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  1. Exactly. If they don't communicate it's because they don't want to be held accountable, which does indicate low ambition. And technically that's fine. The game clearly offers enough to maintain the success it has. No reason for anyone on forums to expect anything more at this point.
  2. Lack of competition shouldn't automatically put a ceiling on a game's ambition. The more seriously you take your game, the more it will thrive, regardless of competition. There is probably a much bigger market for adult games but because they all feel cheap they're written off and don't command any respect or interest. It's one of those "if you build it, they will come" scenarios. (no pun intended) The first steps toward taking this game to a higher level of professionalism would be to create a better monetization system (figure out what the hell XGold is supposed to do), and flesh out yo
  3. I haven't been here long but the dev policy seems to be: announce and roll out updates when they feel like it, as fast as they feel like it. The fact that there has been no expansion of the team to speed development means one (or all) of these things: The game isn't growing/profiting enough to justify expanding the team The game is a secondary project and funds go primarily to more important projects The team is comfortable with the current level of success and rate of development and that's as ambitious as it gets Continuing down this path, one of two things happens
  4. Awesome feature. Is there any way we could change the speed of the lights? Or the start frame of their animation? So they don't all do the exact same movement at the same time?
  5. Better idea: **Adjust/overhaul all dance animations to 120 bpm Make sure each animation's loop restarts at the end of a 4/4 bar **Allow setting the bpm for the room manually **Give each player a 3-point slider to toggle their animation speed between 50/100/200% The animation speed will then be updated whenever the room or player BPM is changed: 1 x (RoomBPM / 120) x PlayerBPM. Ideally also sync the dance to the nearest beat (make dance syncing easier) **These changes would be pretty easy to code. Re-timing/shortening/lengthening the animations would
  6. While most people might use custom textures responsibly, the feature would need either some form of vetting or option to report a room for bad imagery. And for the consequence of an account ban to hold any weight, users should pay for hosting space or per image to use this feature. The YouTube (and/or Pornhub btw) feature could be paid simply for extra server strain and logistics of maintaining it, but the bonus there is YouTube moderates its own content so you don't have to worry about offensive/illegal imagery.
  7. Pasting the link in a browser just has a page with 'The file you requested could not be found And the embedded radionomy player preview had no sound while playing. I'm thinking Mixxx is the problem then.
  8. I'm running Mixxx through Shoutcast to my room. I think the number of times it's connected immediately in the past two months was maybe once. Sometimes I have to keep clicking 'Play' or clicking Turn Off and Play again to eventually get audio. Sometimes I don't get audio until I rejoin my room. At the moment, nothing is working. No solution has ever reliably worked, so I'm wondering where the issue is. Is it 3DX, Shoutcast, or Mixxx? Does anyone know of a way to test my shoutcast stream link other than entering it in 3DX? Any recommendation for a better or more reliable
  9. A team of 2 running a multiplayer game that functions 99% of the time is hardly incompetent.
  10. To clarify, I program professionally in Unity and can estimate pretty well how a given feature will be added to a game. Personally, if I were running this team, I would find ways to be more transparent and communicative to minimize the expectation gap between players' expectations and reality. They are not doing the best they can, as far as I can tell. Two reasonably capable devs with the ability to create what has been created thus far should also be able to create more on a regular basis. That being said, player entitlement is games is a plague in the way vocal communities attempt to st
  11. They can already just get a second account, which is allowed. So, while technically nobody likes the people you mentioned, they're still allowed to pay and play. If this system also benefits them, that can't really be helped. But not having the integrated multiplaying system doesn't stop them from doing it and the extra expense is nothing relative to their motivation to be shitty. But you would still have the default option. How are you actually affected by higher levels?
  12. You think "lower graphics" is something the player does which takes no extra work on the developer's side? The game engine still has to swap to another model of lower detail which does have to be made. The "option" to lower graphics does not save work. And Alivia made a literal ring, not an actual piercing like what THX posted. And no, a 30-polygon ring or torus (which is not a cylinder in any way) would definitely look shittier than a texture. But the math really isn't important. This is a preview of a work in progress. How many piercing presets and options will there be? We don't know,
  13. I would hope I don't need separate accounts, since I'm also paying to create a secondary character on the main account. Although I guess it's not paying for the extra server space to connect at the same time. Would be nice to have an option on the character menu for each character to "stay logged in when switching characters". Then it just leaves the non-active avatars wherever they were. Then a dropdown near the top to switch to another currently logged in character. If possible @Gizmo, maybe create a higher subscription level that allows for more characters to be logged in at the s
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