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  1. Uh, this collab will bring so many amazing mouse-only players to the game so 3dx should be renamed to 3dxense because chat is the last thing to focus with this pink jackhammer inside. Also this lovense ad is such a cringe, cant imagine all those beautiful people masturbating on lowpoly 3dx avis instead of each other. But this is better than no updates at all so YAY.
  2. Yes, please, this idea from opening post and some achat-like profile info: character creation date and number of friends. Gonna be convenient.
  3. No shit. Any sex in 3dx is safe, consensual and makes avis moaning in pleasure. But I know how all this works in real life and those simplifications make no sense. And I see 12 people voted "no" here, in this topic. Woah, let's ask everyone before making any additions to the game. Yes, 18 year old people are accidently called adults. Every new outfit, body option, sex pose, dance routine, editor tool will attract more and more people because this is called content. 3dx is a sandbox with no particular reason to play it but to live virtual life so every tool of yo
  4. Safe sex is best sex, why people are aganst it lmao. This definetly should be an option, maybe even default one. Safe sex propaganda is kinda essential for adult games like 3dx.
  5. "Star" rating system will work the same way as current "xgold up" system because people will more likely "up" or "give 5 stars" to the same rooms. This "star" rating system also creates a space for trolls marking rooms with one star and this will discourage people even more than current system. Also I dont really care if room is "stolen" because some .world files are shared exactly with this purpose - allowing people to use them, so neither of hypothetical two same rooms owners are their creators, why should I do anything about that? This "star system" works when there is no, uhm, co
  6. Really, people are against conveniences nowadays? I suppose the main problem is implementing those backward steps and run, need new animation for that, cannot just revert forward movement. But moving through interactable objects, placing yourself in perfect dance position, rotating yourself while talking to someone - imagine how convenient it can be with arrows/WAD/etc. Any good news? Im very optimistic, yeah!
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