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  1. pose editor is an unimaginable dream, many of you know how to make full-fledged animations? it didn't just sit down and did it, just like drawing hard skill ... I think no more than 1 in 1000 will be able to draw something, and those who know how to animate are already working with 3dx I'm sure when this wonderful event called "update" happens, many of you will find something in your mood.
  2. ignore him, he found a place to spew out excess bile:-D
  3. if the game is not running on behalf of the administrator, then it will be possible to save only to my documents / downloads. Next time, to save anywhere location, run the game as administrator.
  4. give examples of non-boring poses p.s.Don't you think that everything depends on the situation ? for example, for me, the poses of lying together in an embrace are not boring, but warm and add pleasant emotions
  5. well, here either work or read the forum ... the second option, in my opinion, will not add new content
  6. it's funny to talk about copying animation from a game that the animator has never even played on his computer
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