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  1. You still around here in 3dx?

  2. Naamah

    World Editor

    Of course. What would be a patch without the whining ^^
  3. Learning by doing. Give your best and maybe learn a thing or two from people that are better at it than you are.
  4. Like i said Riela. They shit on us and don't even try to hide it
  5. What are you people even complaining. Its normal that the 'devs' shit on us paying customers
  6. Naamah

    World Editor

    Or better. It's just lego for grown ups.
  7. Well. Paysafecard works too. If thats an option for you.
  8. Like i said. Don't blame it on others when you mess it up yourself Devs.
  9. It has nothing to do with the DLL for fucks sake. I replace it with the original at each patch. Its you Devs who messed up the patches so we have to download it again.... and not the first time. Don't blame it on the DLL.
  10. I only see a black screen not even getting to login lol
  11. Hmm i have no DC Except my daily provider DC. You only restarted your pc? Tryed to take the power of the rooter completly and plug it back in after a few seconds? Sometimes helps.
  12. Doesn't paysafecard automaticly convert the money from one currency to another? And usualy you can get those on most gasstations at least were i live.
  13. I logged in before, but what do you mean? I havent seen anything unsusual i think o.O
  14. For everyone that has nothing to add to the topic... Stay out and keep in mind that she/he has a reason to divorce. I find it also disgusting how you have fun while someone else is maybe hurt.
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