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  1. I'd rather have new stockings though.
  2. Damn you were so fast to make a new topic about it lol. Not even 5 min later.
  3. Why were you even in the "older version" of 3dx? like how can you actually support that abandoned version that is stolen by other people?
  4. There IS a game named GTFO though. Look it up in Steam.
  5. Dude my followers alone are more than your dead 600, that only 170 of them even "online".
  6. I just find it ridiculous someone would pay money to DDoS 3dxchat, like what a lifeless troll, they could ddos pornhub and make it to the news, but 3dx is NOT that popular to even bother with it.
  7. Don't worry once it's up and running you will be addicted to it as every other player.
  8. Honestly I didn't meet my family members since the whole quarantine/lockdown happened and became official.
  9. RIP quality time. 😤
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