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  1. No one likes the idea of a 3DX Yelp-like feature, which is cool with me cause I did not expect any one would. But, from my discussions, here are a couple of interesting insights. One person told me the story about how they had a group of players they thought were friends who appreciated their sarcasm. However, one of them confronted them and explained that the people whom they thought were friends thought they were obnoxious and merely tolerated them. This person said this prompted them to change their behavior and it was eye-opening how people started to treat them differently, and this transferred over to RL, as well. The other was a suggestion that a Yelp-like feature would be better applied with rooms, since there is a huge disparity between rooms that people put a lot of work into developing and creating a great experience, and others that people throw up on a whim, and new players in particular, don't appreciate the difference witht he currently room listing. Thank you all for your comments.
  2. This will be controversial, but worth thinking about. What if there was a 3DX Yelp-like feature so that players could rate and review their experiences with other players. The goal would not be to punish under-performing players, but a mechanism to enable players to better understand what other players like and don't like about them. Obviously, would want nothing anonymous, and there would certainly be drama - but among some players the game is already packed with day-to-day drama. I envision at the bottom of a players profile there would be an average rating and a timeline so that could see if a player is getting better over time, and a chance to read reviews from other players. This already kinda happens with the gifts. PLEASE don't burn me alive for making the suggestion. Just an idea that I thought could generate useful discussion.
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    1) What 3DXChat features do you like? I have played other social simulation games like Second Life and nothing compares to 3DXChat. There is something about having the ability to be intimate and have sex with a partner that even if only a part of your play, makes for a very different experience. It is a world built for realizing fantasies and I believe my favorite part of the game is finding interesting and unique places with my partner to explore and to be intimate. It is a fantastic source of escapism. I'll also add that the world builder is super simple, but still very powerful. In RL, I work with Unreal Engine to build worlds for gaming and VR experiences. I frequently use the 3DXChat world builder as a sandbox to throw ideas together quickly, and show my in-game friends to get their reaction and critique, before investing the time to build the same thing in Unreal Engine. 2) What would you say to people who haven't played 3DXChat yet? If sexually you are somewhat vanilla like me, do not be turned off by those areas of the community where people are exploring sexual experiences that are lurid and on the fringes. It is very easy to ignore those aspects of the game and keep to areas that are in your comfort zone. Likewise, players are mostly very respectful of each others boundaries and accepting of one another. There are some players who are total assholes and have no appreciation for the fact that there are real people on the other side of the avatars. However, this is true of any online gaming platform and they are easy to ignore.
  4. I have a club in an underground setting with beautiful visuals that combine features of a cave with lighting, water and other effects. I'm looking for a club owner who would like to partner with a builder. I will do continued development and branding, and help organize club events. But, would like to find club owner willing to take responsibility for the vision and operations of the club. My goal is to create a premier 3DXChat venue, and would like to find a partner with whom I can work to realize this goal.
  5. Your rooms are fantastic. Thanks for sharing. I used the Medieval Inn as a starting point to construct and Irish Pub that the guests at our St Pats Day party thought looked fantastic. You are an incredible builder. Please keep sharing.
  6. Join us for a celebration of St Patricks Day In a medieval-style Irish Pub. A mix of Celtic Rock will play, with prizes (3DX gold) for the best St Patrick's Day outfits. The event will start at 8:30 PM EST on Saturday March 13th.
  7. We are hoping to find a room owner with an Irish-style pub that would be willing to host a St Paddy's Day event. We will provide a music and band, and promote the event.
  8. Join us at Dream Land, a massive 3DX art installation, for a night of Ska and Reggae.
  9. Join us at the massive Dream Land art installation for a night of Ska and Reggae under the stars.
  10. We're having a party at The Comet tonight, Saturday February 6th starting at 8:00 EST. There will be 5 DJs and our new expansion will be open - a subterranean playground. The Comet is a unique venue that features an underground club with thermal pool, waterfall and robot attendants.
  11. Come join us at The Comet tonight, Friday January 29th. The show starts at 9:00 EST with three DJs and the 3DX premier performance of The Valkyries.
  12. Join us for the Grand Opening of The Comet - Saturday January 16th, 9:00 EST - five DJs performing in a one-of-a-kind subterranean club.
  13. I'm fairly new and while I started out with a couple of negative experiences, I'm glad I stuck with the game. I've never had more fun playing a game before. Like you, I'd play the game if there was no sex. Say, "Hi" if you ever see me around.
  14. Thanks for your reply. I'm an idiot. I overwrote everything by accident - but the consolation is that I'm back remaking the same world and its going to be so much better this time. Thanks again for replying to my post.
  15. Was working in World Editor at approx 2000 (PST) on 8.30.2020 and moving from editor to play, all props were cleared. My local version of the file only shows 1KB, but may have paniced and accidentally overwrote. Is there any way to recover the file?
  16. Is there any chance that we might see better support for VR. I have tried to play the game in VR. It's fun experiencing everything in 3D at first, but quickly becomes tiresome. With some minor improvements, 3DXChat could be an incredible VR experience, although I admit, I'm not sure how you would get the chat to work well without a virtual keyboard and I've not seen one that I've found that impressive - but, it could be out there. Nonetheless, a few simple suggestions: - Enable movement using the stick on the Oculus hand controller - Provide a mechanism to easily dock the menu so it can be placed to one side or the other out of the forward line of sight - Map the F5, F6 and F7 functions to the buttons on the Oculus hand controller so can switch out of first person These could all be done easily with UE, although I don't know enough about Unity to know how easy or hard it might be. Thanks - you guys are awesome just giving us what you've given us already....
  17. I'd love to be able to create simple animations for objects - nothing too crazy - just specify a start and end point (assume straight line to keep it simple), and define a trigger and duration. I work with Unreal Engine regularly and have been able to create some amazing effects with very simple animations. While I'm at it, I'd love to see more primitives. A text tool would be nice too. Thanks, I know a lot of people complain about this and that, but I'm a huge fan of the World Editor. Good work!!!
  18. I'm back again. Schools out and I have a few weeks without much to do. It is soooo boring living through The Big SUCK. Currently, I'm fixated on creating my own world. What can I say about it - think Alice in Wonderland. My creative expressions always seem to go in that direction.
  19. Thank you MeiLing. It worked and was so easy. All the stuff I was reading made it seem so complicated. You are my favorite 3DXChater....
  20. Hi Sorry if I'm asking a naive question. I've been looking through the forums and have gone through all the tutorials and have found nothing that explains how to stream music into your world, although it is obviously possible and many people are doing it. I'd be grateful if someone could provide me with the basic how to's or point me top a tutorial or other instructions. Thanks sooo much....
  21. Played for a while tonight, but being a bit stressed about RL, was not in a mood to connect with anyone and mostly stayed to myself. A friend let me borrow his VR headset. I liked getting to experience the worlds in 3D, but they need to do a lot of work on the controls before I'd want to regularly play in VR. I'd say that for now, it's a cool novelty, but that's all.
  22. This forum has become a perfect distraction. It gets my mind off of school for a few minutes here and there and lets me resist the temptation to jump in game. I am so behind with school, and its only two weeks till the end of the term. MESSAGE TO SELF: Don't let this happen again. PS: Listen to me this time. It doesn't help that I've felt like shit the past couple of days. It's a good time to hide in my bedroom all day - both in the real and virtual worlds.
  23. I absolutely have to take off a few days. I have two major school assignments that I have not even started and one of them is due in a couple of days. But, if I've got to take a break, last night was a perfect way to leave off. I met LuckyGeorge shortly after I got to the Opal Club. We went to this bar where they had robot bartenders and hung out there by ourselves dancing for the next couple of hours taking turns picking songs for us to listen to together. He was fabulous. I've only been on 3DXChat a few weeks, but the experience last night was sooo much better than any of the other guys I've been with here. Now, I know why I'm doing this.
  24. I'm not sure what it would take, but it would be nice if the facial expressions on the avatars could be more joyous. Now, they are rather bland and do not convey the fun and excitement they ought to be experiencing given the situations they are being put in by players.
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