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  1. I'm fairly new and while I started out with a couple of negative experiences, I'm glad I stuck with the game. I've never had more fun playing a game before. Like you, I'd play the game if there was no sex. Say, "Hi" if you ever see me around.
  2. Thanks for your reply. I'm an idiot. I overwrote everything by accident - but the consolation is that I'm back remaking the same world and its going to be so much better this time. Thanks again for replying to my post.
  3. Was working in World Editor at approx 2000 (PST) on 8.30.2020 and moving from editor to play, all props were cleared. My local version of the file only shows 1KB, but may have paniced and accidentally overwrote. Is there any way to recover the file?
  4. Is there any chance that we might see better support for VR. I have tried to play the game in VR. It's fun experiencing everything in 3D at first, but quickly becomes tiresome. With some minor improvements, 3DXChat could be an incredible VR experience, although I admit, I'm not sure how you would get the chat to work well without a virtual keyboard and I've not seen one that I've found that impressive - but, it could be out there. Nonetheless, a few simple suggestions: - Enable movement using the stick on the Oculus hand controller - Provide a mechanism to easily dock the menu so it can be placed to one side or the other out of the forward line of sight - Map the F5, F6 and F7 functions to the buttons on the Oculus hand controller so can switch out of first person These could all be done easily with UE, although I don't know enough about Unity to know how easy or hard it might be. Thanks - you guys are awesome just giving us what you've given us already....
  5. I'd love to be able to create simple animations for objects - nothing too crazy - just specify a start and end point (assume straight line to keep it simple), and define a trigger and duration. I work with Unreal Engine regularly and have been able to create some amazing effects with very simple animations. While I'm at it, I'd love to see more primitives. A text tool would be nice too. Thanks, I know a lot of people complain about this and that, but I'm a huge fan of the World Editor. Good work!!!
  6. I'm back again. Schools out and I have a few weeks without much to do. It is soooo boring living through The Big SUCK. Currently, I'm fixated on creating my own world. What can I say about it - think Alice in Wonderland. My creative expressions always seem to go in that direction.
  7. Thank you MeiLing. It worked and was so easy. All the stuff I was reading made it seem so complicated. You are my favorite 3DXChater....
  8. Hi Sorry if I'm asking a naive question. I've been looking through the forums and have gone through all the tutorials and have found nothing that explains how to stream music into your world, although it is obviously possible and many people are doing it. I'd be grateful if someone could provide me with the basic how to's or point me top a tutorial or other instructions. Thanks sooo much....
  9. Played for a while tonight, but being a bit stressed about RL, was not in a mood to connect with anyone and mostly stayed to myself. A friend let me borrow his VR headset. I liked getting to experience the worlds in 3D, but they need to do a lot of work on the controls before I'd want to regularly play in VR. I'd say that for now, it's a cool novelty, but that's all.
  10. This forum has become a perfect distraction. It gets my mind off of school for a few minutes here and there and lets me resist the temptation to jump in game. I am so behind with school, and its only two weeks till the end of the term. MESSAGE TO SELF: Don't let this happen again. PS: Listen to me this time. It doesn't help that I've felt like shit the past couple of days. It's a good time to hide in my bedroom all day - both in the real and virtual worlds.
  11. I absolutely have to take off a few days. I have two major school assignments that I have not even started and one of them is due in a couple of days. But, if I've got to take a break, last night was a perfect way to leave off. I met LuckyGeorge shortly after I got to the Opal Club. We went to this bar where they had robot bartenders and hung out there by ourselves dancing for the next couple of hours taking turns picking songs for us to listen to together. He was fabulous. I've only been on 3DXChat a few weeks, but the experience last night was sooo much better than any of the other guys I've been with here. Now, I know why I'm doing this.
  12. I'm not sure what it would take, but it would be nice if the facial expressions on the avatars could be more joyous. Now, they are rather bland and do not convey the fun and excitement they ought to be experiencing given the situations they are being put in by players.
  13. I'm excited because one of my best friends joined yesterday and we got to hang out together in game. Right off, she surprised me since she wanted to play as a guy - a big bulky stud, in fact. BE WARNED. There's a girl on here playing as a guy, LOL. We hung out and danced, but the real fun started when I invited her back to my apartment. Now, don't make a mistake - I have no sexual feelings for my friend. But, we took this opportunity to try EVERYTHING. Interesting insight. Playing in game with my friend's boy incarnate, I realized that this is just a game to me and my character is to me like any other character in a game. While loosely based on myself, she's a character in a game - she's not me. Thus, it was NOT like me and my friend were having cybersex. Instead, we had our characters do all sorts of goofy stuff, and oh my, I laughed so much...FUN...FUN...FUN.
  14. Last night, I had a weird, uncomfortable experience that was kind of creepy. A few days ago I hooked up with this guy and accepted his Friend request. Last night I had gotten bored when he invited me to his place. I thought, "Why not - there's not much else going on." It was just the basic default place with nothing special so I moved us to my apartment so I could try some new features I had just added. Things went along predictably and it was not very good. So not being into it, I moved things to a conclusion. But, he would not quit. I'm a good sport and I played along a little while longer. He still would not quit. I ended things and took a 15-20 min break, and then, jumped back in the game. I went to a club and soon met this guy I really liked and invited him to come to my apartment. The first guy was still there and had been waiting for me, and as soon as he saw me, he started to send requests. Of course, the guy I liked immediately took off. I hit ignore on the first guy and shut down the game. Big surprise! There's some weird people here.
  15. While at a club, some guy asked me, "Are you sure you're 18?" It seemed he was feeling me out to see if I was down with doing underage RP - CREEPY. In answer, I am actually only a couple of months from turning 19, "So, YES I am 18. I did not expect that I'd be getting hit on by so many men in their 40's and 50's, which is weird since their avatars almost all look to be in their 20's. At first, I was taken aback since I've never thought about dating a man way outside my age range. But, I've gotten over that - I just don't want them to do the "Daddy" stuff, which is an absolute turn-off.
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