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  1. hello guys, support me and watch my first video on my youtube channel, about my favorite game 3DXChat, I ask you to watch the video to the end and share your opinion, (there are English subtitles in my video,video available in 4k resolution) hugged everyone
  2. deleted my old photos from my profile, now I can’t upload new photos to my profile (photos are not large in volume, maximum size is 250 kb) there is a constant download .. the photo does not load in the profile. who faced such a problem?
  3. and what photo stories can I publish here?)
  4. incredibly cool, in my opinion, this is the best update in the game lately! I am very impressed with the new client. Finally, my computer quietly sighed) a new client removed the speed limiter from it) Now I have only positive emotions. It feels like you moved from a pickup to a Ferrari)) I say thank you for the new client!!
  5. спасибо, всех с рождеством и новым годом !!! с любовью и большим количеством поцелуев
  6. LittleAnya,Vaughan_Rarius and many others Thank you guys for your support and kind words, it stimulates me to make new and interesting streams in my favorite game, I am waiting for you all on my live streams.with love,MedeiaMany kisses
  7. we will closely monitor those who will take the sixth place)
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