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  1. She knows this is the wrong forum for it. She has been told before. She has exhibited a constant belief that she is above the rules. Gizmo and Lisa need to do the right thing and enforce the rules, instead of allowing rule-breaking to continue.
  2. @Gizmo @Lisa Please fix the in-game ignore system next. And, please fix it completely this time, as it has been broken ever since "partial ignore" was removed, which has been at least a whole year now.
  3. Again Olesya, you know this is not the forum for such posts. Your videos are NOT suggestions for game improvements nor developments. You know such posts belong in the "Open Forum". You are obviously posting in the wrong forum intentionally, and for that you should be banned from the forums. You intend to violate the rules as if the rules apply to everyone except you. You are NOT a legend and NOT a queen, no matter how many times you go into World Chat on your Emmilya alt and proclaim that bit of narcissistic bullshit. You do NOT act like a legend and NOT like a queen. What you act like is a -SNIP-, with far too high an opinion of herself, who is desperately seeking attention.
  4. My system specs well exceed those required for 3DX, my computer's settings are not the source of the problem, and my internet is not the source of the problem either. It is 3DX from which most lag issues are originating for some people. Just like some people report this bug, or that bug, issues do not always affect everyone.
  5. Just what 3DX does NOT need. Something which will cause more confusion as to who is male and who is female, to make it easier for men to trick other men into believing they are women to get sex with them. What 3DX needs is honesty. It's okay if some men like to play as women (or futas), it's their right to do so, but they need to be honest about their real gender. NO ONE has the right to lie to, and deceive, others. shit like this suggestion will only help men lie and deceive more effectively by further clouding the matter of who is what. And now men who lie, and deceive, others about their real gender will be giving me shit for posting this. Go ahead and out yourselves. Or, are you actually smart enough to keep your mouths shut and not out yourselves?
  6. If you meant that for me.... I saw that. It is useful in it's way. What I am talking about tho is some thing else.
  7. Then I am mistaken. I was going on what someone else told me. Thank you for the correction, @Gizmo. I will say tho, that every time 3DX goes down, there is a DDoS attack originating from San Francisco, California, USA and it is directed at various targets in the world at different times. You can see that here... http://www.parsecuremap.com/ when 3DX goes down. @Gizmo So why does Websiteoutlook.com show the 3DX IP address is in San Francisco, California, USA? Is that where CloudFlare is located?
  8. I am saying every time the game goes down, a DDoS attack originates in San Francisco, California, USA (same city 3DX is in) and is attacking something in Istanbul, Turkey. It could be that a hacker is using the 3DX server as part of his/her distributed network for launching DDoS attacks. I am >NOT< saying 3DX, Gizmo, or Lisa are doing it. This was also noticed the last time the game went down several days ago.
  9. If ParSecure is showing correct info, there is a massive DDoS attack originating in San Francisco, California, USA which is targeting something in Istanbul, Turkey. The 3DX server is in San Francisco. http://www.parsecuremap.com/#2/15.2/-34.6 It seems to come and go as the 3DX server goes off and on.
  10. @tjhooker Yes. This pic you posted is basically what I mean. Tho, the man can lay a bit more down onto the girl.
  11. Yeah. It is down again.
  12. Please make this with female in same position, but with man laying on top fucking her vagina, and another version with man fucking her ass. In other words. missionary pose but with her legs held wide apart.
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