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  1. at 6th October i had my 6 years anniversary here in 3dxChat, and i will serve a real "heavy meal" for you to celebrate it
  2. ♫♫☠ THE 2ND DAY OF THE 54 MONTHS ANNIVERSARY of the BdsMetalGang with 2 BIRTHDAY PARTYS, YOU PAY ONE AND GET 2 MORE FOR FREE (limited offer) ☠♫♫
  3. You are cordially invited to celebrate our wedding with us , the Reception to follow in the same room. This Saturday, 2nd of May 2020 , 9:30pm CEST, at the Red Keep Cathedral
  4. the 200 song list from my Jukebox............. MUSIKBOX LISTE 1. Juanes - La Camisa Negra 2. Wham! - Club Tropicana 3. Kate Ryan - Ella Ella L’A 4. The Troggs - Wild thing 5. Dire Straits - Walk Of Life 6. Village People - In the Navy (Original Version 1979) 7. Sweet - Blockbuster! 8. STS - Fürstenfeld 9. David Lee Roth - California Girls 10. Supertramp - School 11. Bloodhound Gang - Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo 12. Aerosmith - My Girl 13. Foreigner - Cold As Ice 14. REO Speedwagon - Can't Fight
  5. TOMORROW, 24.04.20 9pm CEST Musicbox Instructions: How does it work?: my musicbox is loaded with 200 songs, numbered from 1 to 200. you can tell me which number you want to hear, and i will play it. IMPORTANT: when a number has been selected and played, you can´t request this number again! How can i request a number?: simply send a PN with your desired number to Darkangel when i don´t have requests anymore, i will play songs from a 2nd playlist. so it´s up to you ........ a preview of the room
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