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  1. deleted my old photos from my profile, now I can’t upload new photos to my profile (photos are not large in volume, maximum size is 250 kb) there is a constant download .. the photo does not load in the profile. who faced such a problem?
  2. and what photo stories can I publish here?)
  3. incredibly cool, in my opinion, this is the best update in the game lately! I am very impressed with the new client. Finally, my computer quietly sighed) a new client removed the speed limiter from it) Now I have only positive emotions. It feels like you moved from a pickup to a Ferrari)) I say thank you for the new client!!
  4. спасибо, всех с рождеством и новым годом !!! с любовью и большим количеством поцелуев
  5. LittleAnya,Vaughan_Rarius and many others Thank you guys for your support and kind words, it stimulates me to make new and interesting streams in my favorite game, I am waiting for you all on my live streams.with love,MedeiaMany kisses
  6. we will closely monitor those who will take the sixth place)
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