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  1. there should be a refund for all the down time the server is having. I didn't pay for 6 months of play time to only have a week of play time. this is so unreal.

  2. Wheres all the top rooms at? I see them scattered but its so hard to find a good room anymore. zigzag's room is the hardest to find when I know it was the best room there was on 3dxchat

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    2. Kimi


      I am a newbie here, but the shift to this "buy your way to the top" for the room listings is really inequitable and Trumpian in the extreme. The change has removed all the incentive to make your room a better experience when someone can just spend some money and look like a the winner they never will be.

    3. MissSup


      I agree the new system which i hear is a older version on room listings is just hideous. Top clubs deserve top rating and settings now we have 100 empty rooms and it just horrible. I also see alyssa and offgang have return access and i will no way put my computer at risk with rooms that have bots i am returning to the game i came from and will no renew my subscription in a game here where they don't protect there subscribers. good luck 3dx when offgang starts there server problems with you again.

    4. tglisa


      haha the new room listing is the stupidest idea yet why wouldn't the room creativity, good music, and good hosts have the right to be top on the screen and easy to find really made a mess on this one Lisa. making Room owners and there friends buy there way to get folks in what a joke. Zig deserve to be top man on here he worked for it. so that said yea he brought me here from another site i'll be going back with him too..... 

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