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    Outdoors, fishing, white water rafting, slapping dumbasses with a giant salmon, goofing around, deep conversation O:<, Vanilla Swirl, laughing with you and at you, Books, Movies, Friends, Flirting, and a good looking cameltoe.

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  1. Snick :3 Powerpoint be havin' me moist. 😩😂
  2. You know what.. the mind needs some clarity sometimes and if diddling your lovebits helps? ENJOY. But please wash your hands and get back to work with your rejuvenated and clear mind :D
  3. Welp.At least we got jokes.
  4. High time you sweep the dust off yours, sir.
  5. Rob even cares. But I am glad to know it is not something on my end going on.~ There's some good coming out of this, everyone's private bits need a bit of rehab. <3
  6. >_< All the while I read this and kept wtfing and laughing. Gr8 stuff.
  7. Libra here. Sign/Spot: Reins(? Okay am I being tied or am I tying you?) Sex Astrology: Mind Blowing Sex...(I can't read thoughts you tell me) After sex comment: Just one orgasm? Horror Movie: That is not me, I'd most likely say nothing and get the hell out of dodge. If you see me running it's likely you should follow or not your choice. Libra (Sept. 23 - Oct. 23)-- Let the games begin! Libra will try anything once. Twice to make sure they liked it. Three times to be absolutely sure. Do not touch a Libra's head during oral sex...that may work with an Aries, but no
  8. IVIonique

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    Time may change me. But I can't trace time.
  9. I love to mindfuck especially if the fucker is mindfuckable. ~Don't ask lmao it's 2am~
  10. Welcome Cathy, First let me start off by congratulating you upon being an individual when those nay saying folks came to you. A lot get sucked into all the *ahem* bullshit that follows in the client. Overall you have some people there that are quite fun to be around and willing to open your mind further (Pier). The game is fun and yes has little with customization; but it is easy to let yourself shine by your personality. Hopefully, I get to see you around someday Continue having fun and bring in those friends!
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