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  1. Asking to have a hack reinstated, just because it was convenient or had appealing traits, seems very dubious to me. The Rochii dll exploited a weakness in the programming. That is a fact. That the exploit at a large did not have any adverse effects is one of the main reasons that it was tolerated for as long as it was. IF a mechanism were to be implemented that would enable someone to hand over power of their avatar to another would require that the person surrendering power was fully aware of what they were doing. That was the issue with the Rochii Dll. People could partner others w
  2. Togo


    People are playing for fri, for the time being, on the new server so lack of payment should not be any issue.
  3. Oh it wasn't a blame post, but more an informative post.
  4. Lussian I just checked all the public rooms and the music is dropping again..
  5. Agreed but why do I have this dreadful suspicion that you will be the first to done the socks and sandals as a badge of pride? *chuckles*
  6. Togo

    The British and Snow

    The big Freeze of 63?
  7. Cee is teh bomb! She told me yesterday about the fix I am glad that her brilliant tip made it to the forums. Even though its one of the more Nerdy Solutions.
  8. Oh please! You guys are just agreeing with her because she is a girl..You guys are such sexists...
  9. Though weddings weren't implemented until June 2015 its still impressive. Congratulations.
  10. http://women.govt.nz/work-skills/income/gender-pay-gap Seems the NZ government doesn't have the same numbers.
  11. Ok I know its not really in line with the topic but I had an experience from the other side. Hooked up with a woman and started to Rp kissing her neck..to which she replied.."Stop wasting my time with that RP shit and fuck me already" Still makes me laugh when I think of it. I did leave her to herself since I thought Bob was a more suitable partner for her than me *laughs* Now its likely that she was a he but I am always reminded of that episode when I hear women bemoan the lack of male attention in those situation.
  12. Ok I am going to throw my two cents into the mix. Yes this is a game and denying that fact is pointless. But people who use this argument seem to stop there and not go any further. The fact the platform that we interact with each other with is a virtual one, does not make the subsequent emotions or reactions virtual too. If there was no small echo of real emotions none of us would be here. It is BECAUSE there are real emotional responses that online games in general are so much fun. Maintaining that this is “just” a game and not admitting that real emotions get into the mix is for me just a
  13. The OP said: "I have been researching this game and many more like for many months now to figure out which one would be worth spending money on." then 3 lines later he said he tried the game for 4 days before posting his verdict. His verdict being "This game is not innovative, nor is it worth the price tag; not would I dare to call it fun." Do I have a problem with someone not liking this game? Not at all. I have friends who I still talk to who don't play because they don't feel it offers them what they were looking for. But the way the OP responded to the comments was going directly to v
  14. Since I am, according you, a petty person it gives me the liberty to point out your obvious lack of skill or talent in a few areas. The utter pointlessness of posting your opinion of a game you have played for 4 days is ludicrous and shows that you have very poor grasp of the deeper social interaction between people Your attempt at insulting the stature of my person shows that you are unable to read people but rely on things that you would find insulting which in turn shows that you have a unflattering opinion of yourself Last but not least you keep referring your vast social life in RL, this
  15. You been watching Oprah and sniffing fabric softener again havn't you Rob?
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