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  1. Does that mean you in love with me bruh? because you ain't my type homie. If yer homophobe don't get me in yer business I got nothin' wid dat shiz yo. Keep yer insecurity shiz in yer panties. Yer truly the last person alive to talk about sense with me, so don't talk wid me. Plus I don't do alts, so don't assume on me as one of your usual low quality picks. Don't suck on me, you won't fit the whole thing. Yes Exactly, plus it's amusing how people are being hypocrite in here, in other topics or in game they take the whole thing as "Fantasy/no rl/no serious business" and then they come in some other topics "HEY CHICKS WITH DICKS IS BREAKING MY SEX IMMERSION MOVE THOSE TRANS TO A 3RD GENDER PLZ" and if you criticize them they call you butthurt as a reflection of how they felt about your criticism.
  2. Ayoo, bruh, go suck on someone else. That makes no sense, don't bother me with your disbelief and insecurity, aight? Cool.
  3. the overload issue is not specific to 3dxchat only, it's mostly with every game/website/online activity for a period of time daily now. Even using a VPN doesn't quite help as much now.
  4. LOL! smh.. Sometimes you really need to grow up and open your mind seriously about the whole "Oh noes chicks with dicks? eww" attitude. Transgirls are basically females and they are addressed with "She" and she used to address females, addressing them the other way around mostly offends them or most of humans find it offending, "Shemale" term is mostly used in pornography, so yes I don't see the whole fuss you still keep making about the "Why you call them females?".
  5. I'm not sure if this is only me also, but I been noticing my RTX 2060 fans going on and off at times when I have the game on maxed graphic settings, it keeps doing that for quite some minutes everytime I pump the graphics to max. and I been noticing that only with 3DX. The spike of GPU load could be also what makes my GPU fans go on and off for the client.
  6. Well the only awesome people are the ones I have contacts with them outside 3dx, people who want to be friends exclusively to 3dx only, without having any kind of alternative contact, they are mostly want to only play the sexual content of the game and done, and those can be counted on fingers.
  7. Well imagine a girl with small breasts or flat chest irl and wanted to be the same in game, then when she does the titjob pose or whatever she has to pop out magical tits with default mid size out of no where for the pose purpose, well I'm not going to die without one, and I don't have a titjob fetish, so I won't cry for it that much. I don't even understand the huge demand for it lately.
  8. If they make the breast size default, lots of boobers will be offended.
  9. Hmm.. are you serious? or trolling? because that was funny, feeling like the problem wasn't the hacker or your account from your comment, but mostly "HE HAD SEX WITH MEN!".
  10. Not sure why it's bad for someone to "pay" the company money even if they are subscribing for say 10 accounts and getting 10 months on the other accounts, for the devs and the company that is a huge win, they want you to give them money, that you or a small group of people find that an issue because some people misuse that bonus is really not their problem, not really defending this silly feature as I wouldn't go out loud and tell my rl friends to subscribe to this sex game using "MY" referral link, but well some people will take advantages of that I guess.
  11. Just chat with them in private, and have sex with them while you are at it, that way you can enjoy 3dx more than spamming world chat.
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