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  1. It would be cool to have permanent group chats, kind of like discord or an mmo's guild chat.
  2. I had this same problems last year. I didn't do anything to actually fix it, after a long time, I was just able to upload again. Now, here I am again, unable to upload pictures. Frustrating.
  3. Height and weight adjustment would be cool. If not that, than at least different body types. Slim, athletic, or even fat if people want to express what they really look like.
  4. It would be neat if you could somehow allow us too see what rooms our friends are in. It would also be neat if you could change the text color of our friends names, so we can easily spot them instead of using fly cam to go really far up to separate all the lumped together names.
  5. The file extentions are lowercase, the pics are within file size, and they are in the correct folder. All I get is an endless loading wheel. Frustrating :/
  6. I can't upload pics, I just get a spinning loading wheel that never stops. I have lowercase letters and have them in an appropriate folder. Any other suggestions?
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