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  1. All saturday night same..... PROBLEMS PROBLEMS PROBLEMS. TY DEVS!
  2. Gizmo and company don't fix anything. They don't care. Isn't it clear by now? Don't you notice that it's getting worse? Who knows what they use their subscription money for...
  3. We should have the courage and stop all subscriptions together. If they guarantee us that the game will work properly, then the payments will be resumed. But I remain convinced that the best thing is that they sell the game to someone serious and capable. That it supports it properly and develops it. As someone has already said, this game, if well developed and supported, could certainly lead to better profits. Seeing how the game works now, they're just stealing our money. Not even a free game has all these problems.
  4. The problem is that this machine is being destroyed by the developers themselves. And it will get worse and worse unfortunately.
  5. But you really haven't understood yet? The developers are not interested in developing or supporting the game. They keep the subscription money and don't give a damn about everything else. Very few, new dresses, no new dances, nothing at all. Just some stupid haircut back in the day. Is the game having problems? They should at least tell us what's going on and give us a timeline. But instead they completely don't care, that's the truth. And it will get worse and worse. The only hope is that the game will be sold to some team that puts a lot of effort into it and follows it as it should. Otherwise it's the end.
  6. IF this is new server..... GOOD LUCK 3DX..... Just refound my time who I cant use. TY.
  7. AND WE PAY....... ALL DAYS server have probs!!!! STOP IT or refund pls ?
  8. Oh thx, I see now..... I dont think, game (server?) already have this stupid problems.... And they cant solve it from more weeks....
  9. I think the time has come for the developers of this game to sell it to those who can handle it. Or hire other capable staff. We can't go on like this. If it were a free game I could also understand it, but it is not acceptable to have this service if you pay ....
  10. ONLY ME have again connection problems? I Log-in and disconnected immediately..... really no comment.
  11. I have a doubt. But can't everyone join the game or just some people?
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