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  1. i tried to apply as a Dj, but after filling all needed fields, this document wants me to fill out the applicance for dancer too, i don´t want to apply as a dancer or a hostess for this event, what shall i do?
  2. it seems this lighter spot is only on the new long hair
  3. confirmed, it works again, let´s see how long
  4. i can´t load an other room too, in the editor i can change the room, but if i enter, there is still the room i had before, my files are much smaller than 5 MB, usually 1 - 1.5 MB
  5. at 6th October i had my 6 years anniversary here in 3dxChat, and i will serve a real "heavy meal" for you to celebrate it
  6. ♫♫☠ THE 2ND DAY OF THE 54 MONTHS ANNIVERSARY of the BdsMetalGang with 2 BIRTHDAY PARTYS, YOU PAY ONE AND GET 2 MORE FOR FREE (limited offer) ☠♫♫
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