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  1. Yeah why we even have friendslist online and offline and ignorelists and all those useless lists in game. When we can just right click on people and cold.
  2. I mean I'm so grateful the devs are making more mature content such as poses and stuff, adding mini games into the game and more detailed RNG/gambling mechanics will just pile up more bugs and issues to the game, so either try to bring your ideas in "details" on how can the devs implement them, with at least a small knowledge of how unity engine works, or Just let the game take it's usual route and try to entertain the people who paid for the adult activities. I understand and appreciate that you are trying SO HARD to bring attention to more activities by suggesting things people suggested YEARS ago, but it will not be as simple as you assume it is, for pose editor or even clothes editor, it will take them quite a while to bring them up for the simple users to try, same was for the world editor, if you want a casino room better just make a casino props with the current world editor and call it a Casino BBC orgy room, colds OK.
  3. You want people to be addicted to gambling in a sex game? Unacceptable.
  4. @Gizmo can you please take a look at this? I even did the reset .bat thingy and it keeps happening around night hours.
  5. I'm currently having this issue as well, and for some odd reason it happens mostly in night hours of the day, usually in the day time and morning the game works just fine, this is the 2nd day I'm having this issue right now, the server it self seems to be having some slow load issue, I double checked if my connection is having any sort of issues, added the game to the exceptions and on my firewall as well.
  6. Finally no more ranting about "Real lesbian FFF poses".
  7. I mean.. try to be constructive with less complaining, I honestly appreciate that they updated the forums to the latest version, I'm aware some people hate to change to something more up to date, as well as the consideration that they finally added FFF, MMM, "TTT" or whatever you call it, it's a great step, new poses, MORE ACTUAL GAY/LESBIAN poses can come later, the great step is: it actually works and added to the game, regardless of how it operates right now, it's bound to get improved in a way or other. So please show some appreciation and lower the tone of the complaining and the "I will never be happy even a tiny bit" It's starting to be annoying.
  8. Well just as every game, if you don't limit your fps to 60, some games will use the most of your gpu to give the best possible performance, you basically don't quite need more than 60 anyways. I had the same case with my RTX 2060.
  10. @Gizmo Can I ask why we don't have this pose for FF? yet it was part of today's patch for the FFF poses, I mean the girl in middle with the one on the left side, as far as I remember that pose and even the one with the girl in middle with the right one were mostly exclusive to MF poses:
  11. Ignore option is a bless. Until someone quote the ones you ignore. Which I don't blame you, they say cringy things that requires you to rebel that cringe.
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