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    Art painting, reading, music, web, spirituality and sport.
  1. Same setting than before the update. I changed nothing. I downloaded the last driver for my graphic card but nothing occured. When i launch an older version of the game it works well.
  2. I will wait a little to see if other players are concerned and if they have solved this problem
  3. I do not know if I'm the only one in this case but since the last patch with the watches etc my graphics are disgusting. Do you have this kind of problem?
  4. i managed to log in but i cant check others profiles as mine. Its a bit embarassing ^^
  5. Astral

    Mood music

  6. Intruder spotted!!
  7. Je viens subitement de voir cette nouvelle qui m'emplit d'une profonde tristesse. Bon nombre de souvenirs avec elle depuis mes débuts dans ce petit monde ... La vie est précieuse et fragile. Luna, je pense fort fort à toi
  8. Astral


    Congrats isouki
  9. I saw a golden orb with the same speed of the orb from the second video. It was in 2002 with my best friend near Paris.
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