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  1. @Gizmo and @Lisa, the spinning head bug is still active in last patch version. If we use the new poses on bed or couch and click on cum button or moan button, the head spinning and also if we use the cuddle pose at bed the head spinning sometimes. Would you please check this and fix it with a new patch in next patch version? Thx.
  2. Scroll down at this topic and you see that last post from Lisa, 30 min. ago.
  3. @SusanLouisa look at this topic what Maxinejuicer linked in this thread or use this topic
  4. @bearbackcup, @PAWAW, please read the post, from Gizmo (posted one hour ago): The Server was stopped for a while, like Gizmo wrote.
  5. The support answered:
  6. Hey Support-Team or Gizmo, whats up with the servers, since three days we get the following message: "Can`t view this profile", and this happend to the own profile and too others too." What up with the servers, does they have any problems? And whats about communication now forum member from you shown up and say anything about updates or bugs. Please fix it asap. Thx, kind regards, Stefan
  7. its the same here, cant view my own profile since i correct some signs and text. I saw Lisa in the Game-Word, i told her this and if she maybe inform gizmo. She told me that this doesnt noticed on the test-server, maybe its because of these special sign and umlauts. Hope that gizmo fix it as soon as possible.
  8. My Profil doesnt work yet, i changed someting and correct some text, save it and after it i cant see my own profile. @Gizmo, please fix it, if it is a global problem, or also account problem. thx.
  9. Seems the Server has again some trouble, i get a queue from over 60.
  10. Hi guys, nice new test world, so first think why you limited the password size, a lengh from 9-10 signs are not very progressive in that time. Special signs like + - # are standard. The next think is, your friendslist is buggy, i and a friend tryed to add himself, only one person saw the other. It seems a bug, better you should fix it. Edit: After a restart from client, i see the friendslist.
  11. Then animate all 230 users Maybe his postbox will glow
  12. @BellaDisaster, If you navigate to the main page from his Forum you can see a Link called "The Moderating Team", there you can see who are Administrators here. And as you can see, no one of them are online. So the only thing you can do it, waiting and patience. Or you write any of them a PM, an maybe they read your message. And at least you can see in Userlist there are only users online, no supervisor or admin. Tragic but unfortunately true.
  13. Ich komm mir vor wie im Film "Und täglich grüßt das Murmeltier". / I feel like in the film "Groundhog Day"
  14. Let's take a number, I feel like I'm in the office. Funny if it wouldn't be so tragic, a word about customer support. It does not look like costomer care now. What about reporting via email if one of your servers are down hmm o.O ? I know or read you use Linux as operation system, i belive Linux has also such option to inform you as administrator that not all is all right. So i think we all want to have a statement what happend today and why the server or servers break down since nearly one week more then one time. So dear Gizmo, Lisa or 3DXHelper, if you read this. We all like to kno
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