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  1. This for the love of god! Please add this!
  2. Years later... and i still dream of this being a thing some day...
  3. + Fix the damn Dick switching Glitch that have been there for years! Like seriously.. sick of stuff not getting worked on, when it's a pricey subscription game! 300$ Should be able to buy you some better fucking servers xD! and still profit from the game
  4. I am taking a break from 3dxchat until they have fixed this Glitch with profiles. The game is more or less unplayable for me. And i think they seriously need to do another Payout in gold or other services to show that they are sorry about this mess they have made... LIke honestly guys.. do any of you guys buy that stuff with ( nobody at work in the weekend ) shit they pushed about the DDos thing.. Like seriously... If they had thier servers hosted a better place they probably would not have this problem to begin with! all because they are cheapskates. The game have not had this many problems for years before now, Been playing since 2014. But this is it for me. Fix it or lose it. #FREEGALLERYSLOT for everyone
  5. Wish it was possible - Would be a good sugestion for the Dev team
  6. I for one do not want any BDSM Stuff.. I just want the MF poses copied into FF. That to me sounds like ½ a days work.
  7. I have desided to return \o/ yey! should make some sort of party :3!
  8. Hey Nami/mevo Here ! I have been considering hard these last days if i should return to 3dx... I just need a little encouragement xD! any encouragement to be offered?
  9. Nami

    Patch #337

    This patch is what i have waited for... since i started playing this game! Cant wait to role play with this new patch ! so hyped!
  10. Welcome ^^. hope you have a nice stay here, im also a little new 1 week. Hope we can sit and chat some time !
  11. This morning Flare and i, found 4 guys that we shared.
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