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  1. "EVA" is fairly responsive i think it will be monday or tuesday till they fix it I am not taking a last look at my new friends as C3P0 said. Im just fucked for reals lol
  2. TheMadame

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    Hi. Im Sarah. The game is broken for me rn. I can you see u pm me and cant reply. They are working on a fix
  3. many people have this issue they are working on it. just fix it. i think its some DDOS thing they had whatever the fuck that is. Im around Seattle WA i didnt DDOS you and you didnt ban me.
  4. just make the size adjustable lol a weenus is a weenus
  5. they did the same thing to me i said it didnt work. do the same.
  6. haha im working with their support they will figure it out
  7. same. they can send me pm's. I cannot see the content. i see their names. I know they are online, i get the green. I cant reply or do anything.
  8. maybe i have to delete stuff? Uninstall doesnt work usually never cleans stuff up ill try that later
  9. doesnt work at all for me still
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