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  1. I often wonder how many of the "#selfie photos" are duplicates on the server end...
  2. Sorry to hear that bro. Hera and I wish you the best!
  3. Good lord, a moral discusson in 3dxchat, lol. Rob, I expected a much different response coming from you! Anyways, Red & Syn, love ya both, and I always imagined you were a cross between pink and a blueish, fushia color. Racism and those who keep it alive will always be the cancerous infection that destroys communities. If you need help ladies, just let me know. - Mr. AN
  4. But will naughtyFairy be there? LOL You-know-who, my equal half sends hugz and wet kisses
  5. AverageNobody

    Say Hello!

    Welcome Kels. Have fun!
  6. 1) What 3DXchat feature do you like? I love the community, and friends that I've made since I've been here. They are many, and a good number I chat with offline, or in other sims. I enjoy the ability to roleplay and have the supporting poses and graphics help with the mental painting I am creating in my mind. 3dxchat allows me to that with ease, and lightens the burden of having to describe what is going on and focus more on the other senses to build sensually erotic wordplay, and to arouse my partner(s). Whether it is as a single person, guiding my way through different and unique creative partners, or with someone I trust and have formed a relationship with, I have found 3dxchat to be a great asset. I don't have to attach anything to the HUD, or check an option repeatedly to moan, or worry about a stray camera ending up in between walls. Here, those details have been ironed out and smoothly incorporated into the client to help ease along the narrative, and as an experienced roleplayer of both genders, I have really come to really appreciate it. 2) What would you say to people who haven't played 3DXChat yet? Enjoy yourself, and have fun! Just remember that we are all human, and respect still applies. I often tell newcomers that it is 90% social, 10% sex, but that social part that leads to sex is absolutely amazing. Roleplaying isn't for everyone, and I understand that, be it different preferences, or language issues, but even if they are just here to have pixel fun, there are great places for that kind of thing in some of the amazingly creative user rooms. Whatever your kink is, there is usually a room open for it at some point in the week. Take advantage of it, or host your own!
  7. I would only hope in the future that we could have the opportunity to not see even red ghosts. I blocked them, I have no desire to see them ever again. Seeing their ghost still bothers me, since I still have to look at an outline of them, or it sparks my curiousity, which usually ends in sad disappointment and dropped skittles . Changing textures to completely transparent in Unity isn't difficult to do, and I would love to (un) see avatars I ignored on purpose for whatever reason. As it stands now, some trolling still occurs where blocked avatars go into single sex poses or troll/grief around the nightclub and beach areas, and can still be seen doing their 'business' on friends, causing civil unrest. I love my popcorn, but I don't need any extra sauce on it. ~AN
  8. Hang in there Pounder, and stay strong brother. I'm here for you if you need someone to have a beer with and vent.
  9. "I want your cum in my uterus." My immediate response was to iggy the male-operated girl, until I realized later "it" was actually female after some trite conversation, then I became mildly interested.
  10. I'm sorry to hear about your divorce MLP, and but I'm glad to hear you are still friends. I wish nothing but the best for both of you. Take care!
  11. I think questions like these should be asked for access to any public forum, including World chat. I am often disturbed at the childish behavior I see exhibited by certain individuals on public areas, forums, and chats. Some people here seem to love trolling and bullying, and it does nothing to contribute to the community, it only breaks it down by infecting it. If just the questions of courtesy that Doll has outlined here were to be asked and the purpose understood, that I think we would have a great place to voice our opinions and exercise those freedoms without the disease of disrespectful behavior that keeps creeping in as of late.
  12. I am so happy for you two! I'll do my best to make it there, and congratulations!
  13. Happy Birthday Twiggy...
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