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  1. Internet down again. I’m changing my internet provider. Will be back in a few days

  2. I'm sorry for you, I know that you were hoping better for this evening... I'll just shut down the computer since for this evening it's another lost time again....
  3. Well we have this "Connection refused" message since it went down almost an hour ago. It was supposed to be a simple restart of the servers. I guess that it's now another wasted evening....
  4. Same issue here. I was having connectivity issues with internet since an hour or so and thought that it was on my side, but apparently I'm not the only one so it might be again the servers be in trouble.
  5. Teana

    💕Coucou, ca y est je peux poster ici

  6. Miel

    Je vous aime Maîtresse votre Somise Aude

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    2. Miel


      vous voyez la ou pas?


    3. Teana


      comment ça? Là j'ai pu te suivre, mais apres ton nom d'avatar du forum il y a ecrit: (anonymous)

    4. Teana


      ...et encore...

  7. Miel



    je n'arrive pas à revenir sur le jeux


  8. Aude

    je n'arrive pas à revenir Maîtresse 


  9. Aude

    Bonjour Maîtresse , je vous souhaite une très bonne journée

    Votre soumise Aude 

    1. Teana


      Bonjour ma chère 🙂

  10. ❀❀ For our 5th anniversary there are 5 roses for my flower this year... ❀❀ I miss you terribly.
  11. Teana


    These are very nice drawings, you're very talented. Thanks for sharing
  12. I'm signing too .... I'm not used to speak often in the forum but I frequent it regularly. Today it no longer looks like the place it was and that we all like. And if no one makes any effort we'll all loose it.
  13. Thank you Twiggy for relaying the information, thanks to BreeSummers too.
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