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  1. Is the server offline for everybody or just me?
  2. I tried that, my story pretty much sums up what I like but its still hard to find.
  3. I remember two-three months ago when I used to play there were quite enough dominant FUTAs. Nowdays they are outnumered by far by sissy ones. Its been hard for me to find a good dominant futa, how to espect to find one that matches my hardcore side?
  4. Most of us are playing 3dxchat to pleasure our fetishes so asking if watching porn with other people is a fetish is a retoric question. If you find it disturbing, good for you... a lot of people find eating McDonald ice cream with fries disturbing aswell but some of them actually like it. Who cares, right? Everybody is different. A lot of people are asking for skype and I show them a easier way. My post is to find other people from the community who would enjoy such kinky stuff and to give them awarness.
  5. you can't stream porn on watch2gether and its hard to join other people porn rooms
  6. Anybody used rabb.it before? Basically its a website where you can stream any kind of videos while watching with your friends from youtube videos to porn from any porn website. All you have to do is to create an account and get some friends. If you're looking for porn rooms you can check here https://www.reddit.com/r/nsfwrabbitrooms/ Make sure you add as many friends as you can so they will invite you next time a room is open. You can also stream video/audio yourself, invite up to 25 people, keep track of your friends with a friend list and you'll have a timeline like on facebook where e
  7. Never roleplayed in my native language and I think it might be really interesting if I do it with the right person, and good idea Rob
  8. I didn't had the chance to encounter any romanian in this game, I'm really wondering is there any?
  9. PM me whoever is interested to get to know me IG.
  10. I like descriptive roleplay with fairly good grammar. I'm looking for a futa/shemale to dominate me and basically own me. I like foreplay and I'm open minded to any fetishes or taboos, I mean /any/. I like futa furry/demon roleplay etc. I love giving blowjobs, I get along pretty well with other dominant people. If you have any sissy video you want me to watch or want to watch 2gethe, give me a PM, I will reply all my PMs. Something for you to enjoy after reading my topic.
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