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  1. Not sure why it's bad for someone to "pay" the company money even if they are subscribing for say 10 accounts and getting 10 months on the other accounts, for the devs and the company that is a huge win, they want you to give them money, that you or a small group of people find that an issue because some people misuse that bonus is really not their problem, not really defending this silly feature as I wouldn't go out loud and tell my rl friends to subscribe to this sex game using "MY" referral link, but well some people will take advantages of that I guess.
  2. Just chat with them in private, and have sex with them while you are at it, that way you can enjoy 3dx more than spamming world chat.
  3. I don't know, but I wouldn't be like "hey girls! can you please sub to this game with this link? you will get etc etc and I will get etc, ohhh don't worry it's just a silly sex game" to my real friends or even online friends that never been in this type of games..
  4. Assuming you quoted me you mean by "You" me, and no I never take my own advice, I like offering it to people to be better than me, but they never consider my advice, and stay the same.
  5. Yes "the most" if you feel you are included that's your problem.
  6. I expect people to act as adults here or in game, but the most prefer to be childish "GiMmE uPdAtEs Or I cAnCeL mY sUb!!!1!"
  7. Really don't want to go through this 2018-ish argue, and put the whole reasons list of why, because this is getting old, I'm not defending the devs but you should already feel the routine of this game by now, and people complaining why we can't have this and that is also getting old, either suggest what you really want and wait in hope it will be priority, or learn how to 3D and create your things and hope the devs would implement it in game, and yes the usual "Oh noes I'm quitting because they can't add men socks for bro jobs" is getting ridiculous now.
  8. If you were going to leave or not able to resubscribe, you could just leave without being dramatic about it, linking it to the lack of "editors", It's good they are at least adding more content than usually regardless if it's their or the user content.
  9. That's like releasing a hack tool and asking people to not abuse it and hack other people with it. You know how much drama people deal with because of having the spouse name in profiles let alone the gifts from people others may not like.
  10. Please stop, you literally took those photos from someone VK account here: https://vk.com/id66143906?z=photo66143906_457240114%2Falbum66143906_0%2Frev This is not you, or your alt, this is a topic for clothes not for trying to prove if you are real with some scratches on the eyes hoping it wouldn't get detected. So simply stop, no one cares.
  11. The best you can do is ignore. Bringing it up and speaking about it doesn't let it die. Basically random people want some attention and are being stupid, let them be stupid till they get banned and/or suspended, no one cares for them here or in game, same like those bots that spams some forums if they are not moderated enough with ads and stuff.
  12. I mean.. yeah but some posts are slightly relevant to the topic.
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