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  1. Another cover version "LALISA" from Thai singer Chamook but with Electro-Rock style
  2. "LALISA" mv was released on 10 SEP 2021. It passed 195 Million views in less than 2 weeks. Thai K-Pop "BLΛƆKPIИK" was also breaking previous STAT of both international mv/audio sell including digital stores. She's so talent and being role model of Generation Z. She left Thailand to be K-pop trainee since 14 years old alone and became the youngest & non-Korean member of "BLΛƆKPIИK". You can find more facts about her made by her fans. Click here. It's quite a challenge to release this song for her first solo single to the world but I'm sure that she can do it. Her stage present is totally flawless and you can't let her leave from your eyesight. This is BTS (aka Behind The Scence - not a K-Pop group) of Making "LALISA" mv.
  3. This was released 2 years ago and being affected by COVID-19 pandemic too. It's Lindsey Striling "Artemis" which was relaunched at Kennedy Space Center in March 2020. In order to support NASA Artemis project to bring human back to The south pole of the moon in 2024 with Feminine Astronaut team. Its vibe contained with Celtic accent + Electronic music from Next Gen inspiration as well. Performed at NASA
  4. That Bright Red turned to shiny Pink Bikini in the mid day sun !!
  5. I'm also "The Matrix" fan. It's time for "Resurrections" EP that will be released on HBO MAX (Christmas Season) 2021. Unfortunately, we won't see neither original "Morpheus" (Laurence Fishburne) nor "Agent Smith" (Hugo Weaving) this time but we'll have "Trinity" (Carrie-Ann Moss) back. As ususal, The Oracle would be next generation like "Sati" The Matrix Revolutions (I guess) which she is 27 Y.O. this year. Time is flying very fast
  6. There's still some hiccup at Mixcloud weekly competition. I reported them what I've found some weird Phone Farming from 4 Vietnamese Djs who beat Afrojack official account. Telling you the truth I was just curious to see who's the best on weekly "Bass" competition which I'm not involved and I've found this. If it was real, David Guetta, Armin Van Buuren, Steve Aoki, DJ Snake and so on would lost their jobs.
  7. Good news for DJ at Mixcloud and elsewhere. China declared operation "Qing Lang" to control illegal users who used 4 Chinese social media platforms – WeChat, Douyin, Weibo and Kuaishou in order to generating fake competition with Like, Repost, Listening/Watching along with phone farming basis (PC farm is obsolete this time). I can see many Asian Mixcloud DJ set were removed from Mixcloud community by their original Social Media provider. I'm so sure that Mixcloud regain hugh space of Audio content back. If you loved to share your own creation there, I'll help. However, Mixcloud is DJ/Audio creator community not seeking for new fans there. The success key is try to building relationship between your fans and DJ friends + their followers. It doesn' like YouTube, Vimeo that count viewer number for STAT. Mixcloud STAT is based on Listening in Minute cause 9 out of 10 set taking at least one hour/set. Seeking for buying listening/like STAT from illegal website may work but not in the long run. It's very easy to monitor who's who there, by checking out listening user on each set. Except well-known official DJ, Radio Stations or Recording companies like Afrojack, Pete Tong, Monstercat and etc. Fake DJ/Creator (no matter what how many follower they have but you haven't heard their names ever). Check listening users each of their set. If 50% of them having less than 20 followers, it's fake and not worth to support them at all. Welcome to a bigger world on Mixcloud, guys.
  8. You don't need Mixcloud widget format for 3DXChat forum. It's for other Social Media that narrow down column width like Facebook, Twitter and etc.Just type your text and follow by your web address of your set (don't need return key). Like this. Enjoy
  9. Out now, "VARIATION VI" was released to Mixcloud today (12 SEP 2021). 


  10. SammyRay's "VARRIATION VI" has just released today at Mixcloud (12 SEP 2021). As I promised, "LALISA" track was included as last track
  11. Out now "Lalisa" & "Money" from Lisa BLACKPINK. 10 SEP 2021.


  12. 14 seconds of "Lalisa" MV teaser has been released yesterday 7 SEP 2021. It reached 7 million views in less than 24 hours 😁😁


  13. Coming soon, my new set "VARIATION VI" at Mixcloud. Shortly after new solo single from Lisa BLΛƆKPIИK releas date: 10 SEP 2021. I need couple of days to mix it.😁😁


  14. 3rd Visual teaser from Lisa BLΛƆKPIИK solo single "LALISA" release date 10 SEP 2021: 6 am CEST. I think her pre-order should reach 1 Million copies before that day cause she passed 700K copies line after official announcement just 4 days 😁😁



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