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  1. ...just another bad comic movie :/ no one will care about it after everyone's seen it. Example: No one gives a shit about Iron Man or Robert Downey JR. unless a ridiculous Avengers movie or Iron Man #500 is being released...but, I dunno, things may change since it's Wonder Woman and a woman and all (sarcasm)
  2. As stated above what are your favorite death metal and or black metal songs...? a few of my favorites
  3. Epilepsy warning! Super intense show, I've seriously never seen any other show like it. Genocide Organ (live), great German power electronics. If you are epileptic, skip this one though. Skinny Puppy - Anger (live)
  4. My friend was lucky enough to see them years ago, and said it was amazing. Einsturzende Neubauten is definitely one of those bands that is even more amazing live imo.
  5. As an industrial music fan, I see these rooms every once in a while in 3dx labeled industrial and laugh a bit as I know exactly what I'm going to hear when I go in: anything but industrial. So I'm making this thread for sharing INDUSTRIAL tracks. Things from industrial artists and bands from the first and second wave...this means no Nine Inch Nails (lol)... Industrial, Death Industrial, Power Electronics, Noise, (old school) electro industrial, etc. Your songs can be from the 90's and 2000's, HOWEVER, they have to be from bands/artists from the above genres that started in the 70's or 80's. Not Throbbing Gristles most industrial song but, one of my favorite songs by them https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-HEd7jJUxsQ Power electronics, they're not that noisey for a power electronics band, imo
  6. heard when i woke up...very sad. i didn't expect him to go out that way, suicide. Though, I am kind of irritated that he hung himself, and Scott Weiland got a mention in the news and that was it, but, y'know, if you die of even an accidental overdose fuck you and forget anything we ever loved you for and all your accomplishments. Don't get me wrong, Chris Cornell was a great musician and it is a tragedy that he died.
  7. Oshun

    2.0 Shutdown

    i dunno, seems logical they'd shut it down. Everyone pretty much immediately started using 2.5 so they probably will shut it down soon.
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