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  1. Another musical prodigy from Nevada, USA: Ellen Alaverdyan. 10 Y.O. girl who had a chance jamming with Steve Vai since she was 9. . I thought she might shake at least 2 talent female bass like Mohini Dey & Tal Wilkenfeld like walking in the park.
  2. Thailand has many 3D animation creator team who worked with International Film, one of the stronger team is "RiFF Studio" team. It's time to create Thai 3D Animation for the world after being backup team for Japan & other nations. Even if it's quite a hard step to find supporter but they still working on it. "Hanumaan Mantra Warrior". This is official OST Teaser. Hope you'd like it. (Including with ENG Subtitle).
  3. Lucas & Steve live set from "S2O Songkran Festival 2023" at Bangkok, Thailand. There are 4 more venues in Far East Asia: "S2O Sanya" Haitang Bay, China. Then Hong Kong, Taipei & Soul, Korea but no event in Japan this year.
  4. Another cool piece from FourTwo89 production team, gathering girls to play cover song from Queen's "We Will Rock You" in Funk-Soul Rock style. Lead singer "Cupnoodle" . Not much INFO for group members cause they use IG accounts instead of real artist name.
  5. Another funny cover Epic Doja Cat songs but bending with Thai musical style & beats for Songkran Celebration this year. It's "Doja Cat but CHA CHA CHA" from Songkran Warriors ft. Bessie D aka Thai Doja Cat.
  6. Sharing the first kick off from "Siam Songkran Music Festival 2013" Live session from Dash Berlin.
  7. Faint memory from "Siam Songkran Music Festival" in 2019. This was Finale scene from Q-Dance. Proud of being a little part of this event.
  8. Tomorrow 13 APR 2023: S2O Songkran Music Festival is back again at Live Park, Bangkok 13-15 APR 2003.This year, organizer spent almost 3 Million USD for the bigger & the better. Ticket is almost sold out, only regular ticket left the last day.
  9. SiaMYsTiQUE : Siam Songkran Music Festival 12-16 APR 2023 at Urban Yard RCA, Bangkok with 24 Djs. 12 APR 2023: Afrojack 13 APR 2023: Hardwell 14 APR 2023: Yellow Claw 15 APR 2023: HeadHunterz
  10. It's 9 more days for "Songkran Festival" aka "Word's biggest water fight festival" in Thailand. It's our real New Year celebration in the past. We adopted western "New Year" celebration since 1940 but it's not Thai tradition & culture. This is show you the real meaning of "Songkran Festival" in the beginning until today. We suffered from World Pandemic since 2020 and this year will be the biggest event for Thai & entire traveler to join crazy, wild & fun activities again. Remark: I understood that some news reporter blamed us about water consumption during this festival. We have abundant of water resource in Thailand & it was just less than 3% of Industrial consumption per day in my country. However, it's cheaper than A/C electrical bill which ain't cheap. Of course, you'll be alone in your room and don't have a chance to have fun with beautiful people in this crazy festival.
  11. I have to split into 2 places during Thailand's Songkran Festival from 12-16 APR 2023. Both are S2O & SIAMYSTIQUE EDM festival. Due to I'm AFROJACK, Hardwell, HeadHunterz & BEAUZ too Another festival is SIAMYSTIQUE 12-16 APR 2023: Urban Arena, RCA Bangkok with concepts of "DREAM • MAGIC • SOUL". This is Aftermovie prior COVID pandemic in 2019.
  12. "Kannakol" is the Indian traditional ancient classical art form of orally articulating Carnatic music percussion syllables. I'm sharing Best Jazz/Rock Female Bass player "Mohini Dey" performed with drummer Marco Minnemann "Kannakol Games". Her bass style having both of RIP Jaco Pastorius & Abraham Laboriel mixing at the same time. It's very complicate composition both of drum & bass but pro musician admit that is very rare to find such a talent bass player like this.
  13. It's been long years since Pandemic strike the world. Now, Bangkok is fully back to celebrate the new normal of "Songkran" (Traditional Thai New Year) Festival which everybody knows it's an epic of Water Fight everywhere in Thailand. Especially, famous location in Bangkok like Silom & Khao San road and every corner of other famous tourist places in Thailand. Well, S2O music festival is back too. I'm not surprise if ticket 're sold out in short time. Lucky me that I could get VIP ticket before it's gone . There are only regular ticket available at the moment in daily basis through 3 day pass (13-15 APR 2023). See you there at Live Park, Rama 9 Road Bangkok.
  14. This was 4 years ago from Bom Nuttee 's original music "Bangkok City". He won 10th Overdrive Guitar Contest in Bangkok. I like the way that having Guthrie Govan influenced (who performed OST "Man of Steel" with Hans Zimmer).
  15. This is E-San music (Typical North-East region of Thailand). It likes rap music from the west but has it own melody and language but we get use to understand some of them. This is bop in Thailand due to an artist combined Nu soul & funk vibes along with adapt modern lyric and trending English words in there. "Don't Lie" is the name of this song. It's about a woman who serious about love. She will curse her love if he cheated to be doomed (but in cute and funny way) i.e. She will burn down his house, any of his social media (FB, Instragram) would be banned and finally, infertility + Erectile Dysfunction
  16. "Thai Tea" is R&B Neo Soul vibe performed by Baenjamin Varney (Feat. Mintra A). It was a year ago but I like contrast MV presentation mood at old Chinese Shark Fin restaurant located near by my house
  17. Bangkok VLOG from Russian Porn Star "Eva Elfie" This was her trip to Thailand. Unfortunately, she had an accident from riding moped and still traveling Bangkok on wheelchair. This is Russian version & ENG sub was embedded.
  18. Oops, my bad. Just watching watching Volleyball World match between Thailand VS Korean team. It was late about half an hour 😁😁 


  19. SammyRay's "Play The Game" will be released at Mixcloud 29 SEP 2022 : 2.15 pm (CEST), 7:15 pm BKK time. It's Dubstep/Drum & Bass/Electro pop set for your token as my BD celebration (no party this year. I used this set for farming RPG game but this is just a short version. Hope you'd love it 😁😁

    Cover Art small.png

  20. It's "Good Day Bad Day" performed by American Electronic Pop/musician/composer "Elohim". Her style is a bit darker than Billie but this song is quite cute and less stress than her previous songs P.S. I was also put this song in my latest set at Mixcloud "Variation VII" too. Top of my show list.
  21. "Variation VII" is well explanation of my seventh set of making myself freestyle of choosing songs I like and remix it with my crazy style . It was released today (16 SEP 2022) at Mixcloud. Have a nice day, my friends.
  22. Again, 3 years ago "Vietrio" (read as We-Trio) Thai classical trio performed "ํYou, oh you" at Telenor Culture Prize 2019 in Oslo, Norway. The last song was OST of "Love Destiny" famous TV drama broadcast around ASEAN Countries including with China & South Korea too.
  23. "Love Destiny 2" is Thai movie that has been released since JUL this year. It becomes popular with ASEAN countries plus China & Australia; Romance & Comedy genre. The story is back to the beginning of Bangkok during 1824 - 1851 known as Siam Kingdom. It was an accident about time traveling made by present Thai teen and leading him to be matchmaker with his GEN Z style This is OST of this movie "If you love someone" performed by "Ink" Warunthorn with Thai melody. English Subtitle is available.
  24. This "Oye Como Va" Santana version was adapted from Tito Puente "Oye Como Va, mi ritmo". Featuring musician from various countries. Such as Tal Wilkenfeld - Electric bass, Becky G - Vocal, Cory Henry - Organ, Tito Puente, Jr. - Timbales & etc. Of course Carlos with Cindy "Blackman" Santana as main streaming. This was released May 28, 2022.
  25. "The Parallel World" is my seventh set of GOA Psy Trance genre. I was also put Indian + K-Pop beat as well as kind of GOA rock and some Italo-disco vibe at the end too. I hope you didn't mind my crazy idea
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