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  1. I met AHT over a year ago, and since forming the Amanda Club my GPA has jumped up 18 points! I now have an unheard of 21.8 GPA and as such I am spammed every day with schools just begging me to transfer. Heinous cuz dey anus.
  2. "The skinny peoplez want what the fat peoplez got!" *bang bang*
  3. Twinsie! I won't be able to make it unfortunately
  4. I luh you bae. But on a serious note, thank you for taking the time to give a shout to to your friends. I wish I had more time to hang out with you. Maybe after I graduate hehe
  5. I have this problem pretty much every update. So far the only thing that makes it work for me is when they post the most recent client on the website, or someone is kind enough to copy all of their games files and send them to me.
  6. I turned off the real time scanning, and turned off my firewall again, and I still get the same issue.
  7. Thanks for the quick replies! I added the patcher to the exceptions list and ran again, I then turned off my firewall and tried again, I've also tried manually running the patcher vs opening 3dxchat.exe. Same issue.
  8. So among the many problems I have running this game, it seems the error message that pops up saying certain files are missing from the 3DXChat_Data file are because the patcher deletes them. Why does this occur? It always seems to be a random file, either a levelx or a sharesassetsx, sometimes it'll occasionally delete the 3dxchat.exe file. What is doing on here? Also would it be too much trouble to ask for the most recent client to be put up on the website? The only way I can ever get this game to work is by downloading the most recent client.
  9. I've never heard of a Revo Uninstaller, I will check that out!
  10. Yes I have tried that. As well as messing with my firewall setting to create exceptions, etc.
  11. Well unfortunately since build 310 I've been struck by the unlimited loading screen bug, and no amount of reinstalling has been working for me. Part of the time it says, "X file is missing" or it just displays client 0, and when it finally does patch it just sits on the loading screen forever I've had this happen twice before and the only thing that fixed it was downloading the most current build from the website so it looks like I'll have to wait until they update the file before I can play again. I came across a story I wrote for Loonie's magazine before she left the island. Since it neve
  12. AmandaUni


    My new favorite thread! Let's get more and get bigger!
  13. The number one draw of this game will always be the community. Players generate more content than the devs ever could. I have also been here a while, and I am quite content with the amount of updates. The updates aren't the reason I stay though. I stay because of the community, the friends I've made and want to stay in touch with, the fun I have dancing with friends and lounging on the yacht, seeing my friends enter relationships and going to parties, all of it. The items/clothing/positions are all great, but I wouldn't have stayed nearly as long as I have if it weren't for the people that mak
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