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  1. cant still open game, cant patch build 433, do not unzipp, reinstal game dot solve the problem, stops when it come to patch / build 433, i need it solved quick.
  2. sever again, make it work, ore puplic it, if you take sever out of action, for updates please
  3. i´m refused to connect, can someone help me here ?, all game says connection refused. i have just payed, so i hope some can help me with this problem
  4. Sep 19 is the day, do i continue ore not, yeah as the new sever dont work, i will proberly not make futher payments.
  5. have 3dx chat any plans about to solve this sever, the new is not working, it as bad as the old one.
  6. 3dxchat can send messege on my mail, when the game is ready, as it is now, it isnt ready. but as it is now, i will not subcribe again.
  7. why should i recomed a game to a friend, if it dont work. i dont screw my friends.
  8. yeah, it´s my time for the next 2 days, ther walks away right now
  9. damm perfect timing, 3dxchat announce that they reboot sever, at the most, busy hour of the day, i think it would be wise to do it when sever is not so busy
  10. i have played alot of games, i say this game have a world record, with connections problems, it´s my first game i have ever try to disconnect, solve the problem
  11. time over for today, 3dxchat, didnt manage to make sever running, in more then 2 hours, to bad i see a problem here, if i was new, just nodtice this game, payed form a mounths, right now, i would fell, my ass fucked, when i discovered that, it´s not possibel to connect to the game.
  12. sever dont work, any news, when it will work again
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