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  1. Club Hel Wk 2.mp4 Week two. 4/25/21 Song: Pearls 2 Swine - 3TEETH
  2. Club Hel Grand Opening.mp4 Grand Opening footage. 4/18/21 Song: In My Head - Pale 3
  3. Might be nice to have a settings option to temporarily disable gizmos (the green selection boxes). Their rendering while selected is responsible for a lot of that lag. When I did the architect's room from the Matrix, it was a few hundred objects selected at once and even moving the camera became slower. @Gizmo
  4. JeeeeeesusChrist no pun intended. You're incredible.
  5. Nothing is preventing IK. And it's the only way to make different sizes work. Otherwise, with a slider that ranges from 0.0 to 1.0, they would have to hand animate every relevant pose to suit 100 different settings (0.00, 0.01, 0.02...) If the slider had only 3 states (small, medium, large), then they'd only have to hand animate 3 times for every relevant pose. But that's still more work than just implementing IK. If the pose editor could accommodate those slider values, it would still do so with IK.
  6. I think he said April in an older comment I read on his forum profile. It was the goal.
  7. Yeah, nipple placement is an interesting problem that makes certain foreplay poses seemingly impossible. A breast sucking animation that works fine on small breasts would end up swallowing the partner's entire head if the breasts were max size. I've mentioned before this should be solvable with inverse kinematic (IK) animation, where one avatar's mouth is navigating by code to a point on the other avatar instead of using preset keyframe positions. The mythical "pose editor" might be able to solve this too, where players could trade poses or pose files like "breastplay_small", "breastplay_medium", etc. that would manually account for these differences. Still wouldn't work if "_medium" was for a 50% breast and their partner had 48% breasts, but it's a start.
  8. From Gizmo on April 2nd, in the topic about April FOol's. ---
  9. RE: Mocap. Motion capture is a great way to get 80% of the animation data you need, but that data still has to be fine-tuned for animations. Even the pre-made dance animations in 3DX, many of which are just downloaded from Mixamo/etc and put into 3DX, have to be modified to fit 3DX's rigs better and other small fixes. The original human rig might have had forearms that were 0.4 meters but 3DX's are 0.35, for example. So even adding free stuff takes work. An example would be in that pole dance video above, where at some points her hands are not correctly aligned with the pole. That last 20% of polish and finishing touches is necessary whether by mocap or custom keyframe animations.
  10. @Gizmo If nothing else, would be nice to know how dev days are actually being spent, so we understand why men still have permanent erections (feature), world editor doesn't show an object's current color (bug) when selected, etc. Some of these things would take half a day or less to fix. In one month, you could fix 20+ small bugs/features like these. So what's preventing it? There are over 500 players online at this moment. I'm guessing the global total of accounts is at least 3x that amount. Assuming they all got 6 month memberships, that's $5 x 1500, which is $7,500/m in revenue. Even if $2500 of that somehow went to server and misc. costs, you'd still have enough for comfortable wages for 2 employees. But we're not seeing a month's worth of work each month for 2 people (or even 1). Is it an issue of project management? Do you need a list of changes to make? Or someone to help track bugs and feature suggestions? The game is clearly not "finished" and there's always going to be more content and features to add. I understand some funds were diverted to the DDoS attacks, but we'd still like to know what the 'updated' development timeline looks like, or if there's a timeline at all. Or perhaps a high level summary of why funds aren't available to hire an additional artist/coder? On that subject, is there any ambition to actually make XGold useful or encourage more transactions? When my friend and I joined, our first question was: what is the XGold useful for? Not a good sign for your monetization system. We've heard that you're planning a big interesting feature release for this month. How's that going? What is it? Is it possible to fix some small things while that's in progress? The color picker shows current color in the Character Editor but not in the World Editor. So it can't take much more than a copy/paste or calling a ShowCurrentColor() function to fix that. Would you mind including that with the next release?
  11. Enter the Matrix at 11p EST on Sunday night. Preferred clothing is cyberpunk, BDSM, or horror! Leather, collars, harnesses! Our staff and dancers are mostly vampires, and many of the guests too! Ask the bartender about our "live refreshments". Roleplay is not required, but optional. The grand opening will be focused on the theme and music, but we'll have some RP nights in the future! https://discord.gg/t5fjGUM (NOW HIRING: dancers, guards, "coat" checker, blood dolls) Let's "jack in", and jack off. Check your weapons and coats at the door.
  12. On top of that, add a single "Overworld" room that features the city these other rooms reside in. In the Overworld, you can use XGold to rent/purchase an available plot and customize a small square of land. The Overworld file could be updated simultaneously by multiple users at once because it actually just assembles world files for the small squares. Probably have a file limit of 300kb for each plot, so that loading the Overworld doesn't take forever. Might also just load local chunks, like the district the player spawns in. You could build the front part of your club in the Overworld. And when a user clicks the entry point, they arrive in your room (if it's open). Districts in the Overworld would include Entertainment/Club district (8k/month) (40 plots) Brothel/colds district (4k/month) (40 plots) Game/Misc rooms (4k/month) (20 plots) Fantasy forest, for abstract, nature-based, themed, or fan creation rooms (2k/month) (60 plots) Because the size of this city would make traveling hard, I think a simple subway system could help jump from point to point. Just click the train car, a map pops up, and you click one of the train hubs to be teleported there. Someone also mentioned vehicles, which should be possible too. #ambitious
  13. Is it normal to be sexually attracted to the room you've built?
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