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  1. I can't save changes i made when i am builing in my room. And .. thanks for all the hard work Gizmo & Lisa !
  2. I normally never grumble. But now it i need to say something: I spend quite a lot of time organizing events and parties. Building rooms. Preparing the music. And so on. And I really enjoy doing that. To see people smile and enjoy what you have come up with. But your server crashes again and again. In this way it is almost impossible to stay motivated for this. I'm actually just sad about it. I just had to say that
  3. Studio Fantasy Label presents for you Summer Rock! In the Bodega Room the Studio Fantasy Label DJ's Silvie Sun, StefDE, ZhaNee, Biacat and Unrulyblues will rock YOU! Our SFL Sunshine Girls will be dancing live on stage! And ..... with a special guest Rock DJ Davina S ..... She will open this event! Saturday June 27 th, Doors open 20.00 H CET All welcome !
  4. On Friday, May 29, DarthShoo and Libussa will open an entirely new room in 3DX. The beautiful Central Zoo Island is a wonderful area to walk through, relax and enjoy. Especially for the opening, a super party is organized on this day, together with the DJs and Dancegroup The Sunshine Girls of Studio Fantasy Label. The doors of the room open at eight o'clock CET. Everybody is welcome!
  5. SilvieSun


    @Davi Thank you so much for your so kind words. You work so hard with a lot of devotion, so a bigg hugggggggggg for you!
  6. I wish Gizmo and the team a lot of support by solving all the problems during this DDOS attack! @stay strong
  7. In Spain it's for many year a well known rock event, but it's also the name of a rock group and a nice little island. In 3dx it is a characteristic room with an old quirky atmosphere that exudes its own history. With the scent of wooden wine barrels the perfect environment for a great evening full of rock. Six DJs who interpret the rock theme in their own way. You are very welcome. on Saturday, May 2, the doors of the room opens at 20.00 H CET.
  8. Room opens at 21.00 H CET. SFL DJ's CarlaLove, EMOM and TheBestJoe. All welcome!!
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