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  1. <kisses> I hope all is well, dear. :)

  2. Well its down for me i tried what you said Nikki and you Sage Stoner and the connection lost message keeps appearing or is already there when i log on.. i have no third party .dll either.
  3. Sounds like a awesome event will be there for sure to support you and my friends
  4. Not for me Veronique Birthday Suit all the way
  5. Congratulations wish both you and ice all the best i will be there hopefully and can i say about time lol you are perfect for one another nice to see you both happy.
  6. Hope its a good day for you Xanar and great art Candi will try to be there
  7. Will be there hun looking forward to this had some computer issues but its sorted now
  8. Sounds awesome with some of my favourite djs playing im definitely going to be there
  9. Congrats to you Xanar and Candi wish you both all the best I will try to be there... hope this is a lasting love you both deserve it.
  10. Congrats Stephanie i hope it all goes smoothly and nothing needs an update ^^ just wish i could attend sadly its too late for me but you know i am with you always... hope its a wonderful night for you both nothing less than what you deserve take care and all the best.
  11. Hehe... nice glad to see you are getting into the swing of things now hun and glad to see you have met some wonderful people you can call friends always happy to see people enjoying themselves especially people i have come to know and care about.
  12. Glad to hear that you are enjoying yourself here hun... it does have its highs and lows but just don't let it get to you there is always people here for you if you are down... we all have been there at some point, may pop along to your club and talk with you, you sound like a lot of fun
  13. Always nice to hear from those brave enough to post on here... and you will be welcomed by many people hun... if you see me in game feel free to message would like to get to know you as would many i think
  14. Glad the night was a success too bad i had to leave early guess i missed all the fun oh well probably only time i could come as well since i usually have work, anyways keep up the good work DJ's u are awesome
  15. NIce i will be there since its at a decent time for us unlike most parties and i have no work next day
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