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  1. Cringe, that's mostly men fetish since they all want to make use of their semen. However keep this away of the "original" 3dx, if you want pregnancy you know which game to play.
  2. You people are giving the devs suggestions that are beyond their abilities, as much as this idea is fantastic in "theory" I can't imagine it being added to the game anytime soon, since the game skeleton design doesn't support that.
  3. Please let this topic die now.
  4. Why you need a condom though?..
  5. Well regardless, I'm glad there are even user generated poses by players who get their work added to the game, so no complains from me.
  6. I suggest a topic lock at this point, since everyone said what they had to say for 14 page. Time to move on.
  7. VS your very first post.. where it all started: You decide.
  8. Did you try contacting Lisa or Gizmo directly in Discord? if you didn't I would advise you to do so and hear what they have regarding this ban, posting about it in the forums will not tell you what was behind the ban.
  9. Sure.. night club doesn't seem like people first choice of room anymore. Not to mention there is no need to make this a bigger deal with posters, this is not high school anymore. Just let it die and move on.
  10. And that's called insulting and being toxic, as I understand your white knighting ambitions, I didn't call you names or tried to offend you. Either you like my assumption or not, you don't have the right to "disrespect" me. Try to be civil. As of now you are still quoting me demanding my reply in this endless loop of post argue you started with me.
  11. It doesn't have to be a country, hell if someone try to hack pornhub and bring them down, the culprit/hacker who did it if they figured them out they will be jailed and punished for pulling that action against a paid service with paid protection. You gonna tell me "NO that is a porn site how can court even deal with that!?" Well in the modern world even harassing a pornstar walking outside can get you in serious trouble with the law. Totally not "implying" anything, but that what I been saying all the time! Enjoy the friends you have and move on, some friends can be trouble some can b
  12. Posting my "freedom of speech" point of view/opinion/assumption, and you? What are you doing? being toxic toward me.
  13. You know hackers can still hack a service even if they are banned of it? like banning them is the lite punishment, if the devs go legal those people could be in jail for trying to destroy a paid service business.
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