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  1. What's wrong with Russian language?
  2. Just in few minutes we are waiting for you to come and...
  3. Hello rockers! Here we go and topic of futured parties in Rockers Lounge. Let me introduce you a little bit the club about some of you might not know. Upcoming party Grab your friends and let's rock the Monday! P.S. Oldish people surely know RomanFox who was rocking us with awesome tunes in the deep past. Here I say...welcome back!
  4. Guys, you are too addicted to sex-game. Chill and go outside, breath some air and live a bit of your real life :3
  5. Would be nice if the name of clubs didn't copy from anothers who already took them for reasons first. But looks cool.
  6. Tomorrow Gang invites you in Pajamas & PanCupcakes party with this poster: Dresscode for everyone: Dress everything you sleep in and nothing more! Host: xKittenx Party organized by: MrsCandice powered by BDSMetal Gang DJ schedule: DJ Icebox - 8pm CEST DJ Candi - 9pm CEST DJ MissEmme - 10pm CEST DJ AmyLaRouche - 11pm CEST Join us!
  7. Thank you guys for your advices. Probably best way to write everything in the Word file for not getting into troubles, but now at least I know it might be caused because of Rochi's dll :3 About married thing - nice joke Too many times - how much is it though? Who to decide? But yup, I laughed xD
  8. It closes for me when I write in the profile inside the mode "Edit". I didn't use chat during the time I tried to edit my profile.
  9. Oh well, as I understood... They made key P for open a profile. The thing is that when you try to edit your profile and fill up it with some information, each time you write word what has P letter in it - it closes and changes not saving. It is kinda...not very comfortable when it closes each time I want to write something. For sure I could copy and paste P letter and paste it in every word I need, but... Can you make our life easier, please?
  10. Happy Anniversary 3DXChat! Thank you for making this game for us Hope new updates just are coming in the future.
  11. Thanks everyone for being here on our opening. It was amazing. No...it was AMAZINGNEST party I ever had. Something happened there ^^
  12. Here was the post of hate, but I calmed down.
  13. Gizmo is luckily not from USA
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