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  1. Imposing such a ban would be impossible to police. And to be honest, world chat is so full of shit that, take out the politics, and you'll still get morons acting like three-year-olds and spouting all sorts of offensive nonsense. Tbh, I always found world chat slightly less irritating when there was discussion of world issues, because at least it revealed that there are a few people with more than ten brain cells in the game.
  2. That's bc the vast majority of female characters in 3dx who claim to have such fantasies are male.
  3. Could you previously? Or is this a new 4G connection? Tethering to phone or using a 4G dongle? I connected to 3dx no problem for a month, switched my dongle 4G plan to unlimited data, and now can't connect!
  4. It's quickie divorce. It's how the world works nowadays.
  5. Hey Colin thanks for following up my query yday about my 4G connection and issues with the game. I ran that first test and it was all good. I spoke to EE this morning and said look, I can't play "a game" since you put me on unlimited 4G for the month, yet it was fine when I was on a limited package, and I can tether my phone no problem on a much slower connection... And they're like, we dunno. They tried to reset my account but that didn't do anything. So when I log in all seems fine to start with, but the room list won't load, if I try to go to any rooms I get disconnected, and likewise if I try to PM anyone (get the message saying no connection). So it seems to me to be an issue somewhere between my 4G provider and the server but I don't get it. I could play by tethering my phone BUT its a bit laggy depending on the signal plus I have limited data so I don't want to waste it.
  6. Hey so need some techy support from someone knows about This Stuff... So before Christmas I moved house but my fibre connection won't be ready for some time. I purchased a 4G minirouter on a limited data plan which, once the position was fine, delivered a reasonable speed and 3dx was perfectly able to run. Yesterday I ran out of data so called the 4G provider and started an unlimited data plan. Nothing else has changed. Since then I can't run the game - I get as far as my room, but can't PM and can't see the room list (and usually disconnect a minute later). This is consistently the case, despite my 4G router running at 35mbps. Yet if I tether from my phone on 4G (different provider) I can connect and play no problem, running at only 4-6mbps... But I have limited data on my phone contract so this isnt an option. Any ideas?
  7. Message me here Meg - need to speak to you x
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