Kitty is happy to see the devs listening and talking to the community more than before, and she is very proud of them and loves them all. She would go on to say that 3DXChat is at an all-time high. Q. What's your favourite location/player-made world? HotKitty's favorite location in-game so far is the Sin Club. She spent most of her time in 3DXChat in public areas. In terms of player-made worlds, her favourite is Havasu Falls. Q. What was the deciding factor in joining 3DXChat for you? "I decided to get a subscription because I am a girl that loves sex." So when Kitty was browsing the net and stumbled upon 3DXChat, her deciding factor was the sex quality; where she came into 3DXChat ready to mingle but then ended up making great friends, and her focus shifted more to the socializing aspect of the game. Q. If you could choose anything to be implemented into 3DXChat, what would it/they be? (Limit to a maximum of 3) #1: World Editor needs scalable textures as the clothing system has. When you build small things, finding a suitable surface is a nightmare since the texture of the small object is significant. The same goes for Large objects; when you put a texture on an enormous thing, the surface looks too small. #2: A better chat system. One like in an MMORPG, where you can have a guild chat. We only have Group chat, which works like a party chat in an MMORPG. It would be fantastic if you could choose when to leave a group chat and not get thrown out of it when you log off. This would help players want to stay in the game and not so much on Discord, and It could help Clubs/dance teams. For instance, multiple group chats occur every time a club goes up. One for dancers, one for DJs, or just for the room staff, and the room owner must constantly hop between these chats, leaving one for another, then having to be invited back. #3: I'm still determining. My biggest issue that I face is being able to find all of the builders of 3dx so that they can come to join the family that they don't know that they have yet at The Builder's Corner. So maybe some Official Directory where people can choose what roles they want to be part of in the directory. This would also help the small Club/Dance team owners find resources. A link to an official role directory on the login page could be possible. Q. Is there anything specific that makes 3DXChat special and worth recommending to others? "Yes, for me, it is Friendships, Sexy times and general fun". Kitty's love for the World Editor is her number one particular recommendation. It just allows her mind to relax and flow, then realize many hours have passed in a blink of an eye. She shares that many players also feel the same way regarding the Editor. Q. How would you envision the future of 3DXChat, and what positive changes would you like to witness regarding gameplay or community engagement? "In terms of gameplay. I want the devs to continue updating and fixing bugs. More props in the Editor would be excellent—some mini-games. The Sin Club has the spin-the-bottle game. The Beach has Volley Ball. You guys could bring in a casino since gold is more relevant in beta, being able to buy more things, room owners getting 90% of the gold, and being able to transfer gold. I've heard a lot of people saying mini-games would be great." "Now, in terms of community engagement, everybody wants to see and meet the devs. You could add a new default room for this; Devs could hop into the special dev room so people could go; WOAH, ITS A DEV! That may also reduce the need for Discord and make more people want to hop onto 3DX." "Also, as for the community. Make mazes or fun game rooms with prizes. Stuff like that is engaging." Q. Can you share any ideas or features you want added to the Character editor to personalize your avatar further? "Well, weight and height. Some people in the suggestions channel of the #3DXChat Official Discord have said it isn't possible. You can add three sizes instead of a slider. That way, you guys can fit the hand placements of each height to the poses. So, if you had three sizes right now, the shortest would have their hands clipping through the bar table, the medium height would be flat on the table, and the tall would have their hand above the table. Those are my thoughts on height/weight. Besides that, the clothing editor needs ALL the clothes to have the new texture setup. Also, let us have a full range of colour options for the clothes. For instance, you can't currently make an all-black hat. I know you guys are already working on adding the texture system to all the clothes, I am a patient cat, but others aren't sometimes. You guys should take your time and do it right. So I am in no hurry; these are stuff for the future. A perfect example. The shoes I have on right now, I cannot change the white parts." Q. The Builder's Corner. Tell me more about it. What is it For? And where can people find it? "The Builder's Corner is a home for ALL builders. It is a neutral place where builders of any skill level can come to learn, grow, and teach as builders. If any builder wants a channel to teach, I make them one. I created it, and it has 641 members atm, but in no way do I claim ownership of it. I am no one's boss. The Builder's Corner is a community. People do their part by learning and teaching. There are no special roles or honorifics; the only role is "Builder". I don't even have a special role for myself at the top, saying "Founder" or something like that; it isn't about me. We are all The Builder's Corner, and we do many things as well. We have a screenshot-sharing channel for build sharing, media on how to use tools, and a unique channel called The Builders Collab. This channel is where we, as builders, all take one file and pass it around in a randomized order of who entered. We all add what we want, the file gets passed back to me or whoever is leading the collab, and I pass it on to the next builder. Our first collab build has the work of 17 builders in it, a record for co-building projects. Currently, we are on our 3rd collab project. Which has 24 builders entered into it to build, and 12 have finished their turn so far. Besides that, we have tons of tutorials, literally every question that is asked in the general chat finds an answer from one of our many members, and we are one big family/community that all supports each other. My most challenging hurdle regarding The Builder's Corner has always been finding the builders and letting them know they have a home they don't know about. A lot of the time, I find members in the game. People I never met but know me from all of my work. They message me, "Are you the HotKitty with all the builds on the site?" and I go ", Yup \o/" Then I ask them if they are a builder and want to join the Discord. But it is limiting. My biggest wish has been that 3DXChat would step in and help in some way, our link on the login page or something like that. It is the most extensive wellspring of building information anywhere. A way to find the new builders would be fantastic. After all, the new builders/players have the most challenging time building and have the fewest "connections" in 3DXChat. They need guidance, and I am always here to provide that, and so is the rest of The Builder's Corner; the new builders need a way to find us. Oh! Random Fact. I launched The Builder's Corner on Oct 1, 2022. I say this often in Discord, but I want to say it here too. This goes out to all the builders in The Builder's Corner. I love you all, and I am so proud of you all. All of you took my idea, ran with it, and made it what it is. This is why I say that I may have founded it, but it is all of you that made it into what it is, and that made this kitty's hopes for what it should have been into precisely that, what I always wanted it to be from the very start." Q. If you had the opportunity to design a new public location within 3DXChat, what kind of environment or theme would you choose, and how would it make players feel? #1: A dev room where the devs can occasionally login and meet the players. #2: A casino room with casino games using xgold. It's a great idea with the new gold system update in beta. People can go there and play games of chance or something. #3: A Theme Park with prizes. Xgold maybe. Or time-limited special effects or clothing. Or toy bears or something, lol. "Since in beta you can buy stuff, new stuff, like drinks and food, and hosts get 90%, and you can transfer golds now, it seems fun to do with your golds. I currently have 108k gold. It sits there. A casino and a mini-game room would see a lot of traffic, especially since room owners can now give gold to people that are their staff. It would provide the incentive to get out there and join a team club as staff or learn to DJ. Oh! A theme park with mini-games would be incredible. I've been around for a long time; I'm old in 3DX; watch, listen, and know that you guys are all working your hardest. Many things I mentioned, like mini-games, are something that I have heard many players want, and I am talking for them and me. My motto for The Builder's Corner has always been, "If you are a builder, then this is your home. If you have any friends that build, please invite them! If you are a builder, The Builder's Corner is your home!" You can find a link to The Builder's Corner discord server here: https://discord.gg/pbCBfuR99t if you wish to join and learn more about the World Editor and what you can do within it! It has many builders across all skill levels, so whether you're a beginner or a level design pro, you should consider joining, hanging out, and talking to like-minded individuals. And that wraps up the interview, folks! I hope you all had a great read. We spoke a lot about building in 3DXChat and what resources are available in the community to help those of you looking to dip your creativity into the building side of the world. There is a lot of text, but I hope the images breaking up the text on the interview stage helped make it slightly less text-looking. Until the next time, folks! I have many more interviews with players throughout the community, which I cannot wait to share with you all. Have a great evening!
  5. Hi everyone! I am currently recruiting participants for voluntary one to one interviews as part of my PhD on the factors that promote and hinder the sexual fantasy-sexual behaviour relationship. The interview will ask a variety of questions such as: reasons for playing, how the game influences the player's online sexual behaviour as well as offline sexual behaviour, how the game might influence the player's sexual thoughts and feelings and practicality questions such as how often and when they play. It is important to note that players will be asked questions related to sexual thoughts and behaviours (on and offline). The interview will take place via Microsoft Teams and participants have the option to have their camera on or off. This interview will be audio recorded. The specificity of cybersex games' influence on sexual fantasies and behaviours has not been investigated, therefore I am not approaching this research with existing ideas or biases about who plays these games and why. Gamers' individual insights and experiences will help to provide a better understanding of the fantasy-behaviour relationship, specifically how interactive technology can effect it. Furthermore, as this is an under-researched area, participants have the chance to take part in novel research. If you think you might be interested in being interviewed, please click the link below to read a participant information sheet which will provide a lot more information. If you would like to take part after reading you can send an e-mail to indicate your interest. If you have any questions please email Melanie StJohn-Howe (lead researcher): fcl@lincoln.ac.uk If you have been diagnosed with gaming or sex addiction, or if you are currently taking part in other studies, please do not participate in this study. Thank you, Mel STUDY INFORMATION LINK Ethical approval code (University of Lincoln): 2021_6912 Permission for the use of the forum for this research has been granted.
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