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  1. about to write a new one soon.
  2. was a good year! every year is ;)
  3. And there goes the myth that men are only those who just "poof" !!! *chuckles* Personally,i dont start something i cant finish.But there are moments that either is going wrong or its too boring.And even if you try desperately to ...light up the spark again,it just doesnt happen.Then its better to say something and leave.I think that the partner (hoping that is not too stupid) will understand that. PS The first sentence of my post...is not entirely wrong though...its mostly men who disappear-but there are a lot of women who just say "thanks hun,got to do laundry" haha
  4. Sometimes i wonder...Am i that smart?or is everyone around me that stupid? or am i that stupid thati think im too smart?or maybe its a combination of these too...And the ncant help it and the next one comes...wondering should i try and learn more or will i feel more stupid cause i will realise i know less?
  5. Oh nice topic My first EroticRoleplay was in 2004 in a sex chat site.Sadly i cant log in anymore cause of a java issue 321sexchat was its name.And i roughly recall the name of the user.. " ~Honeybee~ "or was it "~Honeybear~" ? In a game? It was in WoW in 2010 during a raid my "ex" and I just left the raid and found ourselves a nice place in STV under a palm tree with parrots and the breeze
  6. You should try Blade n Soul Amazing customazation for charakter and cool game play with a nice story.
  7. i cant log in either..Maybe its more like a "population block" issue? or windows 7-8-10 or mac? Since its not country based and its more or like random.
  8. hm..I like this idea..but to be honest...this is a sex game.I would rather have the devs working on other stuff first than the rooms. But as an idea...i like it good luck with that!
  9. Good one..but its not the same. What George means i guess...is that he lost the slot..Which would mean that..You payed the man..but when the wind blew the grass was blown away. The question shouldnt be the "refun" of the 10k but the "where s the charakter slot i purchesed"
  10. see?nothing is a coincedence *smiles sweetly*
  11. I must admit,both....are very tempting! *bites his lips*
  12. good luck with your room however i think that nothing is a coincedence
  13. It wasnt a justice content..just because it was Jina in them...she had an advantage!!! being hot n sexy! Maybe Gizmo changed his mind and thought you would have the 1st?
  14. maybe im missing the point.But i d rather have the game/site working ON the game and not ON the forum. I did vote yes only because i think it wil lbe fun and i already have that in another site.But i do preffer having them working on my game poses,clothing,dancing etc etc.
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