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Building an interview with a "Hot" Kitty!

Hello everyone! Today I bring you the first interview of many. This one is with HotKitty, a seasoned builder in the 3DXChat universe. She has given us a fantastic insight into 3DXChat and what she has seen over the ten years she has been a member of this flourishing community! Without further ado, please enjoy, read to your heart's content, and comment at the end with your thoughts! And if you're also interested in being considered for an interview, please send me a Private Message here or

Introducing Varz - 3DXChat Community Manager

Hi everyone! My name is Varz and I am the new Community Manager for 3DXChat. My aim and the aim of the developers is to bridge the gap closer together in communication between SGD and the community.  My aim is to provide more transparent feedback, and updates, organize official community activities and take in your top-rated suggestions and forward them to the team. This has been a long time coming and I have been playing in-game a little recently to get an understanding of the current
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