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  1. After deeper investigation: you don't even need this water layer! Shaders of Water and Bottle Glass are broken (I think that their refrection is a issue). So. You need white Bottle Glass on one side and one of following materials at other side: Bottle Glass, Water, Blur Glass, New/Old Glass. Also. I found that Bottle Glass and Blur glass didn't stack each other, so you can use two layers with diffrent colors, like Blue on one or Red or another one.
  2. Okay! It's not my idea, I figured it out by reverse engineering of other room. You need 3 layers. Bottle Glass with color set as white (1), then water between layers (2), then again Bottle Glass or Blur Glass with color set as black (3). This combo breaking shaders and give you one-side mirror! You are welcome.
  3. Unity Programmer here! If net-code wasn't screwed earlier, it should be really easy to kick someone. Bans are more complicated, but if Devs connect them with Room Owner Ignore List, then this should be trivial too. Literary one Where in room list Query and client-side check like "if(roomOwner.GetIgnoreList.contains(me) connection.disconnect();" And sorry: if 3dx team employ at least one full-time programmer working only on 3dx then development is pathetic. If one guy is responsible for eg. 5 projects then ok.
  4. I saw a lot escorts fucking for "money gift", or just role-playing payments...
  5. Aaaaand. Server crashed again....
  6. Oh... It's global problem then. But High-five, I was disconnected during nice RP too...
  7. I've got this same problem, but after about hour of playing... Now, I cant connect to game. Queue of 200 people and few seconds after login disconnect again
  8. I had similar bug few weeks ago... I just turned off music and radio in options, then turned it in again.
  9. Devs propably don't have your password. Passwords should be encrypted. Should be even one-way encrypted. If they are not encrypted - we all should run..
  10. So, I'm Android Developer and I like to work with Unity... There is a lot of things why 3dx Mobile is impossible. 1. Dynamic Lightning called also "GPU-killer". Almost every world have at least few of light sources. For mobile devices it's overkill. There is option to disable them, but I see that it's don't work correctly. But ok. With some work It's possible to fix this. 2. Half-transparent textures: another overkill for mobiles. Few of them - no problem. But lot of worlds have shitload of them. Add also stockings, new, lace underwear, make-ups, tatoos... 3. Android "officialy" support up to 8 players. There is a lot of tricks to raise this number, but "can it handle 120 players at this same time?" - Doubt. If you see mobile game with 100 players at once: be sure - It's auto-game or most of "players" are bots. 4. Custom Worlds mostly are unoptimised. Sad but true. 3d Mobile games require really good optimisation of big landscapes. 5. UI. Mobile games require completely different UI. But ok, It's hard but also possible to implement this on mobile. 6. Vertex number. Honestly: I don't know how many verts 3DX avatar had, but I'm sure that LOT of them. To handle lot of them at once, you need reduce them. Possible but this is HUGE impact on graphic quality. In conclusion: It's possible to make mobile game simlar to 3dxchat but - for now - It's almost impossible to port 3dx to mobiles.
  11. Yup. It's not problem on your side
  12. Let's be honest: before this patch WC was used only for ads or fast, technical questions and noone cares about it. Now, "someone" steal your freedom, so you cry about it and since this path, WC is really spamed only to show, how you hate when someone take away something yours. Uselees but still yours. Change my mind.
  13. /me signs petition It's really simple and powerfull toll!
  14. I like new poses, there are great but... Welll... https://ibb.co/fMfL3U
  15. Hi! I found intresing bug: sometimes other people's clothes don't load correctly. I saw naked girl but she said that she is clothed. Few minutes later somebody said to me, that I'm naked, when i was fully dressed.
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