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  1. Don't forget 'The Bitterballen '........ 🤣 Merry Xmas ! 🎅
  2. TMF will host the One Year Anniversary Full Color Event for United Independents . We are honord! Welcome! We hope to meet you next Tuesday in TMF The Hall. With love, Your TMF Team - Paulina - CarlaLove - Silvie Sun
  3. Next tuesday 10 United members of 9 United groups, rooms or friends will DJ for you in the first anniversary event Full Color. The DJs come from all over the world playing there music for you. It is a colorful mix like United Independents was, still is and wil be. That explains also why United has choocen the name Full Color for there event. We hope to see, meet and greet you on next tuesday!
  4. United Independents will be giving away three one-month subscriptions in honor of its 1 year anniversary!
  5. And a lot has changed in United Independents in a year too.... But that is not surprising when you consider that an adventure such as United Independents starts from scratch. You have to build it all yourself from the start. And when you are with so many different people, there are also many different wishes. Fortunately, a lot is going well. But sometimes things just go wrong. And that's all part of it. I've been able to learn a lot from it in the past year. I want to thank all current but also former United Independent members for that. In the archives of United Independents I
  6. United Independents: One Year Anniversary In November 2019, three room owners will talk to each other about how best to host a room. What are you experiencing? What is difficult? What does or does not bother you? And what are you missing? The answers to all these questions give an enormous impulse to their mutual cooperation. The motto is we remain independent but we unite: The idea for United Independents was born! In December of the same year, the idea will actually become reality. The 3DX chat community looked at this initiative with a smile. Smiling because accord
  7. Hiya all !! I am Silvie and love to share this with you: In September last year my beautiful wife XCarlaLoveX asked me, if I wanted to DJ. Because she went on vacation and asked me if I wanted to take her place at a Pete G’s event, Santorini Paradise. Until then, I only listened to music: OMG I was so nervous, but during that event I got completely infected with the DJ virus. You know, it's just great fun to do something with music in any way! A year later I finally dared to take the last step and got my first Pioneer DDJ 400. Playing live in the mixx is always a challenge, but it's reall
  8. Oktober2020 Breast Cancer Awareness 2020 has been a powerful reminder that we are all in this together, and our choices and actions have the power to protect the most vulnerable among us in a big way. The same holds true when it comes to breast cancer. With your support, we can show every woman that her life is important. By working together, we can inspire hope and become a force for good “to get her” access to the care she needs. To support breast cancer awareness (bca) Summer Beach Club and Velvet join hands and proudly presents a common event. With the support of Virtual S
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