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  1. Hi everyone. It depends what are you expecting about the word roleplay in the game and his levels. Roleplay can be a single game between two people, wider as part of a group chat or ultimately a whole experience with the room's audience in local chat. Of course for this last experience we don't use pm or group chat with the audience all is written in local chat. This style of RP is not made for everyone and need skills and mature players for the entertainers but it's the most rewarding and exciting. I do some RP in local chat if the room have a nice concept with the room owner agreement or n
  2. I can't wait to visit your place IAmTrouble. I have heard so good reviews about this luxury place
  3. Someone skilled know how can i put a clickable link on my 3dx profil? the tag <a href="blabla"></a> is not working
  4. Hello everyone The question is in the title. How can i put a clickable link on my 3dx profil ingame? The HTML tag <a href="http://www.blabla.com">SoSexy</a> is not working Thanks
  5. Humm nice MaryKate i really like your last gif inside your signature. Classy, elegant, horny and sexy situation that i like Btw the room is really great
  6. Looks like some serious party ahead I hope party will last all the night because 7 pm is really soon for a saturday I still doing shopping at 7 pm Waiting to jiggle my body on several DJ music
  7. Valkman I'm very saddened by this news it's been a long time we haven't spoke so i wasn't aware I'm really sorry for the lost of your relationship I can't give you advices to conterattack this drama, because usually attacks come from the game (virtual) and not from rl I just hope that you will recover and go ahead again Kiss to you
  8. Leith looks like one of the finest Courtisans, something rare in this job. I'm curious to see her dressed after service
  9. Look like some new party with rock style But Ich spreche kein Deutsch so it would be difficult to communicate in the room
  10. Nice presentation and video. I will be there
  11. Hey Coucou Greg and Briana This new place ROCKS!!!!!!!! it looks really great The architecture is well done, there's so much room and the ceiling so high There's lot of style in this new architecture : modern, baroque... The balcony brings a new dimension and welcome to the second level Maybe a bit intimidating being on the down floor while other watching you from above lol This place reminds me the movie Eyes Wide Shut, we find the spirit of the movie. So yes the place is a success. It's a stylish, classy place like me so i can only love it Well done 3DX Team
  12. At last we have news with an official announcement, I waited this birthday since long time My expectation was high and still is. I'm very curious about the new location... This is great news, i will jiggle my body like a crazy girl all the night
  13. I'm shocked by what is happening in my city. Paris is no longer the fashion capital I've always dreamed but since last night a terror capital. Why so much hate? People who died last night came out to drink, living, dancing, kissing... They Did not Know That someone Declared War at them Friends from the whole world thank you Our faith goes to music! kisses! life! champagne and Joy! Paris is about life
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