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  1. Hey guys and gals, I don't know if this is a open topic or not but I just wanted to say sorry but I'm officially leaving the game again. Everything is explained on my profile and in game profile. If anyone has any questions or anything, feel free to send me a message. Keep it real and have fun xJustinx
  2. No one is jelly or hating, we are just speaking how we feel about it.
  3. I have stoped by a few times...quite the boring room, seems like its trying to look like night club and all of that, nothing really orginal about it, sure you have the best djs wanting to play there, thats about it
  4. HAHAHA, hey Togo, they should put the beds in one circle and make a orgy hotel
  5. Looks over rated. No offense but like i told Jess and Stelio, Im not going to chill in that room regardless of how many times they ask me to come.
  6. what time is the party going to be over? i get off work at 10pm
  7. Alright guys, what if a mainstream dj, like Martin Garrix or Tiesto was using CU and VDJ8 and they recorded and put on a music streaming website, would that make it illegal? No, that's the reason CU was developed by the VDJ team, so anyone who DJs can have the music there to use. VDJ wont let you record your live mix in their program but there is nothing in their Terms and Conditions/ User Agreement that says you cant use a third party to record your mixes. Because when you look for a song on CU and play it, the software shows that you steamed/played that song. Yes he sets the rules, and its his ass if something was to go wrong, like someone using YouTube downloaded music, but at the same time, it seems like he over reacted with the mixxcloud recording. Thats just my imput from all of this.
  8. Happy Birthday Adara!! Hope you have a wonderful evening and get everything u wanted
  9. i voted other cause i think the game needs to redesign the rooms it already has, and add more stuff for individual rooms. and of course more positions and individuality would be amazing too.
  10. Wont be able to make it this time, i gotta work that night. cant wait to see everyone's pics
  11. Amazing pics everyone, again thanks for everything
  12. A topic where anyone who took pics of the wedding and/or party can post them! Thanks to everyone who came by, Sin and I are very thankful for everyone's support
  13. Thanks again ash for the wonderful evening
  14. Wonderful music tonight ash. thanks
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