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  1. Ah nvm you can lock this topic, the reinstalled fixed it.
  2. Basically when I relogged today to get my daily xgold I went to my room and I kept getting this error message all the time, I tried to reset the room to default and load it again and everything I can, and it still kept spetting this weird error at me: I'm at loss right now as when I go to other people rooms I get the same error, when I use my alt character it loads fine and there is no issues with her but my main gets this all the time and I dont know how to fix it honestly, I will try "reinstalling" the game but I have a feeling that will not help out as well.
  3. I'm sure they set a ban reason beside that like "Spam/insult/troll" whatever it can be, so assuming it was because of "coffee poem" is sort of weak.
  4. Server goes down, everyone: Jesus grow up.
  5. You all should work as comedians.
  6. Too much programming, coding, and extra working hours for the devs.. why bother? "It's a sex game, you can build the president white house, and fuck on the president office."
  7. Buttplugs in general aren't BDSM.
  8. The current system is fine leave it alone. No one cares if you have a lazy finger to scroll down.
  9. Basically this will pretty much, ALSO kill the will of other users sharing their free room designs and just straight up ask you to "Buy them", you want to make profit of my room? you got to buy it, as I didn't make it in a couple hours kind of reason.
  10. This honestly feels like shooting their own feet with a bullet, if they implement kicking and banning from rooms it will be another IMVU, you want to stay? pay or donate, xgold or donation to patreon, you can't? you already paid your subscription? no one cares get out, this is how IMVU became at some point, even though IMVU was free to play.
  11. I honestly would of loved the "Link option" to be on profiles rather than a link to opened rooms, that's just ridiculous in my opinion, for example I run a patreon for quite a while about photography and 3D modding designs, do I really need to advertise a sex room and have my link up there in hope for someone to actually notice me or consider donating as a support, not to mention patreon? It makes no sense making that for the opened rooms, except only to make people spend their xgold and have a war of bumping their rooms on top of the list and just making people consider buying xgold to do so, still I would of loved that to be a Profile thing, to have your link to your patreon/social media, or whatever you happen to use so people know you better or even consider donating for you, if they like your content. But right now this will be just a mess.
  12. Jesus, are you people like 24 hour in 3dx?
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