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  1. Oops, my bad. Just watching watching Volleyball World match between Thailand VS Korean team. It was late about half an hour 😁😁 


  2. SammyRay's "Play The Game" will be released at Mixcloud 29 SEP 2022 : 2.15 pm (CEST), 7:15 pm BKK time. It's Dubstep/Drum & Bass/Electro pop set for your token as my BD celebration (no party this year. I used this set for farming RPG game but this is just a short version. Hope you'd love it 😁😁

    Cover Art small.png

  3. It's "Good Day Bad Day" performed by American Electronic Pop/musician/composer "Elohim". Her style is a bit darker than Billie but this song is quite cute and less stress than her previous songs P.S. I was also put this song in my latest set at Mixcloud "Variation VII" too. Top of my show list.
  4. "Variation VII" is well explanation of my seventh set of making myself freestyle of choosing songs I like and remix it with my crazy style . It was released today (16 SEP 2022) at Mixcloud. Have a nice day, my friends.
  5. Again, 3 years ago "Vietrio" (read as We-Trio) Thai classical trio performed "ํYou, oh you" at Telenor Culture Prize 2019 in Oslo, Norway. The last song was OST of "Love Destiny" famous TV drama broadcast around ASEAN Countries including with China & South Korea too.
  6. "Love Destiny 2" is Thai movie that has been released since JUL this year. It becomes popular with ASEAN countries plus China & Australia; Romance & Comedy genre. The story is back to the beginning of Bangkok during 1824 - 1851 known as Siam Kingdom. It was an accident about time traveling made by present Thai teen and leading him to be matchmaker with his GEN Z style This is OST of this movie "If you love someone" performed by "Ink" Warunthorn with Thai melody. English Subtitle is available.
  7. This "Oye Como Va" Santana version was adapted from Tito Puente "Oye Como Va, mi ritmo". Featuring musician from various countries. Such as Tal Wilkenfeld - Electric bass, Becky G - Vocal, Cory Henry - Organ, Tito Puente, Jr. - Timbales & etc. Of course Carlos with Cindy "Blackman" Santana as main streaming. This was released May 28, 2022.
  8. "The Parallel World" is my seventh set of GOA Psy Trance genre. I was also put Indian + K-Pop beat as well as kind of GOA rock and some Italo-disco vibe at the end too. I hope you didn't mind my crazy idea
  9. Oops, I forgot to update this forum "Boppin' Da Beats" was released a month ago. This was my second set in 2022. It ain't bad for Mixcloud short version STAT.
  10. Well, I've just watched new animation of BLɅϽKPIИK on PUBG game. Telling you the truth, I'm not K-Pop fan but a girl of this group is Thai girl "Lalisa Monoban" who ripped silly K-pop racist culture off. However, their girl members are so sweet that supporting my Thai girl like sisterhood. I respected them too. It's kind of knocking the world before their comeback album and World Tour 4th quarter of 2022.
  11. "The Parallel World" is my seventh set of GOA Psy Trance style at Mixcloud: 16 JULS 2022. I added some secret sauce in there too 😁😁. Hope you guys 'd love it. 


  12. Out now at mixcloud 17 JUN 2022 "Boppin' da Beats" 


  13. My new set " Poppin' da Beats" will be released 17 JUN 2022 around 2:00 pm CEST at Mixcloud. It's not EDM set but a tribute set for old school set like R&B, Latin beats & some Latin + Afro beats with my own style. It could go along well with night-time "Love Beach" sensation (Hopefully) 😁😁



  14. Well, this is another non- English concert. Performed by Jolin Tsai (Tiwanese Artist) and G.E.M. (Gloria Tang Sze-wing from Hong Kong who wrote OST 2016 Passengers "Light Years Away Chinese Version"). Both of them are famous singers in Far East Asia region. I'm not Chinese expert but music is universal language. You should see the audience reaction yourself. It was "Say Love You" (說愛你). P.S. Jolin Tsai had collaboration song with Steve Aoki as well, FYI
  15. This is my first set of this year at Mixcloud, not being lazy like old time but lost some music inspiration since last year. However, I'm back
  16. Out now, my first mix set of this year at Mixcloud 😅😅


  17. Being away from this forum & Mixcloud community for more than half a year look like hibernation season. Now, I'm back. "Silent Hibernation" mix set will be released at Mixcloud today around 2 pm CEST 😀😀


  18. Bangkok street brawl went viral with instant Karma 😁😁

    Read full article from Dailymail online, UK here

  19. Behind The Scene "SG (Sexy Girl)" MV, collaboration of DJ Snake, Ozuna, Megan Thee Stallion & LISA BLΛƆKPIИK. This was released a week ago
  20. This is stage performance from 4 Mix " Y U COMEBACK". Enjoy
  21. Introducing the first LGBTQ group from Thaiand "4 Mix". They're new for music industry of T-POP (not K-POP) which favorite in Latin American regions. Their presentation is the combination of Feminine & Masculine which 2 members are outstanding like Ninja & George. However, it's just a first step of Thai pop music jumping into music stream of K-Pop domination. Let's see how it goes. This dance cover team "ReNao" from Russia making 4 mix Debut MV " Y U COMEBACK" becomes more colorful. Noet: This T-POP not K-POP !!
  22. Presenting CELINE12: Women Summer 22 (2022). It's summer collection for next year. Filming in OCT 2021 at Nice, France. With wonderful women like super model Kaia Gerber (Cindy Crawford's daughter), Diana Silvers actress & model, Suzanne LIndon French actress, filmmaker & director. Of course, LISA BLΛƆKPIИK (CELINE Global Ambassador) too. It was released yesterday evening (3 DEC 2020) Audio track "VITAMIN C" was taken from 70's German Electronic Rock band "CAN" which is the perfect match with Hedi Slimane design. With unique beat, melody and also vocal from Japanese singer "Kenji Suzuki" making this presentation going different than other luxury fashion brand. FYI: This song was "Inherent Vice" OST in 2014 before.
  23. Out now "Festival Flashback" at Mixcloud 1 DEC 2021. It reminded me about having a good party 3 or 4 years ago (not so sure). It will bring you back a good memory, trust me
  24. Out now "Festival Flashback" at Mixcloud 1 DEC 2021. It reminded me about having a good party 3 or 4 years ago (not so sure). It will bring you back a good memory, trust me 😁😁


  25. An interview Zach Sang (Hollywood, CA studio) with LISA BLΛƆKPIИK about her maiden solo career "LALISA". Her side B single "Money" which dominating western pop & rap music genre. Including with collaboration song with Dj Snake, Ozuna & Meegan Thee Stalion "SG (Sexy Girl)". This Thai girl would hit your heart some day. Honestly, K-POP isn't my style. I only support her cause she was born to be the star. P.S. She beat Guinness world record for the most viewed on YouTube music video by a solo artist in 24 hours with 73.6 million views. Passing 2019 Taylor Swift "Me!" that reaching 65.2 million views before. By the way, she's THAI not KOREAN.
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