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  1. And it starts again with server problems, frequent... dc... and much more and then ends up in a Ddos attack
  2. I noticed that with the rochi mod there was a little more customization in terms of colors, many clothes and accessories were colorable, as well as the speed of the pose. Now I know it is not possible to use it in the 64 bit client. But why not make it possible? maybe by integrating the functionality right into the game. Because we all know that in the end all avatars become equal. For me there is a need for much more personalization, I understand that it is a game of sex, but then it wouldn't be called Chat if it was just sex. The simple clothes most of which have never been used, or the same hair, in the end all use the same as the others. Oh we add many new "styles" intended as prints designs above
  3. I have no more words, everything just borders on the ridiculous. Maybe you deserve the definitive closure at this point .. sorry but it is not possible 3 Ddos in a month, and we here as idiots to wait for the silent intervention that everything is fine, hoping who knows what. Did you see "new server" after yet another attack, and now another one? But please..
  4. no it is not under Ddos attack, first it is an unexpected unscheduled maintenance, then it becomes Ddos
  5. I agree with everything, but the problem is that there are people who are all right, they like to pay for this development and not service, and then receive "The lost time of play" as a gift, which I sincerely have a few more days of subscription and some coins .. no thanks. It is well known that if in case he should come back up, like the other time in a couple of days of silence, and then continue with the DCs until the next sudden maintenance .. indeed Ddos. Must the conditions that we exist and pay for, and are they at the second Ddos? for a game like this? not even gta or anything more important to do Ddos. And we are here .. I can understand the first attack .. "solved" no one knows how, and now we are at the second. Avoid the extension of a few days of the subscription and some coins, we want stability and a development worthy of being paid, not some hair or some pose every patch. It takes new, innovative things and a huge change, otherwise users are already ready to leave the subscription useless as well. The section to Development & Suggestions from the "official" forum is also not seen by the two leaders, it exists for a reason.
  6. another Ddos ?? congratulations I have to say to all the staff, that to say maybe there is a third time. And do I remember the first few words after the first Ddos "All fixed server up", and do we fall back again? what has been done so far? learn to protect yourself no? nice paid service. From the first Ddos we go after days and days to solve the problem by returning up. Then bugs and more, servers always down after the first attack. Then suddenly it passes after weeks of total disgust and malfunction, and silence from the staff, suddenly unscheduled maintenance, and suddenly it turns out more Ddos .. I would not be surprised that many users have already gone away how to badly treat users who pay you and keep the server alive..
  7. A self-respecting server must have a staff, communication with users, development, and be able to calm users and please them because they are the ones who keep you alive, especially if you are paying, and not cheap. Here it is all very "amateur" sorry but profit, zero development .. because ahead we are realistic in all this time what has been seen? nothing important, and remember that we have to pay for 6 hairs 3 poses each patch, bug and instability, and this in what? 8 years of up game ?. Staff? 2 people without communication. I understand the difficulty in keeping a server, but so it is not fair to us users who pay. Why do you pay in the end? the server and some hair or pose, but important and innovative things nothing, in addition to instability and very obvious bugs. There are free games, or at least paid games but with a team, development staff and they respond to every problem and inventiveness of the users. No users = no money = bankruptcy and closure, it's not difficult to understand. And if you continue like this it will soon come to an end. Then do I have to shut up? and don't test because otherwise I hurt the server? Congratulations to those who criticize me .. sorry but open your eyes, instead of thinking only about a pussy or a cock, but think about money and make your own reasons if you want the good of the server, because a community is not just cock or pussy, but to be united and improve together, fight to be better. Having said that, sorry for my words but I had to.. now criticize me, insult me, block me or ban me for saying what I think.
  8. I agree with you, in fact I should inaugurate my club, but I will never do it because of this. I always postpone the date, and I lose every time to do it, in addition to patience
  9. Look you don't deserve an answer, give some idiot to the "boy" who did the survey, before talking and giving some idiot .. think. and look at all the other comments about the uselessness of the survey .. well I already said in the title and description. You know who responds badly to those who try to give voice to the mood of users, they are the frustrated ones who do not want to understand the meaning and attack a normal thing to do. Because nobody was insulted in the survey. Indeed those who love the server are precisely those who put a good or bad answer on the other hand, but those who don't give a shit don't answer. You know when you're pissed off it's because you care about one thing, and you want it to work well, that's fighting for something you love. But some don't see this because they only think about fucking or giving it. Sorry for the outburst .. having said that I close and cancel the survey as well, it is so useless. Go as well as it goes, happy you to be in silence without expressing yourself.
  10. Your honest opinion, they need to know our mood after all this time, we make our. This survey is done not to quarrel or to insult, but to show our love and desire that everything be better
  11. Server is down, again??
  12. changing clothes often I noticed and an idea came to mind, why not make clothes that overlap? because I see it foolish that if I put on a dress I can't cover my legs with pants. Or simply if I put on the bandeau top you don't see the bra straps. A skirt with trousers underneath. If I have a coat underneath I can not have anything? Even the same bandanas that totally cover the hair, if I have long hair they should come out. Another thing, being able to change clothes without leaving the room
  13. Recall that perhaps all this nice bad server malfunction started after the DDOS, after a few days of down, it was made up but in what conditions? if you solved the ddos, and before everything worked, I don't see why now it creates all these problems. Honestly I do not see all this desire to restore the game, server or make playability enjoyable. Indeed doing so soon will be emptied with still many active subscriptions .. result take the money and do nothing to keep users. I understand very much that everything is difficult, and I never put myself in your roles, but as a player I see all this pushing the players away. A little subscription extension and a few more coins won't keep players in a malfunctioning server. I hope and I only say that I still have 10 months of subscription, and it is my first .. certainly I don't think of an extension, because I have nothing beautiful. At this rate we are overcome by similar games, previously inferior but made better over time, and this instead worsens because it is still and without the desire to make it unique. Sorry for the outburst, but so you can not have fun and just the desire expires EDIT Not to mention that many new players are there for the discount (myself) because otherwise they would never enter at full price. Price that is nothing short of exaggerated for all this, this little care of the game
  14. I don't like the market very much, although it could create game situations, if done on some world. But instead of that, I prefer that you have the opportunity to create clothes, or rather textures, as happens in another game that I don't name
  15. I agree with the proposal, also because a lot of diversity is created between the characters, very personal and less equal as they are now.
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